A Heartfelt Message That all Sushant’s Fans Wish to Convey

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide on 14 June at his Bandra residence

The death of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput
The death of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput has shocked everyone. Pinterest

By Muskan Bhatnagar

Not much time has passed since we lost our beloved Sushant Singh Rajput. A young, good looking man of utter intelligence. His fans have not been able to come in terms with the news of his untimely demise. Each one of us was an admirer of his work, his journey from television to films, and his smiling nature. Rajput started his career from television and hence he was a household name since the beginning, who was loved by every member of the family. He was not more than 15 films old in the film industry, yet rapidly rose to fame, achieved the tag of a leading star, created such a large fan base, and set a benchmark for all upcoming young talents.

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His demise has broken uncountable hearts and he has left a legacy to cherish till the end of time. There is an emptiness within the hearts of all his fans, especially after knowing that he was clinically depressed from the last 6 months. There are millions of people who want to cry their hearts out but unfortunately, none of the cries will reach out to him this time. Being a diehard fan of Sushant, I am sure what each one of us wants to tell him. Here, I write on behalf of many others:

Dear Sushant, we hope you’re in a better place and peace. We hope you’re free from all the pain and sorrows that this world had put you through. Till now, you must’ve met your mother whom you’ve been missing badly for the past 16 years. We’re pretty sure she must be proud of you for being one of the best actors with the purest soul but she must also be equally upset with you for leaving us all like this.

Sushant, we’re sorry for what our media did to your dead body and to your family on the day you left us. We’re sorry for entering your ancestral home and making news out of your family mourning. We’re sorry for leaking and sharing the pictures of your corpse. We’re sorry for sensationalizing the news of your death. Yes, we all wanted to see you for the last time, but not like this. That day, with you, the media of our country died too. We hope you will be able to forgive us for this failure of journalism.

The death of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput
The pictures of Sushant’s corpse were leaked online. Wikimedia Commons

All of us down here are against suicides but don’t get us wrong. We don’t blame you. You were not weak, you were not someone who’d lose. No, you didn’t lose, Sushant. You never will. We truly understand what you were going through and we can’t even imagine what all you must be facing. And for most of us, it’ll all remain a mystery. But that won’t make you any less than a hero in our eyes. We know that you were one of the most talented and intellectual people in the industry, we know you thought about your family, fans, servants, friends, and everyone before taking this drastic decision. You very well knew the consequences. You knew that your fans and loved ones will go deep to find out the reason behind your pain. Not sure if we have found it completely or not, but Sushant, many people who’ve troubled you have been brought into the light. We’re on it Sushant. We’ll bring justice to you. We’re sure that you knew it’ll all happen and hence you sacrificed your life for many new people in the industry so that they don’t face all of it. And we know that it wasn’t easy for you. It isn’t easy for us either. But we’re with you, we’re in this together.

While writing this, it feels like you’re going to explain your reasons to the media, like you always did in your interviews. But sadly, we won’t be able to know your side of the story ever.

You were a brilliant mind, a pure soul, a talented actor with the most beautiful and contagious smile. Sushant, we know you had only 2 or 3 true friends, but we hope you knew that you had innumerable true fans. We were not a part of your personal life, but you were a part of our lives. You still are.

A lot is going on in the country since you left. Every day there’s some update about you. Are you watching? Are you watching us all break down by looking at your pictures? Are you watching the country mourn? Are you watching us not being able to overcome this? Are you watching the number of people who love you?

The news says that you spoke to your father and drank juice just a few hours before leaving us. Is it true? Then how come your father or servants couldn’t sense the pain in your voice? Were you acting there too? Using your magnificent acting skills to fool us all, including your near ones? Otherwise, how can a father not sense the pain of his son? We get it now, you’ve been fooling us all with your unbelievable acting skills, hiding all your sorrows behind that beautiful smile of yours.

The death of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput
Media reports suggest that Sushant was depressed from the last 6 months. Pinterest

Sushant, we as fans and viewers have only seen you smile, laugh, and act. We haven’t seen the other side. And we can’t even imagine what it looks like. The news of your demise was one of the most heartbreaking news we’ve ever come across. Every day, when we wake up, we pray and wish that it was a nightmare and you’re here with us. But looks like this bad dream isn’t going to end. Looks like we’ll not be able to see the most beautiful smile ever again. We still can’t believe that you’re no more with us, that you left us so early.

You didn’t act to earn money, you didn’t act for fame. You acted because you loved to. You not only loved acting, but you also loved to know the working of the universe. You were talented, humble, hard-working, good looking, and intelligent all at the same time. How can someone be so perfect, Sushant?

You know, none of your movies or shows will remain the same. We’d be crying even in the happiest scenes. For the first time, we’ll cry seeing you on-screen. But your magical, contagious smile….it will still make us remember you with a happy face.

There are some journalists, who’re saying that you were mentally ill so you took this step. We’re sorry for their behavior. We know this is false, all of us know it. Don’t worry, we’re not going to believe their fake news pieces because we truly believe in you. We believe in your pure soul and golden heart. Usually, celebrities are loved because they’re good looking and talented in respective fields of work. But Sushant, other than your acting and good looks, we love you for the person you were. You were one of those rarest or probably the only celebrity who used to follow their fans on social media platforms. You used to reply to all our comments. You used to donate funds for good causes. You never let us feel that we were a mere fan of yours, you made us feel like your family. You were a true gentleman to all your leading ladies and such a good companion to your male co-stars.

We are very sorry Sushant that this world was so cruel to you. We’re sorry that we couldn’t keep a talent, a man, a wonderful soul, and a sharp mind like you. We couldn’t keep you happy. All of us bow down and apologize for not being able to give you what you deserved. You didn’t deserve to meet this end. We’re sorry because we failed as an industry, we failed as journalists, we failed as fellow actors, we failed as an audience. We failed you Sushant. And we’re sorry.

Sushant you were too good for us, we didn’t deserve you. After all, angels don’t live on earth.

Thank you for giving us some beautiful movies and shows, thank you for showing us how to be a good person, thank you for inspiring us, thankyou For making us believe in hard work and thank you for loving us back.

The death of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput
Actor Sushant Singh Rajput was curious to know the functioning of the Universe. Pinterest

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We know you loved the space and the stars, is it the reason why you went up there, to become the youngest and brightest star? Or was God running out of beautiful smiles so He called you, to take inspiration from the best smile He has ever made?

We miss you Sushant, and with each passing day, we miss you more. We hope that you’re reborn as a black hole, exactly like you wanted to. But you’ll remain in our hearts as Sushant Singh Rajput, till the end of time. The legacy you’ve left behind will always shine as bright as the stars in the night sky. You’re truly immortal for us. We love you, as much as you loved to act. We will always love you. Rest in peace, Sushant Singh Rajput.