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Google Camera Go App – “Low Light, Camera And Action”

Camera Go will get an HDR mode later this year that will increase the quality of photos taken on budget devices

Google Camera Go app has received a dedicated Night Mode for enhanced low-light photography on low-end Android Go-supported devices.

“Low light, camera, action! With Night Mode on Camera Go, take high-quality photos on your Android phone, no matter what time of day it is,” the company tweeted late on Monday along with a video.

The video revealed that the camera app has been built for specific camera modules on affordable phones. So it is not just software but a combination of software and hardware.

Google camera Go
Google Camera Go app is for taking high-quality pictures offering a feature of night mode. Pixabay

Night Mode on Camera Go has begun rolling out to the Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y61, and Wiko Y81 smartphones.

In addition, Camera Go will get an HDR mode later this year that will increase the quality of photos taken on these budget devices.

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The evidence of an HDR Mode was found in the Camera Go app as far back as April and it is believed that the pandemic is responsible for the delay in rolling out the feature.

Launched alongside the Nokia 1.3, Google Camera Go comes pre-installed with the application as the default camera application. (IANS)



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