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Here is why Cuneiform is the Beginning of Accountancy!

Cuneiform, the oldest system of writing not only gave way to poetry or trading, but can be considered as the point from where all accountancy started.

Cuneiform, where the roots of accountancy lie
Cuneiform is considered to be the beginning point of accountancy. Wikimedia
  • Cuneiform is the earliest system of writing in the world
  • This was invented by the Sumerians and emerged in Mesopotamia
  • This development led to the start of accountancy, the evidence being the existence of the clay tablets or the oldest accounting records

New Delhi, July 4, 2017: Noting the ubiquitousness of symbols and language, and our inability to stop thinking about them, the task to imagine our lives without them can look like a tough one. Be it the signs that are posted on the street corners, or the 1000 bucks in your wallet, it is the value that we have attached to these mundane objects, that makes the society go on without much chaos.

Ubiquitous that they seem to us now, signs and symbols were once a novelty. Cuneiform script is considered as humankind’s earliest system of writing developed by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. The name ‘Cuneiform’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Cuneus’ meaning ‘wedge’ owing to the style of writing which is wedge shaped.

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The purpose behind the creation of this system of writing remained a mystery for long. Julius Jordan, a German archaeologist deepened this mystery further by unearthing a vast library of clay tablets that were 5000 years old. The tablets came from Uruk, the Mesopotamian city on the bank of Euphrates. The tablets were shaped, “like the commodities of daily life, jars, loaves and animals,” Noticed Julius Jordan.

French archaeologist Denise Schmandt Besserat agreed when she cataloged similar pieces that were found, across the region from Turkey to Pakistan, some of them being 9000 years old. She believed that the token had one simple purpose which is Correspondence Counting– Tokens shaped loaves that could be used to count loaves, whereas the ones shaped jars could be used to count jars, mentioned BBC report.

Uruk being an urban economy required planning, trading, and taxation, and so came the need for the development of such a system of writing. Denise Schmandt Besserat also pointed out the resemblance between the tokens and the cuneiform tablets that suggested the use of these clay tablets in order to record the back and forth of the tokens, and hereby, these clay tablets gave existence to the world’s first accounts.

These clay tablets can be considered as the oldest accounting records to have existed.

– prepared by Samiksha Goel of NewsGram. Twitter @goel_samiksha

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Bookkeeper- Change the Accountancy in Your Company

You can make use of the latest programs that help in supporting bookkeeping

Internet accounting is a much more convenient solution than the one run by a standard accounting office. Pixabay

Running a business is quite complicated, so there’s no point in burdening yourself with additional problems like bookkeeping. Improve the work of your company with the newest innovation in accountancy- Botkeeper. Today’s world, along with the development of technology, is getting more and more virtual, which is a positive sign for company owners. Now, you can make use of the latest programs that help in supporting bookkeeping and allow you always to have access to documents. After reading this article, you will know why online accountancy is the future and why the Botkeeper is a perfect fit for you.

The Important Role of Accountancy for your Company

The department of finance or accounting was highly regarded in companies, and sometimes, it is still today as a financial administration. Employees had to make sure that the accounts were lawful, but they rarely became essential business figures. Now, however, it’s changing. Finances play a different role; they are a critical reflection of business results. To be sure that the company stays on track, you have to hire the appropriate bookkeeper or try the latest solution for entrepreneurs- Botkeeper.

Online Accountancy

Bookkeeper, Accountancy, Company
There’s no point in burdening yourself with additional problems like bookkeeping. Pixabay

Internet accounting is a much more convenient solution than the one run by a standard accounting office. Modern technologies make the service more convenient and cheaper, and the most interesting part also includes the entrepreneur’s peace of mind – settlements are dealt with by the accountants.

Despite the dynamic development of online tools and forms of remote contact, traditional accounting is still prevalent. It mainly involves the booking of costs and revenues, filling in documents and preparing tax returns as well as sending them to offices. In this model, the entrepreneur imports the accountant documents from a given period, which are then posted and placed in the company documentation.

After that, the owner of the company receives information about the amount of taxes to be paid and premiums. In the traditional model, the service ends in this place. It’s worth knowing, however, that this is not the only way to keep your books. A better solution can be online accounting programs.

Online accounting is safe and additionally, easy to use. What’s more, thanks to Botkeeper, you always have access to your documents and billing. The system is continuously updated and adapted to the changing regulations without exposing entrepreneurs to additional costs. The safeguards for stored information are in line with state recommendations. Their processing and daily archiving take place in professional server rooms. Therefore, the data of the company and contractors are both entirely safe. Botkeeper will also help you in invoicing, tracking, and scheduling revenue.

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The Primary Benefits of Online Accounting Include:

  • Saves money – Compared to traditional accounting offices, this online service is much cheaper.
  • Convenience – The user has access to the application at all times from anywhere and does not have to install it on his computer.
  • Online accountancy systems allow the issuing of various documents and sending them, for example, to the tax office.
  • Functionality – A rich range of accounting and financial tools will enable you to tailor them to your individual needs; there are plenty of options to manage your accounts efficiently.
  • Professional support.
  • Security – Data is archived by secured servers systematically.

Is Online Accounting for you?

Online bookkeeping is a beneficial solution, especially for novice entrepreneurs who cannot afford costly services from accounting offices. The advanced Botkeeper functions will also work for large international companies. A big plus is the availability – the taxpayer can log in to his company from anywhere in the world if he has access to the Internet. The entrepreneur has an office that is always at hand.

Bookkeeper, Accountancy, Company
Improve the work of your company with the newest innovation in accountancy. Pixabay


This characteristic is praised above all by freelancers and people who spend most of their time working in the field. Just a few clicks to issue an invoice, settle accounts and send documents to the tax office. No time is wasted on commuting and queuing.

Why Botkeeper?

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Okay, let’s say that you have decided to grow your business with the online accountancy, but what now? Botkeeper is a perfect solution for both startups and established companies. We have been working with more than 1000 clients and 86 partners. These numbers speak for themselves. However, if you’re still unsure, you can always contact us and resolve any doubts.