Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Google to Introduce Account Switcher to its Apps

Google starts rolling out new account switcher on Play Store

Google last year announced that it will roll out a new account switcher to its apps, which lets users easily manage all their Google settings, and now the company has begun rolling the feature on its Play Store.

Google is launching the new design to select users and is expected to be available more devices soon. This is the latest update on technology.

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Like Gmail and most other G Suite apps, the profile image now appears at the right of the search bar.

Google last year announced that it will roll out a new account switcher to its apps. Pixabay

The new location is pretty much in line what Gmail and G Suite apps have.

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Once tapped on the full menu, one would get to see multiple accounts that are logged on the device, reports 9To5Google.

Additionally, voice search icon has been relocated to the left. The navigation drawer has also been made shorter. (IANS)



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