Follow a Healthy Diet Plan in Pregnancy

A mother must focus on nutrition during pregnancy

Nutrition in pregnancy during summer
A healthy lifestyle is very important during pregnancy. Pixabay

Pregnancy is a journey where a mother must focus on her lifestyle, as much as she cares for her unborn child.

A mother should avoid gaining excessive weight, “She must try to prevent gestational diabetes and hypertension too. A healthy lifestyle is very important. Especially during summers when most of us tend to eat less. A Pregnant woman must take extra care in terms of what she eats so that her baby grows in a healthy way and she still stays fit,” believes Dr Mahima Bakshi, Mother and Child wellness consultant at Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital and author of ‘Birthing Natural’.

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Trimester one of Pregnancy

Plenty of fluids as mostly women can feel nauseous in this phase

Coconut water, smoothies, fresh juices, soups, milk and buttermilk can be great options.

Avoid tea coffee as it can worsen the acidity or morning sickness however chamomile tea can help in reducing nausea.

Also fruit like watermelon and veggies like cucumber contain good hydration.

Small frequent meals help in preventing nausea.

Nutrition in pregnancy during summer
Also fruit like watermelon contain good hydration. Pixabay

Trimester two of Pregnancy

Appetite increases, hence avoid indulging in junk food or outside food.

Prefer home cooked food with good protein, simple carbs and lots of vitamin rich foods like fruits veggies, daal, chicken, paneer.

Iron rich sources like green veggies, carrot and beetroot are important.

A handful of nuts must be taken for good omega fatty acid. Enjoy eating and enjoy the food cravings. But ensure that you do not gain too much weight suddenly.

The weight gain must be gradual. Breathing relaxation exercises and prenatal yoga is helpful to maintain a gradual weight gain.

Trimester three of Pregnancy

Appetite slows down as digestion slows down hence some physical activity and prenatal exercises help.

Body prepares for labour so some good fats help – nuts, cooking oils, avocado, fish can be great option.

Flax seeds also help as a good source of omega.

Small frequent meals are better than large heavy meals.

Many develop constipation during this phase due to hormonal changes and reduced digestion.

Nutrition in pregnancy during summer
Small frequent meals are better than large heavy meals. Pixabay

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Hence lots of fibre in the diet is important. Flax seeds, dates, bananas, nuts and plenty of water will help.

All in all, to-be mothers should stay active, exercise to stay fit and prefer to eat home cooked fresh food at frequent intervals.

Avoid large heavy meals, maintain good hydration and take lots of fruits and veggies. Seasonal fruits is always a better option. And add lots of natural probiotics to your diet to maintain a healthy gut flora in the body. (IANS)