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The Health Benefits of Testing Your Cortisol Levels

Test your cortisol levels and improve your life. You won’t be sorry

Cortisol is one of the most important hormones that the body produces. It is classed as a steroid hormone and is produced in the adrenal glands above the kidneys. Among other things, it helps to control the metabolism, sleep cycle, immune function, and wound recovery. Since cortisol facilitates the functioning of some of the essential bodily functions, keeping track of your cortisol levels could identify potential health problems and help with weight loss and stress management.

One of the immediate benefits of testing your cortisol levels is weight loss. The test itself won’t help you shave inches off your waist, but it could easily lead you in the right direction. Finding out what time of the day your body produces the most cortisol could give you an informed decision as to the best time of the day to work out. Multiple studies have conclusively illustrated that cortisol has the effect of breaking down fat at elevated levels. 

How Do You Know If You Have High Cortisol Levels

Distinguishing high cortisol levels at certain times of the day could identify peaks in your stress levels. Stress affects not only sleep and immune function but also your overall health. If you notice a pattern in your stress levels, you could quickly recognize a stressor in your life. These symptoms below will let you know if your cortisol levels are high. 

  1. Extreme thirst
  2. Sudden mood changes
  3. Bruises with no known cause
  4. Weakness of the muscles
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Weight gain in the abdomen and face
  7. Increased urination

Not only does cortisol work with adrenaline to create short-term memory, but it also works to prevent the release of substances that cause inflammation. Wikimedia Commons

Why You Should Regulate Your Cortisol Levels

Not only does cortisol work with adrenaline to create short-term memory, but it also works to prevent the release of substances that cause inflammation. This quintessential function cannot be overstated. Finding out whether or not your adrenal glands are functioning optimally can have endless benefits. Finding out what your cortisol levels are while recovering from an operation or a minor injury could easily help you identify whether you have a problem with your adrenal glands or identify another health problem elsewhere.

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Testing Your Cortisol Levels at Home

Going about testing your cortisol levels can sound daunting to those who are not keen to visit their local doctor anytime soon. Fortunately, however, modern science has devised a smart and convenient way of being able to test your cortisol levels without leaving your home. If you know where to look, a cortisol home test kit can be ordered and delivered straight to your door. The process entails collecting a saliva sample after following a few simple instructions and mailing it back to the provider of the kit for analysis. 

In no time you could find out exactly when the best time of the day is for you to work out or if you are stressed at particular times of the day. Online retailers, such as Mthfr Doctors, make it their mission to show you the results easier and faster. The benefits of identifying what your cortisol levels are with a cortisol home test kit are not limited to these two aspects of your life. As illustrated above, this vital hormone has an overarching effect in your life that could translate into other issues later. 

Test your cortisol levels and improve your life. You won’t be sorry.




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