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Google, 91springboard Gears Up To Support The Next Generation Female Entrepreneurs

The Lounge is sponsored by "Google for Entrepreneurs" initiative which provides financial support and the best of Google's resources to co-working spaces and community programmes across 135 countries.

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In a bid to support the next generation of innovative female entrepreneurs in India, Google on Wednesday joined hands with co-working community hub 91springboard.

Delhi-based 91springboard connects over 8,000 entrepreneurs across the country.

“With Google for Entrepreneurs building its presence in India, we now have an end-to-end mentoring and support programme helping entrepreneurs across all stages of their startups,” said Rajan Anandan, Vice President, southeast Asia and India, Google.

As part of the partnership, a Google Lounge was opened at 91springboard’s flagship hub in the Capital.

The Lounge is sponsored by “Google for Entrepreneurs” initiative which provides financial support and the best of Google’s resources to co-working spaces and community programmes across 135 countries.

Delhi-based 91springboard connects over 8,000 female entrepreneurs across the country.Pixabay
Delhi-based 91springboard connects over 8,000 female entrepreneurs across the country. Pixabay

There will be one training programme a month, led by 91springboard in tier 2 cities.

The trainings will focus on honing leadership skills, running design sprints, fostering tech-focused discussions, and will include one-on-one mentorship for female entrepreneurs.

91springboard will join Google for Entrepreneurs’ partner network, which has a global footprint of 50 partners and includes six campuses (Google owned and operated space for entrepreneurs).

“Together, we are committed to enabling women’s entrepreneurship and strengthening entrepreneurship throughout India, not just the big cities,” said Pranay Gupta, co-founder of 91springboard.

“The training programmes will focus on educating and upskilling female entrepreneurs over a period of two years, with 24 engagements planned across the country,” he added.

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“We’re thrilled for Google for Entrepreneurs to partner with 91springboard to empower the next generation of female founders in India,” said Michael Kim, APAC Partnerships Manager for Google for Entrepreneurs. (IANS)

  • That is great. I have been in 91Springboard Okhla and Noida, the architecture of the co-working place is awesome. They have nice pricing as well. Batman plan is one of them.

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No Proof our Images showed Pakistan Flag For ‘Toilet Paper’, Says Tech Giant Google

Google algorithms have displayed inappropriate search results on certain topics in the past

Google, Main One, russia
A Google logo is displayed at the entrance to the internet based company's offices in Toronto. VOA

Google on Tuesday said that it has found no evidence that its Search algorithms were showing the Pakistani flag when looked for the “best toilet paper in the world”, the “best China-made toilet paper” or just “toilet paper”.

“While we continue to investigate the matter, we have not found any evidence that Google Images was ranking the Pakistani flag in response to this particular search,” a company spokesperson told IANS.

“Many news outlets wrote about an old screenshot from a meme website that is inconsistent with our UI (user interface) and dates back to 2017, and we have not seen any independent verification that these results ever appeared as depicted,” the spokesperson added.

Earlier, media reports said a glitch on Google Search results was noticed after the February 14 Pulwama terror attack that left 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) troopers dead.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai
Google CEO Sundar Pichai. (Wikimedia Commons)

Screenshots of the search results went viral as memes, posts and status updates on several social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“Since these news stories published, images from those articles are now ranking for this query, as the pages contain words relevant to the search,” said the Google spokesperson.

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Google algorithms have displayed inappropriate search results on certain topics in the past.

Earlier, searching words like “Feku”, “Pappu” and “Idiot” led users to the images of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi and US President Donald Trump, respectively. (IANS)