Hollywood Celebrities Who Converted to Hinduism

Julia Roberts. Hollywood Celebrities adopting Hinduism
Julia Roberts. Hollywood Celebrities adopting Hinduism. Wikimedia Commons

Hinduism, neither requires nor forces any traditional conversion, unlike other religion. It is just their belief and affection that lures people towards Hinduism.

Hinduism is a belief that binds individuals not only to one another but with the society they live in.

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Below is the list of some renowned celebrities who had no roots in Hinduism, but chose the religion to walk down the road of their lives.

  • JULIA ROBERTS – Academy awards winner actress converted her religion to Hinduism in 2010, while she was shooting film Eat, Pray, Love. ‘Actual Spiritual Satisfaction’, is what she gave her reason for converting into a Hindu. She also denied demeaning any other religion. Reportedly, Roberts showed interest in Hinduism after she saw a picture of deity Hanuman and Hindu leader Neem Karoli Baba who she never met.
adopted hinduism
Source: Wikimedia Common
  • GEORGE HARRISON– Considered being the most spiritual musicians; Harrison got converted from Christianity to Hinduism in mid-1960. His spiritual quest brought him to India in 1966 where he studied sitar with Pandit Ravi Shankar. He later met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who guided him to adopt meditation. In 2001, after his death, his ashes were scattered in Ganges and Yamuna.
adopted hinduism
Source: Wikimedia Common
  • RUSSELL BRAND- Hindu sect ‘Hare Krishna’ meditation and the practices of self-reflection saved the actor and comedian Russell to get away from drugs. This transformation changed him as a person and he got converted into Hinduism. On 23rdOctober 2010 he got married to Katy Perry in traditional Hindu style in Rajasthan.
adopted hinduism
Source: Wikimedia Common
  • HEATHER GRAHAM- American actress, known for her television series ‘Twin Peaks’, had catholic upbringing, but got influenced by the series creator David Lynch to follow Hinduism as her religion and practice Transcendental Meditation.
adopted hinduism
Source: Wikimedia Common

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Hinduism is believed to be a religion of Karma and thus followed by millions of people around the world. From common man to celebrities people are highly mesmerized with the philosophical and moral concept of Hinduism.



  1. Russel Brand has shown an interest in the Hare Krishnas only long after ceasing to being an addict. He credits TM with helping him stay away from drugs.
    Hare Krishnas teach chanting, it isn’t really meditation. You will find him on the David Lynch Foundation webstie which sponsors Maharishi Mahesh Yogis teachings for poor people who cannot afford to the required donation for themselves.


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