AIIMS to have forms in Hindi and English from now

New Delhi: In a move that will facilitate patients to use Hindi for better communication at hospitals, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has initiated the use of the language in all of its paper works. The initiative will greatly help non-English people to speak with the hospital officials thereby ensuring better healthcare facilities.

As per the directives from the Department of Official Language and Ministry of Home Affairs, all outdoor patient department(OPD) cards,  forms, stamps and other officials departments will be converted to bilingual format.

Earlier in September this year, the official languages coordination committee at AIIMS had written to all concerned department regarding the move.

“It is mandatory that forms meant for official purposes should be 100 per cent bilingual under the Department of Official Language goals as decided in its annual programme 2015-16. It is thereby directed that all the departments and centres should upload the prescribed and used the format of forms on AIIMS official website so that the language department can also know that Hindi is being used properly,” stated a letter written by Raj Kumar, senior financial advisor, Official Language office at AIIMS.

The Official Language Act states that all paper works including orders, resolutions, notices, forms, rules should be written in Hindi as well as in English.

In a bid to uphold the Hindi language, the Act has also directed nameplates, notice boards, forms, rubber-stamps, invitation cards and other stationary commodities of Indian offices abroad to be made in both Hindi and English.

To check whether all departments are using commodities in bilingual formats or not, the AIIMS coordination committee has even directed all offices to send in samples at the earliest.

“The institute is already using bilingual forms, some OPD papers and rubber stamps for the promotion of Hindi and for the ease of patients who don’t know English. There may be some departments using English forms and stamps, but the reasons behind this would be technical as names of some departments are too difficult to understand in Hindi for patients such as cardiovascular, brain and nephrology departments,” said Dr D K Sharma, Medical Superintendent, AIIMS.

“We will abide by the ministry’s directions and would soon convert all the stationary into Hindi and English. This is a good move and we should promote our national language,” he added.

A faction of the AIIMS was not completely happy with the move, citing that all existing material would be discarded and bringing in new stationaries would incur costs. They, however, accepted that the move would definitely promote Hindi besides helping the patients.


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