‘Go set a Watchman’: Cover of Harper Lee’s latest book revealed!


Harper lee

By Newsgram Staff Writer

Readers all around the world, waiting eagerly for Harper Lee’s second book, ‘Go set a Watchman’ now have the cover of the upcoming book to at least partly douse their burning impatience. Or maybe it’ll just add to it.

Generations of readers have been left high and dry by the fact that Harper Lee has written just one book. But when last year, the 50 years old manuscript of ‘Go set a Watchman’ was discovered accidentally by Lee’s ‘dear friend and lawyer Tonja Carter’, many knew there is going to be more of Harper Lee than just Mockingbird.

The publishers, William Heinemann in UK and HarperCollins in US, have kept the theme of the cover very similar to Lee’s previous book, ‘To kill a Mockingbird.’ The UK edition has a silhouetted bird on a leafless tree against an orange background while the US edition has a tree in the foreground with an approaching train in the background of blue.

Earlier rumors were rife that the elderly author was being pressured into publishing the book. Hollywood actress Mia Farrow showed concern over the matter and tweeted, ‘ Is someone taking advantage of our national treasure, 88 year old Harper Lee?’

But publishers have since denied such rumors and even Lee has said that she is ‘ happy as hell’ with the response to the book.

The book written before Mockingbird, follows the life of Scot as she comes back to visit her father Atticus. The book is a true crime story.