Hinduism Lacks Harmful Aspects Which Christianity and Islam Incorporate: Here is What Maria Wirth has to say!

Christianity and Islam have segregated people between "believers" and "non-believers"

Hinduism incorporates oneness with the divine
Maria Wirth is a prominent Hinduism blog writer. Twitter

July 08, 2017: A prominent Hindu blog writer Maria Wirth, in her latest blog post elucidates the core essence of Hinduism, which Christianity and Islam lacks. Despite Hinduism is deemed to incorporate casteism and idol worshipping in the world, it lacks the harmful aspects that Christianity and Islam have fused in its followers for more than 2000 years now.

“Hinduism is the general enquiry into absolute truth”, a differentiating feature deciphered by Maria. She explains that Hinduism is not a fixed belief system, which must be accepted as true even if it does not make sense or conform with one’s inner self. Vedas claim that human form as divine. The self or Atman is same in all human forms, it is the thoughts attached to the “pure atman” make the “self” different in one person to another.

The quest to find oneness with the divine in Hinduism is condemned in Christianity and Islam. Wirth states, “But is it true? Or are Christianity and Islam right to claim that the Divine and we are eternally separate and that He (God/Allah) wants us all to believe this and if we don’t we are punished eternally with hell?”. For her, Hinduism does not oblige blind belief within its followers. Many Rishis (sages) have been able to attain oneness with the divine by meditation which requires the stillness of mind.

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Maria took a dig at US Intelligence agencies on her blog by stating that they take Indian wisdom quiet more serious than Indians in particular. She illustrated an example in support of her assertion: A TED-X speech titled “Psychic abilities” by Russel Targ, who has worked for CIA, NASA and Army Intelligence was banned by the organisation itself. He claimed that everyone is capable of remote viewing if properly trained. “You are non-local awareness independent of time and space”, Russel quoted in this speech which is a view of Vedas.

Since the divine dwells within the human form, the consciousness of the mere fact empowers you. It leaves no room for despondency, unhappiness and depression. The golden rule thus edifies not to treat people the way you wouldn’t like to be treated. A furthermore extension of this rule makes the people kind towards animal lives also, which is the only reason why most Hindus are vegetarians.

India is the oldest and richest civilisation in the world yet in the name of supreme, foreigners who came to land discriminated people and hailed mass killings. Christianity and Islam have segregated people between “believers” and “non-believers”. As a matter of fact, believers are those who believe in fixed doctrines outlined by these religions. It does not include Hindus despite them being the greatest believers in the divine presence.

Maria concludes in her attempt to enlighten people the helpful aspects of Hinduism, “both Christianity and Islam emphasise on blind belief in their respective doctrine which is enforced with blasphemy laws and death as punishment”.

– by Staff Writer at Newsgram

  • venkat

    Well said Maria. The two religions are more interested in increasing numbers rather than belief in truth and are causing misery to this world to show their supremacy. Their teachings are making people behave like sheep. Blindly following the wrong aspects and making the world a hell. There is no search for spiritual knowledge but only the urge to dominate by brute force

  • Mukundan PR

    There should be no place for religious fundamentalism if we want to live in peace. India and Indian rishis never advocated any type of religious fundamentalism.

  • Nidhi Mishra Pandey

    Regarding the last sentence that both Christianity and Islam emphasise on the blind belief in their doctrines but contradictory Hinduism has the tradition of arguments or we say Shashtrarth in its own fold which we don’t find anywhere. This is one of the biggest uniqueness of this religion.

  • Eternal moment

    In the Absolute there is no Hindu,Christian, Islamic, it’s pure awareness. The titles need to be dropped or there will always be conflict and pride in whose belief is better.