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The hill station of Khirsu, a place for peace seekers. IANS

The pristine environment ringed with lofty Himalayan peaks and habitat of many flora and fauna species makes the state of Uttarakhand a true adobe. There are many destinations to explore here which make the wish list of travelers. Many have been known among the traveler communities but some are unexplored far from the hustle-bustle of city life in the lapse of nature.

The hill station of Khirsu is one such destination. Situated at an altitude of 1,700m in the Pauri district, it is a perfect gateway for peace seekers. One has to travel around 11km towards the north of Pauri town to reach this quaint town. As winter is here, it is a place that offers a spectacular wide panoramic view of snow-covered Himalayas. The virgin landscape provides an amicable environment to find solace and to rejuvenate spiritually and physically from the overwhelming city life.

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On a sunny day, one can see the clear sky above with the chirping of birds. Pine, Oak and Deodars, line elegant pathways covered with bright green moss and a fascinating growth of fern. The feeling of being lost and a renewed spirit to connect with the simpler things can make one happy and complete. Amid Covid-19 workcation is a buzzing term especially in Uttarakhand. Khirsu is the right choice for visitors who are looking for a combination of charm and peace which can increase the efficiency of office work at hand.

Speaking about the potential and development of Khirsu as one of the common hotspots of Uttarakhand, Dilip Jawalkar, Secretary, Uttarakhand Tourism said: “Uttarakhand is blessed with many beautiful and unexplored place such as Khirsu. Amid Covid, the trend of workcation is booming in the state. We are constantly working to turn this pandemic into an opportunity and offer more such options to the tourists visiting Uttarakhand.”

There are several places to offer your visit while your trip. IANS

Elaborating more about the workcation facilities and footfall of tourists in Khirsu, District Tourism Development Officer (DTDO) Pauri Kushal Singh Negi said: “Khirsu which is situated in the outskirts of Pauri is indeed hidden gem for travelers. After travel restrictions were removed by the government in the state we have received good responses from the tourists. The authentic cuisine of any state is also one factor that attracts tourists from different places. As a result, we have Basa Homestay in Khirsu which is being run by the local women of the place. They offer some of the yummiest food to the visitors and share our folklores. Some similar projects are underway namely Basa Homestay 2, Hunter House, and Fishery Homestay.”

Places to visit:

Jwalpa-Devi Temple: A well-known religious center on Pauri – Kotdwar road, is a renowned place among tourists. It is believed by the locals that any wish asked here with pure heart gets fulfilled. It opens around the year. During Navratras, a big religious fair is held every year where many people come from all around the region. Many marriages also perform here at no cost.

Ghandiyal Devta Temple: The ancient temple of Ghandiyal Devta is also a renowned site among the local worshipers. Known as Rashak Dev – The Divine protector is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Abhimanyu, a devotee of Lord Shiva. The Ghandiyal fair is the major attraction of this temple. It goes on for nine days and nine nights. Devotees with the high religious spirit of nearby areas participate and perform rituals.

Beyond Khirsu

There are several other places one can travel beyond Khirsu. IANS

Srinagar: Located on way to N.H. 58 on the bank of river Alaknanda. It was once the capital of Garhwal Kings and vital in the expansion of the rulers of the region. Currently, the center of Garhwal University is situated here. It is the biggest township in the region.

Deval Garh: Situated at 16 km away from Khirsu towards Srinagar. It is one of the important Garh capitals of the Garhwal kingdom. The testimony of the prosperous kingdom can be visited here. The Raj Rajeshwari & Gauri Devi temples are the are two important attractions in the vicinity.

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Ulka Garhi: A 3 km picturesque drive from Khirsu (Chaubattakhal) takes one to the Ulkha-Garhi. The place is known for its small Ulkeshwari temple and many significant structures of the Garhwal kingdoms are also dotted in the region.

Pauri: District Headquarter of Pauri Garhwal and Commissioner’s Headquarter of Garhwal region is situated here. It is 20 km from Khirsu and 32 km from Srinagar. The attractive hill station of Pauri has many tourists Bungalow built in colonial architecture. One can find a number of Private Hotels here for stay. The town has a big bazaar for shopaholics to buy local stuff made by the people of nearby villages.

Lansdowne: A hill station with the longest history is continuing to attracting tourists from all over the country. With the benefit of well-connected motorable roads, it takes you on a journey to escape from the city life. (IANS)


Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

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