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Taking regular breaks to walk your dog or take care of their needs helps you get more exercise, which is good for your health. Pixabay

As time goes by, more employers realize the benefits of allowing pets in the office. Employees who bring pets to work are happier, more relaxed, less stressed, and have better communications with their coworkers.

Bringing your pet to work also has many health benefits that you may not have expected. It is well-known that pet owners are in better health overall than people who do not own pets. Physical and mental health are both improved by having pets, and there is no reason to doubt that these benefits can carry over into your workplace.

Frank Averill of Averill Electric explains the many health benefits resulting from bringing your pet to work. He also offers suggestions for business leaders who want to install pet-friendly policies in their offices.

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Pets Can Reduce Stress Levels

Stress is known as the “silent killer.” People who are stressed may experience poor physical and mental health. Having a pet in the office means that you will relax at work and become more productive.

A scientific study published recently found that pet owners who brought their animals to work had lower cortisol levels, the primary hormone that people produce when they are under stress. Cortisol raises blood pressure and causes the “fight or flight” response. In addition, pet owners had higher levels of oxytocin or the “love hormone.” Oxytocin reduces stress as well.

Pets at Work Mean More Outdoor Activities

If you bring your pet to work, you will get to spend more time outside. Outdoor activities are associated with better health and wellness. Taking regular breaks to walk your dog or take care of their needs helps you get more exercise, which is good for your health.

Pets Lower Healthcare Costs

You may be surprised to learn that having a pet means you will have lower healthcare costs. This can be a huge benefit today because healthcare is so expensive. Pet owners in total save $11 billion in healthcare costs annually.

Having a pet is associated with fewer medical visits overall. This effect can be a great benefit for you if you already suffer from one or more chronic conditions exacerbated by stress.

Pets Promote Lower Obesity Rates

Walking your dog regularly, including during the workday, can keep your weight under control. This, in turn, can lower your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and other serious conditions.

Bringing your pet to work also has many health benefits that you may not have expected. Pixabay

Pets Encourage Better Mental Health

When people are less stressed at work, they experience better mental health. If you are prone to anxiety or depression, having a pet at work can help you reduce your stress levels and take a better view of your problems. Pet owners are less likely to experience mental health problems in general than non-pet owners. Having a personal support system in the office can help a great deal if you become anxious or depressed when work issues stress you.

Having a pet in the office also leads to better relationships with your coworkers since interpersonal stress is a huge factor in whether a person is satisfied with their job. Reducing friction between employees can make a huge difference in a person’s life.

Better Cardiovascular Health

Having a pet in the workplace means that you will have better cardiovascular health. Walking your dog outside will give you a healthier heart. Pets cause their owners to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Pet owners also recover more quickly from cardiovascular events like heart attacks and are more likely to survive.

Steps Toward Allowing Pets in the Workplace

If you are a manager or supervisor, you may be interested in learning how to create pet-friendly policies in your office. You may be interested in promoting a healthier and less stressful workplace.

The first thing that you need to do is create a solid pet policy. Most businesses choose to allow dogs rather than cats since cats can easily become stressed by many dogs’ presence. Also, cats are harder to train and may have behavior problems in the office.

You need to make sure that your employees’ pets are well-trained, in good health, and have all of their licenses and vaccinations. They need to be kept well-groomed as well. In addition, they should be relaxed and friendly with few territorial tendencies.

You will have to spend some money to allow pets in your workplace. It may cost up to $1,500 per pet per year to allow pets in your office. You have to consider whether you will put up fencing for a dog park on your property or whether you will offer amenities like dog food and treats in your office.

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The Health Benefits of Pets in the Workplace

Considering all of these health benefits, it is not hard to see why so many employers are putting pet-friendly policies into place. Frank Averill of Averill Electric understands why pet owners want to bring their animals to work. He encourages them to talk to their supervisors about starting a pet-friendly policy.

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