By Vaishali Aggarwal

We often see people initiating debates on topics promoting political interests, but very few are there who can prove their point in front of the masses. Hindutva Political Analyst, Mr. Jitender Khurana firmly believes in putting forward his views when it comes to people’s safety on the verge of national security. Read on to find out why he feels that the division of Bangladesh is needed at the moment to safeguard 1.5 crores Bangladeshi ‘Hindus’ currently living in the country.

Jitender Khurana who is currently the President at Aryavart Mahasabha expresses his opinions in an interview with NewsGram. According to him, Bangladeshi ‘Pakistanis’ are here with an objective, i.e. to make a complete Ismalic country. The plan was initially made around 3-4 decades ago but it started forming a picture by the year 2000. The plan comprises of forming an independent Islamic country named as ‘Mughalistan’. The picture shown below can help you get a clearer view of the same.

This is how the map of ‘Mughalistan’ looks like.

More About Mughalistan

This country is primarily referred to as the corridor pathway between Pakistan and Bangladesh, which is a proposed homeland for the Muslim community. This means the agenda is to occupy the major land of India’s current geography and devote it to the minorities of the country. It is directly depicting that it does not want to give any space to the Hindus, who are the original native of the country; says Jitender.

We all are very aware of the fact that Bangladesh is currently suffering too much. In fact, the Hindus out there are forcibly converted into Muslims with each day passing by. Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi used to talk about the division of Kashmir into 4 parts for peaceful living. I would highly appreciate it if they go-ahead for the division of Bangladesh in the first place, Jitender Khurana says.

How can we leave 1.5 crores Bangladeshi ‘Hindus’ living in such heinous conditions where their chance of survival has almost reduced to null?

Hindutva Political Analyst ‘Jitender Khurana’. Facebook

There have been extreme cases of violence, rape, and killing of innocent people every day. Why is the government not doing anything for those people?

Recently, a 13-YO old Hindu girl was brutally raped by her neighbor and the accused has still not been arrested. The only reason was the involvement of the major persons in this vicious cycle of deception and corruption. According to Jitender, Jihadis have a deceptive nature. They cannot perform tasks without deceiving the other person. They are destructive too as they often believe in violence. As per a report, there is a major number of Bangladeshi ‘Muslims’ who are involved in serious crimes in India as well.

What is the solution to this problem?

Hindutva Political Analyst, Mr. Jitender Khurana also talks on the permanent solution to this huge problem. He thinks that Bangladesh must be divided into two equal parts for providing people with peaceful living conditions. One part completely devoted to Bangladeshi ‘Hindus’, Parsis and other peaceful minorities; and the other part for the Muslims out there. This solution can help communities live in peaceful environments without compromising their needs and interests.

Mr. Khurana also mentions, “I am ready to provide 1 lakh youth and expect Indian government to give training and weapons to attack bangladesh to divide into 2 parts. So, we are ready to take casualty on us to make my vision a reality”.

‘I feel that this step should be taken at the topmost priority because it is high time to look after our own people living in other neighboring countries, and looking after their welfare and dignity simultaneously’, told Jitender.

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