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Representational image. (a girl playing golf)

Gurgaon, October 7, 2016: Panchkula’s Amandeep Drall carded one under 71 on the final day to win the 15th leg of the Hero women’s Professional golf Tour at the DLF Golf and Country Club here on Friday.

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With the win, Amandeep claimed her fourth title of the season with a huge margin of seven strokes followed by rookie Gaurika Bishnoi, who carded two under 70 to finish second in the Rs 6,00,000 event.

Amandeep played yet another under par round to claim the title with a total score of 213 after 54 holes. She carded a bogey and birdie apiece on the fourth and fifth holes respectively, in her front nine.

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She dropped a shot on the 10th hole but regained her composure and carded birdies on the 16th and 17th holes to finish the round on top.

Gaurika, who finished fourth in the 14th leg, continued from where she left to secure her second place finish with a score of two under 70 on the final day.

She started impressively, carding a birdie on the very first hole and went on to card a birdie on the fourth hole, while dropping a shot on the sixth in her front nine. Her back nine followed a similar script, as she carded a bogey on the 14th hole and birdies on the 13th and 16th, finishing her day with a total score of 220.

Delhi’s Vani Kapoor and Kolkata’s Neha Tripathi finished joint third with identical scores of 222 after the final round.

Vani had an indifferent start, playing a birdie less front nine. She started with a bogey on the very first hole and carded a double on the sixth. She controlled the damage in her back nine, carding birdies on the 11th and 17th holes, while dropping shots on the 15th and 16th to finish with a score of three over 75.

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Neha would have hoped for a better start as she carded a bogey on the eighth hole along with a double on the fifth and a triple on the sixth. She also carded two birdies on the third and ninth holes in her front nine. She added two more birdies on the 10th and 11th holes while dropping shots on the 13th, 16th and 17th to finish with a score of five over 77.

Amateur Diksha Dagar carded two over 74 to take the fifth position while Pune’s Shweta Galande and Chandigarh’s Saaniya Sharma taking the sixth and seventh positions respectively. (IANS)


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