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Handle Three Appliances Better to Lower Energy Bills

Some appliances have become so much a part of our lives we take them for granted

These days we are all looking for ways to save cash on energy bills. Yet, there are certain appliances we cannot do without or save money by using.  Some appliances have become so much a part of our lives we take them for granted and expect them to last years beyond a reasonable working life. As long as the washer is washing, the assumption is it will continue to be as energy-efficient as it was when new. It won’t. But, even if the appliance is brand new, there are still savings to be made.

Washers & Dryers

Washers and dryers are the most widely used electrical appliances in the home. Careful and well-planned usage can create savings on energy bills. Here are a few tips for smart usage of washers and dryers.

  •       One larger load in the washer is better than several smaller loads. So it is better to collect clothes and load washer when there are enough clothes to wash to save energy. Similarly for dishwashers.
  •       Instead of hot water opt for colder setting and use a good low-temperature detergent to save costs on heating water.
  •   Use a water softener and a limescale remover regularly.
  •       Back to back rounds of drying helps save energy as the hot build-up for first can be utilized in the second.
  •       Cleaning the lint tray after every round also reduces the energy consumed by dryers.
  •       Before drying ensure the wash has had a thorough spin dry in the washing machine to remove as much excess water as possible.

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These days we are all looking for ways to save cash on energy bills. Pixabay

Ovens and Stoves

Oven and stoves are integral to every kitchen and a smart use of energy in the kitchen to reduce overconsumption will quickly result in cash savings.

  •       Choose the right-sized burner for the pan.
  •       Use a pan lid when cooking. This reduces cooking time to save energy.
  •   Once liquids are boiling reduce the heat under the rolling boil to a simmer. Energy is no longer needed to heat the liquid just maintain it at the boiling temperature.
  •       The oven requires more energy than microwave for heating food. So opt for a microwave for quick reheating or simple cooking as for rice, porridge, baked beans and soups or vegetables such as peas and green beans.

Water Heaters

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Water heaters are on the major source of energy consumption in households. But if you manage it smartly you can save a fair amount on energy bills.

  •       Use energy-efficient water heaters with a thermostat.
  •       Set the water heater at a comfortable to touch temperature only. Setting heaters on a higher temperature than required is the one major reason for overconsumption of electricity.
  •       Turn off the heater instantly after use to save energy.
  •       Lag any tanks or exposed pipework to keep water hot for longer.
  •       Invest in a yearly maintenance plan.

Whether it’s the washing machine, the dryer, the fridge or freezer or your whole water heating system, yearly servicing is a must. Freezers and fridges lose gas but continue working less efficiently for years before finally grinding to a halt. Heating systems and washing machines, especially in areas of hard water, become clogged with limescale and becoming less energy efficient over months before breaking down completely. It is important to maintain these devices to save money, but don’t forget to spend some time checking your energy bills and even go to a site like, where you can compare different packages to find a way to save on energy bills. Remember, the more proactive you are, the higher the chances of you saving more money in the process.



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