Har Ek Ka Dil Hai Hindustani: Mukesh Ambani at India Today Conclave welcomes Trump’s H1-B visa policies

Mukesh Ambani has welcomed Trump's H1-B visa policies

Indian Students (representational image) Wikimedia

Mumbai, Mar 18, 2017: Mukesh Ambani chairman of Reliance Industries while addressing at the India Today Conclave has welcomed Trump’s H1-B visa policies. He had said that it’s time that our brightest and best brains work for the benefits of India and Indians and that we would see an inevitably reverse brain drain.

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He had said that, some of India’s brightest people are working outside the country and if they are brought back to this country by whatever faith, and they work for India and her 1.3 billion people, to improve their lives and put together a new developmental model, there can not be a better blessing in disguise, mentioned IANS report.

He had also added that we are at the beginning of a fourth Industrial Revolution and this is the first technology-based revolution that will affect all of us as human beings.

“At the end of the day har ek ka dil hai hindustani. People wants to do thing for India, we have to give them an opportunity,” he had added.

– Prepared by Upama Bhattacharya. Twitter @Upama_myself