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Here are Some Home Gardening Tips For You

Follow these 5 tips for easy home gardening

By Puja Gupta

Growing and maintaining a garden at home is a fun and rewarding way to care for nature. Especially in these boredom-filled days of lockdown, there is no other hobby that can excite enough than gardening.

If you are a beginner in this vast world of gardening, don’t fret. Here are a few tips shared by LazyGardener will help you care for your garden.

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Water the nodes

When you spray the nodes, there are high chances that you will get a bushier plant. That’s the trick for any trailing plant to grow bushier. Especially for a money plant, keep it below the light and spray the nodes with water to see how bushy it gets.

5 tips for easy home gardening
Do not over-water, it will kill your plant, especially the snake plant. Pexels

Overwatering Kills

Do not over-water, it will kill your plant, especially the snake plant. Just remember that you don’t need to make a watering schedule, water only when the soil is dry. And when in doubt, do not water.

Artificial light helps

Most of the gardeners don’t know this but artificial light helps a lot. When homing a low light plant, consider placing it near a bulb or a lamp, and they will do much better.

Rotational Spa

There’s nothing called an ‘indoor plant’, they’re just ‘low light plants’ and you can put them under an artificial light. Keeping them inside all their lives won’t be healthy for them. Instead, rotate them between indoor and outdoor. Every 10 days, give them a sunbath session and they will thrive.

5 tips for easy home gardening
Importance of a right amount of nutrition is essential for every living being. Unsplash

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Balanced nutrition

Importance of a right amount of nutrition is essential for every living being. Make sure you feed your plants right and continuously with a proper balance of nutrition. Feeding them once or twice a month is in real terms, cruelty.

Bonus tip

They always require your attention and love. Clean them, wipe their dirt and talk to them. This will make the both of you happier and healthier. (IANS)



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