Helping the needy: Wheelchairs at Re 1

photo credit: betterindia
By NewsGram Staff Writer
Wheelchairs cost thousands and even lakhs of rupees, while even a simple pair of crutches can tot up to a few hundred. But more important is the fact that most of the time, this equipment has only a short-term use.
photo credit: betterindia
photo credit: betterindia
Falguni Doshi of Vadodara has come up with an innovative way of recycling the wheelchairs while helping the needy. She came up with the idea of recycling orthopaedic equipment and soon, her two friends came up with a plan to rent it out for Re 1 a day.
Over the years, donations poured in as many people don’t have much use for wheelchairs, transport chairs, walkers, canes, knee and ankle and neck braces etc, after the immediate need for them is over. Falguni would rent them out on a regular basis as the demand for them kept growing with each passing day.
Most people rent the equipment for a couple of weeks or months at a time.

“Earlier, I used to give these things away for free. But then I thought people would not value things given as charity or take care of the equipment. This way people take it seriously and I get to buy more products too,” she says.

Most of the products are donated to Helping Hand by those who don’t need them any more, while some are purchased brand new by Falguni.



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