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Get ready for that stereotype (again) you Bihari!


There are several stereotypes that a ‘Bihari’ is associated with. Bihari is not just a geopolitical identity but, let’s accept it, a demeaning, abusive slang reserved for anyone who is doing something uncivilised, idiotic, criminal or just being uncouth in behaviour.

In buses, metro, autos and at shops and colleges in Delhi, I have heard and seen people being abused by being called a ‘Bihari’, even when they were from some other state. I don’t need to substantiate it. One can just go around and do something like using opposite lane or taking a sudden turn in front of a vehicle etc. and wait for their Bihari connection to be established by their behaviour.

The reason was a government-led by Lalu Prasad Yadav (often seen as a joker in politics) and his illiterate wife Rabri Devi that pushed the state to the nadir of everything. No proper schools, no teachers in existing ones, rampant corruption, indiscriminate criminal activity blooming in every part of the state, kidnapping becoming an industry of sorts and blah blah blah.

The ‘blah blah blah’ part was not just three words that hold no significance, rather it is a tired typing when I can go on counting what wretched state my Bihar was in as a leader in all kinds of nefarious criminal activities. It was reflected in popular culture when the typical goondas in South Indian films would be a Bihari.

Anyway, that was a bit of background and the reason I, and lakhs of Biharis like me, came to study and work outside our state. Our work ranges from the being in the top bureaucracy, ministry to selling vegetables and working as helpers in welding shops of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Maharashtra and scores of places all over India.

We still deliver sabji to the hanging polybags from the third floor of an unorganized colony in Delhi and, we still take pride in the fact that the several key positions in Ministry, bureaucracy is occupied by Bihari people. The thing is Biharis are everywhere and working hard to make a living, anyhow.

One of my colleagues, the other day, remarked, “You guys (Biharis) are so hard working!”

To this I said, “We had no choice but to work hard. We had to grab anything that came our way. We studied in Delhi, prepared for exams as our parents sold land to finance our education; we came and worked in 18-hour tea shops, factories so that our kids could get an education which became illusive and unattainable in our state that prides on Nalanda, Vikramshila, Budhdha, Patanjali, Chankaya, Aryabhatta and Panini.”

We had no alternative in the state which was ruled by Lalu and Rabri. Being an illiterate Chief Minister is not an issue but letting that illiteracy pull a blanket over your eyes and leaving the state to dogs, certainly is.

And now, in a change of events, the synonym of ‘good governance’ or ‘sushashan’, Nitish Kumar is set to form a government in Bihar where RJD (Lalu’s party) is emerging as the single largest party.

RJD is known to be a casteist party, which is vocal about its agenda and asked people, in this election, to vote on the lines of ‘forward vs backward’. What he forgot was, it was his rule that the state’s backward people remained as such and he had to play the same card again.

In the last ten years of BJP-JDU alliance (cut short before 2014 general elections), the state was reviving with stupendous growth rate, leading the nation from the front on the GDP growth charts.

The educated class (and the uneducated) of the state, like us who are studying, working, doing research, selling vegetables or cleaning the drains, had started to talk of the ‘change’.

A change that spoke of a rising middle class that sent its next generation outside the state to study and work and work for its betterment. A change was seen with school buildings coming up, roads being built in villages, private schools reaching out in villages, MNREGS making sure that the worker migration reduced, corruption and crime tanking to all time lows.

People saw a ray of hope in the first five years of BJP-JDU combine and voted them to power, sheerly in the name of development which was apparent. Nation thought Biharis, finally, voted for development. This was once again seen in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections where parties like JDU that parted ways with BJP (party with development agenda in elections) and shook hands with Lalu’s RJD was reduced to single digits (2 seats).

Bihari image was changing for the better. However, today on November 8, 2015, the results of Bihar Assembly Elections are out and RJD appeared to be the single largest party. BJP’s involvement into ‘beef’, ‘cow’ and ‘Hindu-Muslim’ rhetoric (direct or indirectly brought in conversation by the opposition) didn’t work.

Who did the people vote for? What happened to Bihari voters that made RJD, a party vocal about caste politics, the single largest party? What would an educated Bihari respond to when asked why the RJD is wielding power in the state, again? Will caste ever be out of Bihar politics?

An interesting response came from a friend on Facebook when posed with this question: “Dikkat ye hai ki hame ab fir se sar neeche karna hoga. Gadi khareedne se pehle firauti dena hoga. Zameen khareedne se pehle uske daan kosh me daan dena hoga. Aur fir se apne naam me surname ke jagah Kumar lagana hoga.” (The problem is we will have to hang our heads low. Before buying a vehicle, we will have to pay ransom. Before buying property, we will have to fill their (RJD goons) ‘donation box’. And, once again, we will have to use ‘Kumar’ as surname to conceal our (forward caste) identity.)

I hope his words are not prophetic.

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Lalu Yadav is Shamelessly Corrupt and a Fake Secular

The author Gaurav Tyagi asserts that Lalu’s party RJD, should be disbanded and a life ban should be imposed on Lalu plus his kin from pursuing political careers. Read on to know why!

Lalu Yadav
Does Lalu Yadav portray himself as the ‘messiah’ of Muslims by aligning with fundamentalist Muslim preachers? Wikimedia

– by Gaurav Tyagi

New Delhi, September 5, 2017 : 
26th July witnessed a big political drama in India, when Nitish Kumar, the C.M. of Bihar submitted his resignation.

The government in Bihar was a coalition of three political parties; Nitish Kumar’s JD(U), Lalu Yadav’s RJD and Congress.

Nitish was back in the C.M’s chair, the very next day due to the support extended to his party, JD (U) by BJP to form the government in Bihar.

The coalition of the aforesaid three parties thereby collapsed, which annoyed Lalu Yadav, the head of RJD a lot.

Lalu Yadav hijacked the plank of secularism to indulge in blatant corruption and promote his family in politics.

Secularism implies the principle of separating government institutions as well as politicians from religion and religious figures. In India the meaning of secularism has entirely been altered by politicians like Lalu, who openly woo Muslim fundamentalists from Mosques and waste government funds in order to appease them.

Lalu keeps on harping upon keeping Muslims safe in Bihar. Maintenance of law and order is the foremost task of any elected government, what’s the big deal in it?

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Lalu’s politics involves developing vote banks from his caste comprising of Yadavs and Muslims.

He portrays himself as the ‘messiah’ of Muslims by aligning with fundamentalist Muslim preachers and gangsters like Shahbuddin.

Lalu never addresses the root cause of poverty and backwardness among Indian Muslims.
It is largely due to the community shunning of mainstream educational institutes and going to worthless madrasas, (Muslim religious schools) which primarily focus on students, rote learning of the Muslim holy book; Koran.

In the absence of modern knowledge, madrasa graduates are unable to improve their material prosperity and face the challenges of contemporary society.

The Ulemas or the Islamic scholars’ regressive attitude is reflected in the following statement of Maulana Samiul Haq, of the Haqqania madrasa, a prominent Deobandi madrasa; “Young minds are not for thinking. We catch them for the madrasas when they are young, and by the time they are old enough to think, they know what to think.”

Fake seculars like Lalu would never tell Muslims to study in proper schools because an educated Muslim can easily decipher the tricks played by such politicians.
A large number of illiterate or madrasa brand Muslims suit Lalu because then by showing the fear of BJP and Hindus, these Muslims can be easily turned into vote banks for his political party.

CBI, ED and other government agencies recently conducted large number of raids on Lalu and his family. They discovered Billions amassed by this so called ‘champion of oppressed’.

Lalu accumulated large number of farm-houses, land holdings, companies etc. in the name of his family comprising of his illiterate wife and 9 children; 7 daughters and 2 sons.

Both his sons, Tejashwi Prasad Yadav and Tej Pratap Yadav, are school drop-outs. The former was the deputy CM of Bihar with various ministerial portfolios, while the latter was the Health Minister of the province in the coalition government.

Lalu Yadav
Tejashwi Prasad Yadav and Tej Pratap Yadav at a public event. Twitter

Lalu was declared guilty by the courts for his lead role in the Bihar fodder scam worth thousands of Crores. Lalu Yadav was jailed for 135 days in 1997 but he was lodged in a Bihar Military Police guest house with all comforts.

Before his incarceration, Lalu installed his uneducated wife Rabri Devi as the C.M. of Bihar. Lalu was jailed on various other occasions for his involvement in the aforementioned swindle.

Every time, Lalu was put in prison, he received 5 star hotel facilities and got bail easily. Lalu continued being the de facto C.M of Bihar by inducting his wife as the rubber- stamp C.M. of Bihar.

He was finally sentenced to a 5 year jail term in October 2013 by a special CBI court.
Instead of being in a jail, he is again out on bail, busy in enriching and establishing his progeny in politics.

A poster for Lalu Yadav’s political rally in Patna on Sunday, 27th August depicted one of Lalu’s foolish son as Lord Krishna while the other buffoon is shown as Arjun. Lalu’s daughter and Rajya Sabha M.P, Misa Bharti is depicted as the famous freedom fighter, Rani of Jhansi; Lakshmibai. Lalu and his wife Rabri are blessing their children in this poster.

What a mockery of historical and religious characters.

Lalu is saying that he and his family are being victimized. These utterances constitute ‘heights of shamelessness’.

Lalu indulged in blatant corruption and misuse of office for personal gains. On getting exposed he started parroting; this is a conspiracy of BJP and law would take its own course.

These terms in India mean that court cases would drag for 20-30 years. The politician will die but the court proceedings would still remain pending.
Classic example is Jayalalitha, the court cases against her were continuing since, 1996 but the final judgment was passed in 2017 after her death.

Lalu’s son, Tejashwi Prasad, the Ex-Deputy C.M of Bihar was a member of IPL cricket team, Delhi Daredevils for 4 years from 2008-2012.

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During these 4 years, Tejashwi didn’t play a single game for Delhi Daredevils.

Which sporting team in the world would keep such a useless player in its squad?

Delhi Daredevils is owned by GMR group. This business house must be investigated, as to what were the compelling reasons behind continuous retention of this trash cricketer, who wasn’t competent to play even a single game during 4 seasons.

What were the financial benefits given to Tejashwi? Did the GMR group receive concessions from Lalu Yadav in exchange for keeping his son in Delhi Daredevils team? These are serious issues and need further investigations.

Misa Bharti, eldest daughter of Lalu Yadav is a Rajya Sabha M.P. She topped the MBBS examination of Patna Medical College Hospital during the late 90’s.

Misa never excelled in her classes, either at school or college. At her convocation, the presenter of the degree requested her not to treat any patients ever.

Lalu through his clout in Bihar first got her admission into MBBS and then deceptively made her a topper.

Misa Bharti after topping her MBBS studies and obtaining her medical degree did not work as a Doctor even for a single day, neither did she start her own medical practice.

This is humbug Lalu Yadav, the ‘self- styled’ protector of Muslims and ‘self- declared’ skipper of the Indian opposition political parties, comprising of so called secular forces but in reality just corrupt family controlled political dynasties.

Lalu and his political clan should be imprisoned for at least a minimum period of 10 years with provisions of no bail plus hard labor in the jail.

All undeclared properties; including land parcels, bank accounts, commercial businesses, residences etc. unearthed by the authorities during raids on Lalu and his family must be confiscated by the central government.

Lalu’s party RJD, which is nothing more than a corrupt family enterprise should be disbanded and a life ban imposed on Lalu plus his kin from pursuing political careers.

An exemplary example needs to be made of this corrupt, Lalu so, as to deter other existing as well as budding ‘Lalu Prasad Yadavs’, abounding in the Indian political system from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.


– The author is a Master Degree holder in International Tourism & Leisure Studies from Netherlands and is based in China.