Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Government to tweak Arms Act, owning a gun may become easier


By NewsGram Staff Writer

As the government prepares to amend the archaic Arms Act by cutting down the lengthy procedure to obtain a licence within a specific time, arms enthusiasts can look forward to procuring their prized gun with minimum fuss.

The draft rules made public by the government limit the number of documents to be submitted for applying for an arms licence, to less than a dozen.

As per the new rules, the police verification will have to be concluded between one and three months depending upon the weapon.

While granting a license or renewal, the government plans to generate a Unique Identification Number and consolidate licences by entering the data of the record locally in an electronic format duly approved by the Centre.

The licensing and the renewal authority will have to enter data in an electronic automated system, as developed by the National Informatics Centre for this purpose. Then the system will generate a unique identification number (UIN) without which no arms license shall be considered as valid with effect from the October 1, 2015.

The UIN so generated will be unique for each licensee. Licensees holding multiple licences will have to get their existing licences consolidated into a single licence and get the endorsement of the firearms on the new licence under his UIN by making an application to the concerned licensing authority on or before October 1.

Those who find themselves in grave danger due to the nature of duties performed by them, those who have made themselves targets of militants or terrorists, MP’s, MLA’s among others, will find it simpler to obtain a gun license.



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