Monday March 30, 2020
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Hema Malini denies grabbing land for her dance academy


Mumbai: Actress-politician Hema Malini, who is in the news for a controversy over allotment of land to her for a dance institute at a throwaway price, on Monday denied having grabbed any land saying it was her right to have it.

“I am not grabbing any land. I have struggled for this and it is my right to have it. Twenty years is not a small journey. It has been a huge struggle for me,” Hema Malini told reporters at a press conference here.

According to documents obtained under an RTI query, the BJP MP was allotted the land for mere Rs.70,000 in Mumbai’s Andheri area for setting up a dance academy.

The state government allotted the land measuring 2,000 square meters to Hema’s Natyavihar Kalakendra Charity Trust.

“Why speculate the price when I don’t know myself how much I have to pay. I will follow all the rules and regulations of the government. Whatever, payment needs to be made will be made according to the rules and regulations set by the government. It’s an institution for the people not for my personal use,” she said.

“I have been asking for this land to establish my institute which is my right. It is very essential today because our Indian culture is slowly deteriorating. It’s my dream which is coming true. The People of Maharashtra will be proud to have such an institute and it will be all free of cost. It is going to be a pride of this area,” the veteran actress said. (IANS)

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Actor Hema Malini Performs in New Role as Farm Woman

Against Hema Malini, the Congress has fielded newcomer Mahesh Pathak while the SP-BSP alliance has given ticket to Kunwar Narendra Singh

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Actor and BJP MP Hema Malini, who is seeking re-election to the Lok Sabha, joined farmers and tried her hand at cutting the wheat crop in this region in Uttar Pradesh, inviting scorn from the opposition.

She even picked up a bundle of wheat crop and carried it some distance, much to the amusement of villagers, in Govardhan area here. Opposition leaders called her action “nautanki”.

Hema Malini later told the media that she wanted to be one with farmers and identify with their problems and aspirations.

Hema Malini. Twitter

“When I was going to the villages, I saw golden coloured wheat ready to be harvested… I tried my hand. Women in the fields welcomed me warmly. We visited 10 villages,” she said.

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“I have also done a lot of work in Braj area. People will vote for me,” she said.

Against Hema Malini, the Congress has fielded newcomer Mahesh Pathak while the SP-BSP alliance has given ticket to Kunwar Narendra Singh. (IANS)