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Delight in the Joy of Adorning.

Reflecting modernity and bringing together elements of individuality, inner-style and zeal, Ruani marks its entry in the modern retail jewellery segment with the launch of its flagship store launch in the heart of Mumbai city.

Harnessing the power of the collective consciousness, Ruani's Jewellery Collective is India's first powerhouse of leading global and national jewellery designers, who have come together to become the first-ever meeting point of jewellery and personal style but most importantly to revel in the Joy of Adorning.

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Ruani as a name means 'From the soul' since it is this intangible soul that creates our most solid connection with each other. The brand is here to create these soulful connections; between jewellery designers and their designs, the wearer and their jewellery, and between one woman to another, to create a sisterhood that builds everyone stronger together.

A place for marvelous things, it houses some of the most exciting jewellery designers with distinct points of view on the contemporary global Indian woman. For now, it opens doors with 03 promising International and 10 renowned Indian designers, showcasing an array of exquisite jewellery pieces that are timeless and unique to each individual by Suhani Pittie, Varuna D Jani, Shachee Shah, Aditi Amin, Sonal Sawansukha, Sankesh Surana, Latika Khanna, Chayya Jain, Akshat Ghiya, Marie Cabirou, Mike Saatji and Anabela Chan.

Jewellery doesn't just adorn the body but ignites our soul. Harping on the same belief, Ruani is the brainchild of celebrated jewellery designer and adornologist Varuna D Jani. Hailing from the family behind Popley, one of India's most renowned jewelers, she grew up with an instinctive understanding of the trade. It's co-founder, Divyesh Shah comes with a strong experience and knowledge of the gems and jewellery industry and together, they have curated jewellery that will be created and sold as enhancers to express every woman's individual identity.

Varuna D Jani expressed, "We are extremely delighted to launch Ruani and bring to you passionate designers while broadening the horizons for the jewellery lover in you. It will be our constant endeavor to provide customers with unique yet unmatched quality jewellery pieces, each telling you a story of its own. We aim at taking the jewelry experience in India a notch higher and give our customers the true 'Joy of Adorning'."

Women wearing jewellery every step you take you create your own micro-spaces and moods.Unsplash

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The store is designed by UAE based interior designer-decorator Deepa Mehta Sagar. By using free flowing lines, she was able to give dynamism to the view. The plan is a curved horizon which in its movement embodies the constant change in our evolving lifestyles. The essence of the fluidity of the design planning was to ensure that the jewellery lies in the realm of decorative arts, and we hold a beautiful piece at the same level as a timeless sculpture or painting. The end product: an interactive space such that with every step you take you create your own micro-spaces and moods. (IANS/PR)

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