No Risk Of Nanoparticles In Sunscreen Sprays

People can continue using mineral-based aerosol sunscreens without fear of exposure to dangerous levels of nanoparticles or other respirable particulates, say researchers. The findings published in the journal Aerosol Science and Engineering are a result of experiments conducted using three aerosol sunscreens commonly found on store shelves. The research team simulated the application process for someone using the recommended amount of sunscreen and analyzed the released aerosols. They chose mineral-based sunscreens with silicon dioxide, zinc oxide, or titanium dioxide as the active ingredient over chemical-based sunscreens because those are more commonly recommended for children and the ingredients are deemed safe by the US. Food and Drug Administration.
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“We simulated what we considered to be a worst-case scenario for someone being exposed to aerosolized nanoparticles while applying sunscreen, and that scenario is a person applying it to their arms because the spray is so close to their face,” said study author Jeremy Gernand from the Penn State University in the US. “And then we pulled air samples from that location,” Gernand added. The goal of the research was to determine the size and concentration of aerosol particles at the location of a realistic breathing zone for the user and to determine if those factors posed potential health risks.
People prefer Mineral-based sunscreens with silicon dioxide, zinc oxide, or titanium dioxide as the active ingredient over chemical-based sunscreens. Pixabay
The team did find trace nanoparticles of the active ingredients but the amounts were hundreds of times less than the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health recommended exposure limit. Previous studies that pointed to dangerous exposure to nanoparticles missed the mark because they relied on an analysis of the contents, rather than field tests. The FDA completed a study on the safety of sunscreens in 2019. Although only three products were studied, Gernand said it’s unlikely other products would produce vastly different amounts of nanoparticles. The researchers found all three products to be similar in aerosolized particles produced. ALSO READ: Revamp Your Workspace By These Seven Simple Step “For a massive increase in particle exposure, the canister design would have to be dramatically different, and most likely so would the amount of and size of the active ingredients inside,” Gernand said. Based on these results, I would be surprised to find variations in brands or formulations that amounted to hundreds of times more exposure. It’s just too far away from what we observed,” the author noted. (IANS)

Pets Played Lifesaving Role During Covid19 Pandemic: Study

In the absence of human-to-human contact, in millions of households worldwide, animals or pets have provided much-needed comfort via cuddles, pats, and a constant physical presence, say, researchers. The study, published in the Journal of Behavioural Economics for Policy (JBEP) outlined how pets have a crucial role to play in an era where human-human contact can be life endangering. According to the researchers, physical touch is a sense that has been taken for granted – even overlooked – until Covid-19 visited our door earlier this year. Follow NewsGram on Facebook to stay updated. “To fill the void of loneliness and provide a buffer against stress, there has been a global upsurge in people adopting dogs and cats from animal shelters during lockdowns,” said study author Janette Young from the University of South Australia. “Breeders have also been inundated, with demands for puppies quadrupling some waiting lists,” Young added. Spending on pets was already hitting record levels, topping $13 billion in Australia and in the region of US $260 billion globally in 2020, but this is bound to be surpassed. It is estimated that more than half the global population share their lives with one or more pets. The health benefits have been widely reported, but little data exists regarding the specific benefits that pets bring to humans in terms of touch.
Pets have a crucial role to play in an era. Pixabay
“Pets seem to be particularly important when people are socially isolated or excluded, providing comfort, companionship, and a sense of self-worth,” Young said. Touch is an understudied sense, but existing evidence indicates it is crucial for growth, development, and health, as well as reducing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. It is also thought that touch may be particularly important for older people as other senses decline. In interviews with 32 people, more than 90 percent said touching their pets both comforted and relaxed them – and the pets seemed to need it as well. ALSO READ: Children Raised with Pet Dogs to Have Better Social-Emotional Skills Examples of dogs and cats touching their owners when the latter was distressed, sad, or traumatized were cited. “The feedback we received was that pets themselves seem to get just as much pleasure from the tactile interaction as humans,” Young said. Not just dogs and cats either. Interviewees mentioned birds, sheep, horses, and even reptiles who reciprocate touch. “In the era of Covid-19, social distancing, sudden lockdowns, and societal upheaval, our pets may be the only living beings that many people are able to touch and draw comfort from,” the authors wrote. (IANS)

Digital December: OTT Platforms Are Back With A Bang This December

Digital platforms have provided relief and joy in a year engulfed by pandemic and lockdown. The mood continues into the last month of 2020 as much-awaited shows await to be dropped on your devices this month. IANS has listed some of the best Indian and international series and specials that OTT fans can look out for.

Euphoria: Trouble Don’t Last Always

Starring Zendaya, who won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role, the show will pick up after the season one finale, following Rue as she celebrates Christmas after being left by Jules at the train station. It also stars Jacob Elordi of “The Kissing Booth” fame. It will arrive on December 7 on Disney+ Hotstar Premium. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Set for a December 11 release, the holiday music special will see the cast of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” spreading a feel-good holiday cheer. The cast features Joshua Bassett, Olivia Rodrigo, Sofia Wylie, Matt Cornett, Kate Reinders, Julia Lester, Larry Saperstein, Dara Renee, and Frankie Rodriguez. It will be available on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

LA’s Finest

Season 2 of LA’s Finest will be available on December 4 on SonyLIV.
It shows how detective Syd Burnett (Gabrielle Union) and her partner Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba), take on dangerous criminals in Los Angeles. Season 2 will be available on December 4 on SonyLIV.

Shameless S11

Shameless has lined up its last season for a December 11 release on Amazon Prime Video. The final season will follow the Gallagher family as they deal with the pandemic, while Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and Mickey (Noel Fisher) adjust to married life. The comedy-drama also stars William H. Macy and Ethan Cutkosky.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The supernatural horror series will conclude with season four. Starring Kiernan Shipka as the teen witch, the upcoming season drops on December 31 on Netflix.

Black Widows

Actors Mona Singh, Swastika Mukherjee, Shamita Shetty, and Raima Sen will be seen in the Indian web series that revolves around how three best friends, who thought they got away with the perfect crime of killing their abusive husbands, find all has not ended yet. It will be the eighth international remake following adaptations in Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, the Middle East, Mexico, Scandinavia, and the Czech Republic. The series is slated to premiere on December 18 on Zee5. WATCH INDIAN POLITICAL DOCUMENTARY SERIES, TRANSPARENCY: PARDARSHITA ON MX PLAYER


A period drama, the makers claim the show belongs to a genre never seen before in the Indian OTT space. Starring Annu Kapoor, Milind Soman, Shilpa Shinde, Poulomi Das, Sahil Salathia, Shaheer Sheikh, and Flora Saini, it will launch on December 29 on ALTBalaji and Zee5.

Bhaag Beanie Bhaag

Actress Swara Bhasker will essay the role of a stand-up comic in the upcoming series, which she describes as a story of a girl finding a place for herself amidst the chaos. It will start streaming on Netflix from December 4. ALSO READ: Short Film Based On Digital Detox Streaming On OTT

Outside In

It is a comedy special by stand-up star Vir Das, who has dedicated it to each one of us who has survived this year. The comedy special is created out of 30 virtual shows that he did during the lockdown. It will premiere on Netflix on December 16.


Fate brings love in Naina and Sameer’s life and later love brings marriage. What happens next in their married life is what the show is all about. Directed by Rohan Sippy, Sandwich features Aahana Kumra and Kunaal Roy Kapur. The show will arrive on SonyLIV on December 25. (IANS)

One In Two Urban Indians Are Early Adopters Of Technology

One in two urban Indians, predominantly young and affluent, are early adopters of technology and are eager to buy new products as well as adopt new technology, a new survey said on Thursday.

Technophiles in India skew towards the 18-34 years demographic to a greater extent than many other surveyed markets, according to the data provided by YouGov. More than three in five (62 percent) dedicated followers of new technology are males and dedicated followers are twice more likely than the public to get influenced by opinions of celebrities and influencers, the findings showed. Follow NewsGram on Facebook to stay updated. In India, one in three (30 percent) belong to the “dedicated followers” group and a fifth (19 percent) to the “first wave consumers”. Latecomers account for just 15 percent of the online population in the country. The second wave makes up 17 percent of the Indian online population while discerning customers make up another 20 percent. “YouGov’s whitepaper shows that India has a substantial proportion of early tech adopters, with a high appetite for technology as well as high engagement with it,” said Russell Feldman, Director of Digital, Media and Technology research at YouGov.
The group of technophiles is more likely to engage in every category of digital activity. Pixabay
The whitepaper looked at technology adoption across 25 markets worldwide, based on more than 370,000 interviews with consumers about their tech habits and attitudes. When it comes to personal disposable income, a third of early adopters have between Rs 10,001-Rs 50,000 per month to spend on themselves, compared to 28 percent of the urban online population. Early tech adopters in India differ from the online public even in terms of their usage of the internet. This group of technophiles is more likely to engage in every category of digital activity such as browsing, email, messaging, and streaming. “In terms of attitudes, the early adopter group in India tends to be aspirational and are comfortable taking risks with their money. They enjoy testing new products before they go on sale,” said the survey. ALSO READ: Study: Men And Teenagers Are Affected By Instagram Influencers Their attitudes appear consistent with the public in some areas but deviate from them in other important areas. Dedicated followers, for example, are twice more likely than the public to take the opinions of celebrities and influencers into account when making a purchase. Dedicated followers’ affinity towards social media also stands important for brands, as they are more likely to seek experiences that make for great content on social media. “Therefore, if a brand wants to engage with these new tech enthusiasts, they should approach them with enticing ways rather than mundane marketing gimmicks,” the survey noted. (IANS)

Haryana To Soon Have A dedicated Science City In Gurugram

Haryana will soon have a dedicated Science City in Gurugram with the purpose of giving practical information on science along with books to the children and youths of the state so they can understand the science-related facts very closely.

For this, a team of the Central government visited four villages to develop Science City in the district on Wednesday. The team consisted of officials from the state government’s Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Culture, and Haryana Space Application Center. Follow NewsGram on Twitter to stay updated about the World news. The team has visited Ghamroj, Nimoth, Rahaka, and Patali Hajipur villages in Gurugram. The team was accompanied by Sohna’s SDM Chinar Chahal. The team’s coordinator said that the Science City is expected to come up in an area of 25 to 30 acres. “After identification of the place, its detailed project reports (DPR) will be prepared. In the initial phase, about Rs 500 crore will be spent on this project, 50 percent of which will be borne by the central government and 50 percent of the state government,” the coordinator said.
Science city
A team of the Central government visited four villages to develop Science City in the district on Wednesday. IANS
Till now three science cities – Kolkata, Jalandhar, and Ahmedabad – are in the country and the fourth science city will soon be developed in the state as well as first in the NCR region. The concept of Science City has gained popularity in metropolitan cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai. There are plans to have a museum, experiment laboratories, lecture halls, digital systems, and various libraries in the Science City. “Science plays a major role in the development of society. The main focus will be on children so that they use the facilities and become great human beings in the future. Also, the children will also be able to clear their doubts related to science,” said Sohna SDM Chinar Chahal. ALSO READ: Museum For Preserving Sacred Trees of Sikhism The team coordinator also informed that there is also a plan to develop scientific facilities of the Indian Research Space Organization (ISRO) in Science City. Giving an example, he explained how the satellite would take pictures of the earth, process it, plan it, get the satellite into orbit and how it would be launched, etc. The project is being worked out under Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and Additional Chief Secretary of state government’s Department of Science and Technology Amit Jha. (IANS)

Study: Re-Wilding Big Prey Animals Help Restoring Tiger Habitat

A new Wildlife Conservation Society-led first-of-its-kind study shows how to fully restore a key tiger landscape by re-wilding it with big, juicy prey animals.

Publishing their results in the Journal for Nature Conservation, the authors looked at factors affecting populations of three large ungulates in Thailand’s Western Forest Complex (WEFCOM), a contiguous network of 17 protected areas that together form the largest remaining forest block in mainland Southeast Asia. The 18,000 sq km (6,900 square mile) forest is considered a stronghold where tigers have made a comeback due to conservation measures. However, depletion of prey species has prevented a full recovery of these iconic big cats. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated. The prey animals in the study included gaur, a massive wild cattle species that can weigh over a ton; banteng, another species of wild cattle with a top weight of over 1,900 pounds; and sambar, a huge deer that can reach well over 1,000 pounds. Across WEFCOM, these large ungulate populations are the preferred prey of tigers but are threatened by human activities such as poaching and habitat fragmentation. Using occupancy models, the researchers found that gaur and sambar occupied just 28 and 50 percent of suitable habitat respectively in WEFCOM. Habitat use by both the gaur and the sambar was lowest in areas closest to human settlements. The banteng has largely vanished from WEFCOM and is now only found in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary where they occupied 57 percent of suitable habitat.
prey animals
Large ungulate populations are the preferred prey of tigers. Pixabay
The authors then modeled the impact of decreasing human activities around nine villages in the core of WEFCOM. This increased predicted suitable habitat to 68 percent for gaur and 75 percent for sambar. In addition, they modeled the extent of the potential banteng habitat that still remains in the other 16 protected areas in WEFCOM and found that re-wilding could result in a four-fold increase. The authors say the options for increasing large ungulates near communities inside and on the periphery of WEFCOM include increasing SMART patrolling and providing incentives to local communities to reduce poaching. Want to read more in Hindi? Checkout: विशेषज्ञों ने कोरोना का जन्म भारत में होने वाले चीनी वैज्ञानिकों के दावे को खारिज किया  Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation has continually increased investment and training to improve SMART patrolling, but without local support from local people living in WEFCOM, it is not sufficient. Globally, it is increasingly recognized that recovering large wildlife in large ecosystems needs effective law enforcement complemented by local engagement. Local stakeholder involvement in participatory conservation is gaining wide acceptance as an essential component of ecosystem management. ALSO READ: World’s Wildlife Population Dropped by 68% in 4 Decades Due to Human Activity Said Pornkamol Jornburom of WCS’s Thailand Program and the lead author of the study: “Big cats need big food. This first-of-its-kind study determines where large prey species can be restored to increase the distribution of tigers, and potentially fill a half-full tiger landscape. “This critical research will have a significant impact on the future management and recovery of large mammals in WEFCOM and beyond.” (IANS)

PETA India Named A Student From Prayagraj As The ‘Volunteer Of The Year’

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has named O P Jindal Global University student Ayan Banerjee as its 2020 ‘volunteer of the year’. According to a PETA statement, Ayan, 18, is a vegan and he joined PETA India’s volunteer ranks two years ago. “Since then, he has shown dedication in working to inform young people about animal rights. He has visited schools in Mussoorie to give talks to students on the benefits of vegan eating. In collaboration with the Allahabad Museum, Ayan took part in a 200-kilometer run – visiting numerous colleges, distributing leaflets, and spreading the word about vegan eating,” the statement said. Follow NewsGram on Facebook to stay updated. He also helped staff a PETA India stall at the vegan Ahimsa Yoga and Music Festival in January this year and took part in a PETA India street theatre-style demonstration in Allahabad encouraging onlookers to consider adopting a lovable Indian dog from the streets or an animal shelter instead of buying a dog. ALSO READ: Actor John Abraham Named As The Person Of The Year 2020 By PETA During the pandemic, he encouraged students to join PETA Youth’s online webinar on vegan eating. He has taken part in and encouraged friends to take part in various PETA India missions, like a vegan cooking challenge and a Friendship Day activity motivating the public to adopt animals. Ayan also uses social media to spread awareness of animal rights and feeds community dogs and cats. He also encourages fellow students to conduct virtual Compassionate Citizen workshops. Compassionate Citizen is PETA India’s award-winning humane education program designed to instill empathy for animals in children aged 8 to 12. (IANS)

Actress Mrunal Thakur Says She Picks Roles Based On Stories, Not Co-Stars

Actress Mrunal Thakur says she likes to pick her roles based on stories and emotions, and not on the star quotient associated with the projects. “Every co-star offers you a unique perspective. From some it’s experienced, from some it’s the craft and from some, it’s their raw energy,” Mrunal said.

“I worked with Abhimanyu (Dassani) in ‘Aankh Micholi’ and he was such a hoot in ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’. There’s so much raw energy in him that he is capable of holding the scene all by himself. Follow NewsGram on Twitter to stay updated about the World news In ‘Pippa’, I will work with Ishaan Khatter and Priyanshu Painyuli, both of whom are just exemplary at what they do. In the end, I choose a film based on how brilliant the story is and how it will help me further my acting and better my craft. We live in times when content is king,” Mrunal Thakur added. ALSO READ: Bhumi Pednekar: I Want To Explore All Genres In Pippa, she plays Ishaan’s reel sibling. Soni Razdan plays their mother. The war drama casts Ishaan as Brigadier Balram Singh Mehta. The film is directed by Raja Krishna Menon, who earlier made Airlift. Brigadier Balram Singh Mehta of the 45th Cavalry tank squadron, along with his siblings, fought on the eastern front during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, and the film recounts his story. It is based on his book The Burning Chaffees. Mrunal will also be seen in the sports drama, Jersey, alongside Shahid Kapoor. (IANS)

World Needs To Decrease Fossil Fuels Production By 6%

Even though countries plan to increase their fossil fuel production over the next decade, research shows that the world needs to decrease the production of the same by 6 percent per year to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the 2020 Production Gap Report said on Wednesday. The report mentions India’s revenue share in the recently announced coal auctions as a policy that pushes towards an increase in coal production. In addition, it also looks at India’s Covid-19 economic recovery packages by classifying them into clean energy and fossils. The report, first launched in 2019, measures the gap between the Paris Agreement goals and the countries’ planned production of coal, oil, and gas. Follow NewsGram on Twitter to stay updated about the World news. It finds that the “production gap” remains large — countries plan to produce more than double the amount of fossil fuel in 2030 that would be consistent with a 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature limit. This year’s special issue looks at the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the governments’ stimulus and recovery measures on coal, oil, and gas production. It comes at a potential turning point, as the pandemic prompts unprecedented government action, and as major economies, including China, Japan, and South Korea, pledged to reach net-zero emissions.
Fossil Fuels
To reach Paris alignment, coal, oil, and gas would need to decrease by 11, 4, and 3 percent. Pixabay
“This year’s devastating forest fires, floods, and droughts, and other unfolding extreme weather events serve as powerful reminders for why we must succeed in tackling the climate crisis. As we seek to reboot economies following the COVID-19 pandemic, investing in low-carbon energy and infrastructure will be good for jobs, for economies, for health, and for clean air,” said Inger Andersen, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). “Governments must seize the opportunity to direct their economies and energy systems away from fossil fuels, and build back better towards a more just, sustainable, and resilient future,” Andersen added. The report was produced by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), the Overseas Development Institute, E3G, and UNEP. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated. Dozens of researchers contributed to the analysis and review, spanning numerous universities and additional research organizations. “The research is abundantly clear that we face severe climate disruption if countries continue to produce fossil fuels at current levels, let alone at their planned increases,” said Michael Lazarus, a lead author of the report and the Director of SEI’s US Centre. “The research is similarly clear on the solution: government policies that decrease both the demand and supply for fossil fuels and support communities currently dependent on them. This report offers steps that governments can take today for a just and equitable transition away from fossil fuels,” Lazarus added. To reach Paris alignment, coal, oil, and gas would need to decrease by 11, 4, and 3 percent, respectively, but the report estimates that production of each commodity is set to grow by 2 percent each year until 2030.
Fossil Fuels
“Production gap” remains large — countries plan to produce more than double the amount of fossil fuel in 2030 that would be consistent with a 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature limit. Unsplash
The Covid-19 recovery funds have been disproportionately allocated to fossil fuel development, rather than into burgeoning the clean energy industry. Want to read more in Hindi? Checkout: विशेषज्ञों ने कोरोना का जन्म भारत में होने वाले चीनी वैज्ञानिकों के दावे को खारिज किया As of October 14, G20 governments had committed $206 billion to fossil fuel production and related activities, as opposed to just $136 billion for clean fuels. The report finds Covid-19 recovery plans have generally echoed government positions that were already held before the pandemic, seeing fossil fuel-heavy governments increase their support for oil and gas output, while greener economies have viewed the pandemic as an opportunity to further reform. Responding to the report, Will Nichols, Head of Environment and Climate Change Research at Verisk Maplecroft, said: “One of the true tests of the pandemic will be how we emerge from it. And the key to this research is that coronavirus can mark a turning point in collaborative global climate efforts. “Correcting policy direction is crucial, but investors must also take these findings on board. The financial industry has tiptoed towards change, but now needs to start taking huge strides.” ALSO READ: Hyaluronic Acid Is An Extraordinary Ingredient And A Boon To Skincare Added Bruce Robertson, Energy Finance Analyst, Gas/LNG, at Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), “The production gap report gives policymakers clear options to change course and ensure a more liveable climate.” (IANS)

The Oscar Awards Gala Will Not Go Virtual, In-Person Telecast Will Happen

There were a lot of speculations around how the Oscars would be held amid the Covid pandemic, and it is now confirmed the award gala will not go virtual.

“The Oscars in-person telecast will happen,” a representative from the Academy told However, the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences has decided to push the annual telecast to April 25, 2021, owing to the pandemic. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated Several sources have shared that by pushing the awards ceremony back, the Academy hopes for cinema halls to regain normalcy, allowing for more film to compete in the annual celebration. ALSO READ: Actor John Abraham Named As The Person Of The Year 2020 By PETA Now, the Academy is focusing on ensuring that the event is held in a traditional manner. However, it is to be seen how they put a plan in place to hold the ceremony at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the Malayalam film, Jallikattu, has been selected as the official Indian entry in the Best International Feature Film category at the upcoming 93rd Academy Awards, 2021. The 2021 Oscars are scheduled to take place on April 25. The shortlist for next year’s Academy Awards will be unveiled on February 9, and nominations will be announced on March 15. (IANS)

India Is A Key Market For The Japanese Entertainment Industry

Indian interest towards Japanese culture has been growing significantly over the last few years, especially amongst Gen Z, believes Kaoru Miyamoto, Director General, Japan Foundation, New Delhi. “Entertainment, as history and economics suggest has been the most potent source to share knowledge and therefore India is a key market for the Japanese entertainment industry”, he adds. Japan Foundation is set to launch the fourth edition of the Japanese Film Festival (JFF)-India 2020 digitally amid the pandemic, starting December 4. It will screen critically acclaimed award-winning titles along with mainstream entertainment for 10 days. Follow NewsGram on Twitter to stay updated about the World news. IANSlife speaks to Miyamoto who shares details of the events, views on how Japanese content is liked by Indian audiences, and more: Q: How do you perceive the impact of the Japanese lifestyle on the Indian population? A: India and Japan share a close resemblance in terms of culture, food, clothing, art, and social practices. Needless to say, Japanese culture is permeating in India, advancing and strengthening the relationship between the two countries. Additionally, with an increase in exposure to global content, there is a significant surge in demand for international projects across markets. We aim to continue to empower people with quality choices and cater to a wider set of audience with the launch of the fourth edition of the Japanese Film Festival (JFF) in India.
India and Japan share a close resemblance in terms of culture, food, clothing, art, and social practices. Flickr
Q: How do you see the response of the Indian audience towards Japanese culture and cinema? A: Cinema depicts all dimensions of a nation’s culture. The interest in Japanese culture has been growing significantly over the last few years, especially amongst Gen Z. With the fourth edition of the Japanese Film Festival, we seek to celebrate the vivacious Japanese culture in India, bring its different stories to the Indian audience through the medium. The 2020 Festival lineup features critically acclaimed, popular films that offer an enriching experience to our Indian viewers. We are confident the festival will not only be successful and bigger with the virtual access but also promote the appreciation of Japanese culture and cinema in the Indian landscape. Want to read more in Hindi? Checkout: जानिए 2020 में कौन रहा मोस्ट सर्च सेलेब्रिटी और टॉप न्यूज़मेकर ?  Q: Which genres and formats, in particular, do you believe have received more traction amongst the Indian audience? A: Usually international award-winning films like the Cannes’ winner ‘Shoplifters’ or popular anime features like ‘Weathering with You’ have been quite well-received in India, in fact, becoming the first of their kind commercial releases of Japanese films in India. In addition, at the 3rd edition of JFF India, we were overwhelmed with the response of the audience to the visit of director Makoto Shinkai. Q: Do you see the scope and popularity of Japanese content increasing in India and your thoughts on JFF’s role in catering to Indian cine lovers? A: This is the fourth season of the Japanese Film Festival in India and from our earlier editions we can say that the popularity is growing rapidly. The demand is significant beyond the metros and tier 1 cities. As we understand our young audience (below 25 years) have an affinity towards foreign culture and that stems from the interest in learning about and appreciating them. Entertainment, as history and economics suggest has been the most potent source to share knowledge and therefore India is a key market for the Japanese entertainment industry. ALSO READ: Actor John Abraham Named As The Person Of The Year 2020 By PETA The festival however focuses on strengthening the bond between the people of the two nations. The initiative is designed to promote global entertainment and offer a platform for new talent to showcase their work to diverse international audiences and markets. Through the Japanese film festival in India, our endeavor is to map the interests of the Indian audience and cater to them with more precision and in pragmatic ways. The festival is free of cost, so we welcome everyone to join us in celebrating the beginning of the year-end festivities with some prominent Japanese films. Q: What are the similarities you see in terms of culture and cuisine in Japan and India? A: Be it the love for tea or rice being a staple, there is a striking resemblance between the customs of the two countries. In terms of culture and heritage, both have similarities and are connected due to their common practices and closeness with each other. Japan has a fascinating and multifaceted culture, known for its traditions, hospitality, and value system. As we know, the same values are followed in India as well. Also, in terms of cuisine, both nations offer similar types of tastes with a wide range of unique flavors and ingredients of fermented nature. (IANS)

Tips To Follow While Protecting Your Kids From Potential Health Effects

Children are more sensitive to the effects of smog and air pollution than adults. Here are some practical tips for you to follow to protect your kids from the potential health effects. Rajesh Vohra, CEO, Chicco India, a baby care brand, lists them down: Stay Indoors: The most obvious solution to keep your little ones protected from smog and air pollution is to keep them indoors and limit their exposure to outdoor activities during morning and evening times when smog levels are high. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated. Eat Nutritious food & drink plenty of fluids: Good amounts of fluid intake is advised for kids as it helps to flush out toxins from the body. Also, we need to ensure that our kid’s immune system is well nourished, hence we need to introduce fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A, C, and omega fatty acids in their diet such as oranges, carrots (in form of halwa), nuts, etc. as these are a rich source of anti-oxidants.
kids from
Keep your kids indoors. Flickr
Use of Humidifiers at home: Dry and polluted air is the major cause of many health problems in young ones — from nasal infection to sore throat and allergies, etc. Having a humidifier at home helps to create the best conditions for your child’s health and well-being by restoring optimal humidity levels in the room, keeping cold and dry air at bay. A humidifier adds much-needed moisture to the air and creates favorable conditions for your child’s breathing, relieving symptoms of nasal congestion and cough thereby allowing your little one to breathe and sleep comfortably. ALSO READ: COVID Pandemic Obstructed Global Fight Against AIDS Use Face masks specially designed for kids: When stepping outdoors, ensure that the kids wear a facemask that has been specially designed for them having a good filtration efficiency preferably >95% and keeps them protected against dust and pollutants. Look out for a kid’s face mask that is made of breathable fabric (poly-satin/cotton) and should be comfortable to wear with adjustable earloops covering the child’s face properly. Look out for a humidifier specially designed to understand the needs of little ones and parents, as well as that, works in both summers & winters. Practice good hygiene and don’t smoke indoors: Make sure everyone washes their hands and faces as soon as they step indoors. Make sure you keep your baby and yourself well away from smokers. (IANS)

AWS Is A Game Changer For Artists On Netflix

As video streaming turns out to be the savior for millions of people working from homes to refresh their minds, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping artists create their content swiftly and seamlessly for Netflix, according to a company executive.

Netflix today is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with over 190 million paid memberships in over 190 countries. “We have many artists and content creators who can benefit from bringing the on-premises infrastructure they use day-to-day to the Cloud. However, every second count, especially when it comes to the time it takes to compile and render 3D models and animations,” explained Nils Pommerien, Director, Cloud Infrastructure Engineering, Netflix. Follow NewsGram on Facebook to stay updated. “For some time, we have wanted to move these artists’ workstations to AWS in order to take advantage of the performance, elasticity, and cost benefits of the cloud,” he said on Tuesday on the sidelines of the AWS ‘re: Invent 2020′ annual conference being held virtually. Owing to the interactive nature of these applications, the artists need very low-latency access to their workstations to have a good working experience. According to Pommerien, “AWS Local Zones, which bring cloud resources closer to the artists, has been a game-changer for these applications.
Netflix today is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service. Flickr
“By taking advantage of access to AWS’s highly performant and cost-effective compute resources, we have been able to migrate portions of our content creation process to AWS Local Zones, while ensuring an even better experience for artists,” Pommerien explained in an AWS blog post. On the first day of the annual conference, now in its ninth year, AWS announced several new Cloud computing innovations — five new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, two new AWS Outposts form factors, and three new AWS Local Zones locations that extend its lead in offering the broadest and deepest portfolio of computing offerings in the cloud. AWS already has more compute instance types than any other cloud provider, with instances based on the fastest processors from Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and Arm-based instances. AWS spans 77 Availability Zones within 24 geographic regions around the world, with announced plans for 15 more Availability Zones and five more AWS Regions in India, Indonesia, Japan, Spain, and Switzerland. ALSO READ: Chinese Spacecraft To Bring Lunar Soil From Moon “As customers bring more and more workloads to the cloud, AWS continues to expand the industry’s leading compute portfolio to meet their increasingly diverse needs,” said Dave Brown, Vice President, EC2, AWS. “With the new EC2 instance types, AWS Outposts, and AWS Local Zones options we’re introducing today, we’re providing customers with an unmatched breadth and depth of capabilities to help them innovate more cost-effectively, with the right compute for the right job.” (IANS)

Twitch And Beauty: Could The Streaming Site Rival Instagram’s Hold On The Influencer Market

By Harry Green The key to influencing is access to the audience. Instagram is flexible, in this regard: posts, stories, and live streams are integral ways to reach and engage with a lot of followers. Even direct messaging can be utilized. There are, though, subtle and important differences between how social media platforms approach posts, stories, and live streams, or – it might be better to say – how influencers and users use the platforms. Twitch offers a new means to live stream and maximize it in better ways than Instagram, or other platforms can offer.
Twitch and beauty
The Platform provides different opportunities to Instagram for Beauty Influencers. Unsplash
Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated. What is Twitch? Twitch is a live streaming platform, primarily used by gamers. It has been growing its site-wide average viewer base month-on-month, year-on-year, with a jump coming in April 2020, taking the site from just over one-and-a-half million to two-and-a-half million average viewers a month. The platform signs exclusive deals with streamers, notably re-signing hugely popular talents Ninja and Shroud this year. Before the 2020 US Presidential Election, to raise awareness of and discuss voting plans, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to the platform to play Among Us with other prominent streamers and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, which drew massive viewing figures. Follow NewsGram on Facebook to stay updated. The market is determined by the strongest movements within the gaming industry. In the gambling world the best casinos will experience a sustained peak; offers of no deposit bonuses for Indian players, for instance, ensure that they continue to draw in millions each day. At the other end of the scale, in the mobile gaming world, titles that turn viral see a short, sharp peak as social media and meme-culture offer a sudden boost to downloads. These peaks, whether long drawn out or short, determine the market for streaming services. Twitch is a hub, but not just for gaming. “Just chatting” has a large share of site-wide viewers. It is exactly how it sounds: streamers sit and chat with these audiences. Obviously, logically, “just chatting” seems like an ideal means to interact with an audience, those from the beauty industry. Not only does it allow influencers to focus on products they’re reviewing or unboxing, and answer questions from audiences, but it also allows for variety. While they could be doing a tutorial they can riff off of topics about anything general to nice, like the best fast food restaurant to the particulars of their relationships. Livestream Differences The differences between Twitch live streams and Instagram live streams are quite apparent. Twitch offers a more formal and structured means of live streaming. Not just because of the subscription mechanic, which streamers can earn a living not possible with Instagram. Twitch offers more of a sense of produced entertainment. Instagram life can seem more informal, in the way it’s from the influencer’s phone to their audience’s.
Twitch and beauty
The differences between Twitch live streams and Instagram live streams are quite apparent. Flickr
There isn’t much difference between which is more “personal.” In both cases, you are in someone’s home, more often than not their bedroom. However, Twitch provides a far easier platform to interact with your audience. The chat is easier to view, for instance, and donations and subscribers can send messages which attract the attention of the streamer in more obvious ways. Sponsored Streams To provide more structure to these streams, they can be sponsored. It can work in a similar way to sponsored posts on Instagram. A brand will pay a streamer or influencer a fee or offer a deal which includes the use of its products to discuss and advertise their product. For instance, recently, Courage, Nickmercs, Cloakzy, and Swagg were sponsored by Twisted Tea. They played Call of Duty: Warzone together and did readouts for the brand. It was, largely, a normal stream. Having sponsored streams with beauty products – anything from coconut oil to hair straightener – with all the available means of interacting with your audience, while doing a Q&A or other just general “just chatting” content offer genuinely unique opportunities that Instagram doesn’t offer. ALSO READ: Short Film Based On Digital Detox Streaming On OTT Beauty Influencers on Twitch James Charles, and other beauty influencers, are using Twitch. James Charles is a unique case though, as he mostly games – recently playing Among Us. His use of Twitch seems more of a way to diversify his content, rather than maximize his beauty influencing content. There are, though, influencers like Alexis Fleming (MadeYewLook) and Young Yuh who use the platform for beauty influencing purposes. Answering questions, showing off looks and doing tutorials. Twitch rivaling Instagram in the long-run is tough to see. It is more like that they work in tandem. One feeding the other. Influencers need to utilize all platforms to maximize exposure. (Disclaimer: The article is sponsored, and hence promotes some commercial links.)

Is The Previous Generation iPhone Best For You

By Zedd Salem Apple’s iPhones are undoubtedly some of the best smartphones out there. From responsive performance to compelling hardware designs, you can never go wrong with this line of smartphones. Apple has been releasing a new generation of iPhones every year and has thus created an extensive line of phones that it can often be confusing to decide which model is right for you. Every new generation often comes jampacked with some awesome new features and, as such, are availed to us at higher prices. With wildly different specs at different prices, there’s plenty of variety, which means there’s definitely something for you. But which one should you choose? Should you go for an older model or jump on the latest release? This article will help you decide whether a previous-generation Apple smartphone is right for you by highlight the pros and cons of some of the notable models released in the past. Follow NewsGram on Twitter to stay updated about the World news. iPhone 11             The iPhone 11 was released in 2019 and, as expected, is more versatile and faster than its predecessors, the XR. One of the best decisions Apple made in its release of this generation was returning to its old numbering system, thereby easing the confusion. Its design is a lot similar to other iPhones released since the X. However, it comes with some upgraded features such as the A13 Bionic processor and two rear 12-mp cameras. Other features include 4K video capability and better battery life. The device feels premium in the hands as mentioned by reviewers on YouTube. This phone will likely remain a top-performing model for years to come, given its functional and advanced features. This phone is right for you if:
  • You are looking for a recently released model without the premium price tag.
  • You are accident-prone and thus are in need of a phone that can survive a minor drop and is water-resistant.
iPhone SE
iPhone SE. Flickr
            Apple released a new model of the SE in 2020. It’s slightly bigger than the original model. It is low-cost and thus will appeal to people on a tight budget. It runs on the A13 Bionic processor, just like the 11, and so you can expect top-notch performance. It has only one rear camera. However, it employs the A13’s Neural Engine for higher-quality and more detailed images. Unfortunately, it’s not the best camera phone if you are into low-light photography as it lacks Apple’s Night mode. This is the phone for you if:
  • You have deity hands and thus are in need of a phone that is easy to grasp (Its compact size is one of its major selling points).
  • You are on a budget.
iPhone X             The X generation of iPhones was defined by a new design and a change in the naming system. It was the first phone in this generation, and it was released in 2017 and it was more impressive than the previous iterations as it offered both high-end hardware and affordability. It features a 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display with HDR10 certifications and an A11 Bionic processor, which might not be as impressive as the 11’s A13 processor, but it still offers excellent performance. It also comes with Face ID for unlocking, water resistance, and a premium glass and aluminum design. The iPhone X price starts from $569 AUD at Phonebot. And the phone is a bargain at this price. The iPhone X is perfect for you if:
  • You need a phone that offers you value for your money (It’s arguably the best budget iPhone).
iPhone 7 and 8
iPhone 7. Pixabay
            While they were released at different times, the iPhone 7 and 8 have a lot in common. They both feature an awesome single-lens camera and an LCD screen that, despite not being too big, is perfect for watching movies. It introduced a wireless charging feature. It also still has a home button, unlike more recent models. If you have a 7, it’s probably not necessary to upgrade to the 8, as you will probably not notice much of a difference. It would likely benefit you more to jump to a more recent version, like the XR. These models are perfect for you if:
  • You are a heavy phone user and are in need of a device with great battery life.
  • You crave a screen that will let you watch videos comfortably.
WANT TO READ ARTICLES IN HINDI? CHECKOUT: NewsGram Hindi iPhone 6             The release of the iPhone 6 marked a new tradition for Apple as the release of new iPhone models every year became commonplace. Unlike its predecessors, the iPhone 6 came with a bigger display screen with sharper contrast and more vivid colors. The iPhone 6 plus was even bigger than the regular model, and thus it was slightly heavier. This phone is right for you if:
  • You are on a budget but still want to purchase a reasonably-screened iPhone.
  • You don’t care about Apple’s latest thrills.
iPhone 5 and below             The earlier models of iPhones still offer some great features. The major downfall of this generation of iPhones is that they are prone to slow down over time. These models are probably not worth buying since, as expected, they are implemented with less advanced technology. But if you are simply looking to join the iPhone team but lack the finances to purchase a more recent model, then you can consider getting yourself an earlier model. ALSO READ: Here’s Why Apple is More Than Just an iPhone Brand Wrapping Up             The bottom line, each generation offers something unique that is worth considering. Indeed, the more recently released versions are more technically advanced. But that doesn’t mean they are necessarily perfect for you. Therefore, if you wish to purchase a quality smartphone, don’t jump on the latest release automatically. Instead, sit down and do your research, considering the aspects you value most from a phone. In the end, you might find a previous generation model that offers you the value of an iPhone without having to break your bank. (Disclaimer: The article is sponsored, and hence promotes some commercial links.)

3 Real Estate Investment Types You Can’t Overlook in 2021

By Sana Faisal Real estate is an incredibly profitable investment. Understanding the difference between residential, commercial, and raw land real estate is essential to selecting the perfect investment option for you. Learn about the opportunities and advantages of 3 major real estate investment types you can’t overlook in 2021. Residential Real Estate Residential properties are common real estate investments. Residential real estate refers to a property zoned for living, generally single-family homes. Residential real estate investors earn money by collecting rent or regular payments from tenants. Types of residential real estate include duplexes, condos, apartment buildings, and vacation homes. Follow NewsGram on Twitter to stay updated about the World news. Start investing in residential real estate by researching the market to discover a viable property. Whether you’re renting a spare room or remodeling an entire house, find the right type of property for your specific area. After locating a property, determine your funding options by researching loans for down payments. Residential real estate investors earn a substantial and steady profit depending on properties and locations, earning a yearly salary anywhere between $70,000 and $124,000.
Residential real estate investors earn a substantial and steady profit depending on properties and locations. Pixabay
Advantages vs. Disadvantages Numerous advantages and disadvantages exist for residential real estate investors. Residential real estate is an advantageous and simple method for new investors to get started. Everyone needs a place to live and attractive financing options and tax incentives are available everywhere. Additionally, residential real estate offers regular payments from tenants to decrease your mortgage and earn money consistently. Unfortunately, a primary disadvantage of residential real estate is landlord responsibilities, including finding tenants, enforcing property rules, and performing necessary maintenance. If becoming a landlord doesn’t interest you, recruiting a property manager is a potential option for limiting your daily duties. Overall, residential real estate is a reliable option for new investors to receive long-term financial benefits. Commercial Real Estate Commercial properties are profitable real estate investments. Commercial real estate refers to space rented or leased by a business. Commercial real estate investors earn money by businesses paying rent to use the property, frequently under multi-year contracts. Numerous types of commercial real estate properties are available including:
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Special purpose
Begin investing in commercial real estate by finding a beneficial location and property and understanding important calculations, specifically loans and potential earnings.
Commercial real estate provides unique opportunities, including parking investments. Pixabay
Commercial real estate provides unique opportunities, including parking investments. Owning a parking business, such as an outdoor lot or multi-level garage, is an excellent investment for earning a regular profit. Learn about the costs involved and the benefits of getting your parking garage managed professionally to understand why parking structures are financially beneficial and relatively easy investments. Commercial real estate is a profitable investment with significant earning potential. Advantages vs. Disadvantages Commercial real estate provides numerous advantages and disadvantages for investors. Purchasing commercial real estate is advantageous due to higher earning potential, longer leases, and lower vacancy rates. Commercial investments are lucrative opportunities to gain a substantial long-term profit. A major disadvantage of commercial real estate is the extensive amount of work and money required to start. However, commercial real estate does offer the opportunity for real estate investment trusts (REITs). REITs allow individuals to invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate without having to physically go out and buy commercial real estate. Purchase a share of real estate using REITs to earn profits and avoid hands-on labor. Dedicate time and money towards commercial real estate to receive amazing financial rewards. Want to read more in Hindi? Checkout: पैसों के लिए शेहला ने माँ और बहन को भड़काया!  Raw Land Real Estate Raw land properties are advantageous for real estate investments. Raw land real estate refers to investing in any vacant land available for purchase. Similarly, new construction real estate involves investing in new properties built on the land. Raw land real estate allows investors to participate in commercial or residential developments. Participating in raw land real estate requires substantial market research, real estate knowledge, and capital to perform, especially if you intend to develop the property yourself. Raw land real estate investors earn significant profits if handled correctly. Advantages vs. Disadvantages Prominent advantages and disadvantages are involved in raw land real estate. Raw land investments provide attractive profits for investors through a variety of opportunities. Whether you’re interested in developing a property from start to finish or running a long-term buy and hold, the earning potential is incredibly beneficial. ALSO READ: LVB Write-off To Hurt Investor Sentiments of Smaller Banks Mainly, the disadvantages of raw land real estate include proper knowledge and funding. If you’re new and inexperienced in real estate, investing in raw land or new construction is probably not for you. However, if you possess the necessary experience and funds, investing in raw land is an amazing option. Understand the benefits of raw land real estate for investors who can diligently dedicate money and expertise. Residential, commercial, and raw land real estate offer numerous advantages and opportunities for potential investors. Learn about the 3 primary types of real estate investments you can’t afford to overlook in 2021. (Disclaimer: The article is sponsored, and hence promotes some commercial links.)

How Construction Companies Can Deal With Remote Work Setups

By Sana Faisal With the world coming to a grinding halt because of a global pandemic (that seems to be nowhere near stopping even if there are vaccine developments), construction companies need to finally deal with the situation and how they can start operating in a remote work setup to keep the business afloat. If you’re one such company, regardless of how small or big you may be, then you should read on to find proven tips to deal with these industrial changes. Embrace the Change Let’s be honest here, if this pandemic happened a few years ago, it would be a complete disaster. Foremen, and basically any construction worker, would feel intimidated and scared about the future in the field, and rightfully so… because working on-site is the only reality everyone knew at the time. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated. But times are changing and they are changing without any warning whatsoever. The only thing we can do at this point is to accept it and make the most out of the situation we are currently in. Invest in Technology The best way for construction companies to deal with the mess made in the year 2020 (or should I say end of 2019) is to invest particularly on technology. Admittedly, it’s our saving grace in all of this. Without the continued advancements of digital tools like AR technology and 3D rendering, the construction industry would definitely be crippled by the current situation with lockdowns left and right and a very real threat of death from the coronavirus.
Invest in technology and always be updated with the latest trends. Pixabay
But aside from the obvious tools of the trade, you should also think about other digital tools you and your employees must master in order to make your workflow more efficient or at least as efficient as it was when things were still normal. These include productivity software and business messaging apps that would make you feel a more collaborative spirit even when you’re miles apart. Talk to Your Workers You won’t be able to move forward without conducting a figurative temperature check on your employees. They are the lifeblood of any organization, so you must ensure their safety and sanity during these trying times. Before conducting business, allow them to talk, give them a chance to rant, grieve, and discuss their current state, and from that, offer to help them. WANT TO READ ARTICLES IN HINDI? CHECKOUT: NewsGram Hindi I know we’re all facing difficulties from this unprecedented worldwide disaster, but we can all use a little help. It would mean a lot if this help would come from our bosses, too. If you can successfully boost morale, your workers will not only thank you but also work harder and better even while working from home. Don’t Forget the Basics This is not the time for you to forget all the basics of business despite a difficult and somehow different present circumstance. Go back to the drawing board, look up your business plan, and see where you can improve and where you can make changes. Start with what worked before and how you can spin that to work for this particular situation. Prioritize service and make sure that your current clients are happy with the quality of your work. Give them a reason to keep your business. Start networking and marketing for prospective clients that you will definitely pursue once all this is over. ALSO READ: Company’s Hiring Sentiments For Students Amidst a Pandemic If you’re just starting out though, then no worries! Do your research, apply their best practices, and don’t forget to get yourself licensed in your service area. For example, if you’re planning to offer construction services in TN, you definitely need to get a license within the state. However, do not underestimate the power of preparing for your contractor’s license in Tennessee to make sure that you get that license in one take! You don’t want to add legal issues to your existing troubles, am I right? Your enthusiasm for your job, for your career, and for your vocation is the fuel that will allow you to drive past this global pandemic. Keep your head in the game and stay creative. As they say, this too shall pass. (Disclaimer: The article is sponsored, and hence promotes some commercial links.)

Actor John Abraham Named As The Person Of The Year 2020 By PETA

Bollywood actor John Abraham has been named the Person of the Year for 2020 by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). In 2020, John had sent a letter urging e-retailer Quikr to stop trading in live animals. Over the years, he has teamed up with PETA India to push for a ban on animal circuses, speak up for Mumbai’s dancing monkeys, and star in an ad-campaign urging everyone not to keep birds in cages. Follow NewsGram on Twitter to stay updated about the World news. He also adopted a community dog, Bailey, urged authorities to stop illegal pig slaughter in Goa, and put a football jersey on the auction block to benefit the organization’s work to help animals. ALSO READ: Short Film Based On Digital Detox Streaming On OTT Past recipients of the honor include politician Shashi Tharoor, former Supreme Court Justice KS Panicker Radhakrishnan, cricketer Virat Kohli, and actors Anushka Sharma, Sunny Leone, Sonam Kapoor, Kapil Sharma, Hema Malini, R. Madhavan, and Jacqueline Fernandez. “John Abraham has been helping PETA India advocate for animals since our inception, and he shows no signs of slowing down. If birds are suffering in cages, puppies are being cruelly sold, or animals are in danger anywhere in the world, we can count on him to come to the rescue,” said Sachin Bangera, PETA India Director of Celebrity and Public Relations. (IANS)

Hyaluronic Acid Is An Extraordinary Ingredient And A Boon To Skincare

Hyaluronic acid has recently become such a hyped ingredient, but the popularity is acceptable because the ingredient provides what it claims to — anti-aging. What exactly is Hyaluronic acid (HA)? It is simply a sugar that already exists in our skin tissues and with time and age, the content of it keeps on decreasing. It is that part of the skin which helps maintain and retain the moisture and keeps our skin hydrated. It is an extraordinary ingredient and a boon to skincare, says Rajat Mathur, Senior Education Manager at Kiehl’s India.
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What does Hyaluronic acid do? Mathur explains… The skin requires a certain amount of water for it to be healthy and look hydrated and radiant, but the skin tissues lose the ability to retain the water with time and age resulting in the skin looking dehydrated and dull. Dehydrated skin, then results in wrinkles and fine lines which automatically make your skin look old, and its losses its firmness too. This is where Hyaluronic acid steps in and work its magic. It is basically an anti-aging ingredient that does wonders for your skin. It revitalizes not only the outside layer of your skin but the tissues as well increasing the skin immunity, he says.
Hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid helps to remove anti-ageing problems. Flickr
The damage that even the sun does to your skin can be tackled with hyaluronic. Fine lines are such a common effect of exposure to sunlight but using a product with HA in the morning can reduce the appearance of these fine lines and make your skin smoother and help you look younger all day. Similarly, using it at night will cause it to work magically all night resulting in radiant skin when you wake up in the morning. Mathur says: “Hyaluronic acid has become so trendy this past year and that is such wonderful news because it is an ingredient that is so important for the skin. People tend to put back the product on the shelf after reading the word ‘acid’ and that stigma shouldn’t be around skincare. ALSO READ: The Right Skincare Products And Regime For This Winter Season Awareness regarding this ingredient is so important and products with hyaluronic acid should be made a part of your skincare routine to maintain the glow and avoid dullness. It is an ingredient we have included in quite a few of our products here at Kiehl’s too because we want our consumers to fall in love with their skin every single day and HA will only make your skin look younger.” Hyaluronic is a very important skincare ingredient that should be used in your routine regularly to keep the wrinkles and fine lines at bay and your skin glowing and radiant. The basic logic is that if your skin has enough hyaluronic, it will stay moisturized and look healthy but with age, it is necessary that we incorporate products that include this acid, in particular, to help you keep your skin youthful, glowing, and healthy. (IANS)

Study: Men And Teenagers Are Affected By Instagram Influencers

Not just women, men and teenagers are affected by Instagram influencers who set global benchmarks for ideal body shape, fashion, and even facial trends, say researchers.

While perhaps not as focused on ‘thinness’ as women appear to be from female influencers, the study, published in the journal Body Image, confirmed males are responding to the body image and fitness messages shared by Instagram leaders, some with millions of followers. “This may mean men are less exposed to some of the negatives of social media but confirm the influence of fitspiration (‘fitspo’) and body image on this online platform,” said study author from the Flinders University in Australia. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated. Despite the rise in the use of social media, there haven’t been many studies into its effect on men and the new study found there are similarities and differences between women and men. “While participants all had some vulnerable responses to some types of social media imagery, results typically obtained for women cannot simply be generalized to men,” said study author Marika Tiggemann, who has extensively researched the power of social media images on body image, eating and other behavior in women.
Instagram influencers
According to the researchers, the new study shows there is a high level of response to fitspiration goals via Instagram influencers. Pixabay
According to the researchers, the new study shows there is a high level of response to fitspiration goals via Instagram influencers. “It is interesting that both the fitspiration and fashion images made participants feel more inspired to exercise, and we have certainly seen a rise in men following international fitspo and professional sporting hero influencers,” said study co-author Isabella Anderberg. ALSO READ: COVID Pandemic Obstructed Global Fight Against AIDS The team studied responses from 300 US adult men aged 18-30 who were randomly shown images of bare-chested (fitspiration), clothed (fashion), and control images, similar to those posted by Instagram influencers. It was found that exposure to bare-chested and muscular images resulted in significantly lower body satisfaction relative to viewing clothed fashion images or scenery images. “It’s important to expand this research, including on the ‘Brotox’ facial ideals set in social media which is leading to more men reportedly using skin products and even cosmetic fillers and botox to keep up to influencers,” Anderberg noted. (IANS)

Covid-19 May Deepen Depression, Anxiety Among Pregnant Women

Researchers have said that Covid-19 may deepen depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among pregnant and postpartum women. “We know the perinatal period is already a time in which women are particularly vulnerable to mental health concerns,” said study author Cindy Liu from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the US. “We primarily wanted to see what factors related to the pandemic might be associated with mental health symptoms,” Liu added. Follow NewsGram on Facebook to stay updated. For the results, the researchers launched the Perinatal Experiences and COVID-19 Effects Study (PEACE) to better understand the mental health and well-being of pregnant and postpartum individuals within the US during the Covid-19 pandemic. Among 1,123 of these women surveyed, the study, published in the journal Psychiatry Review, found that more than 36.4 percent reported clinically significant levels of depression.
Before the pandemic, rates of perinatal depression were generally considered to be 15-20 percent. Pixabay
Before the pandemic, rates of perinatal depression were generally considered to be 15-20 percent. Furthermore, 22.7 percent reported clinically significant levels of generalized anxiety, and 10.3 percent reported symptoms above the clinical threshold for PTSD. In particular, the researchers found that approximately nine percent of the participants reported feeling a strong sense of grief, loss, or disappointment as a result of the pandemic. WANT TO READ ARTICLES IN HINDI? CHECKOUT: NewsGram Hindi This group was roughly five times more likely to experience clinically significant measures of mental health symptoms. More respondents (18 percent) reported being “very worried” or “extremely worried” about Covid-19 related health risks. This group was up to over four times more likely to experience clinically significant psychiatric symptoms. The researchers were able to examine how previous mental health diagnoses, as self-reported by the respondents, impacted these rates. ALSO READ: Spending Long Time On Phone Is Not Related To Poor Mental Health They found that those with pre-existing diagnoses were 1.6-to-3.7 times more likely to have clinically significant measures of the three conditions analyzed. But elevated psychiatric distress was observed in participants regardless of their mental health histories. The researchers noted that the mental health experiences during the early months of the pandemic were limited due to fears surrounding Covid-19 infection risks and halting of support services. (IANS)

Chinese Spacecraft To Bring Lunar Soil From Moon

China’s Chang’e-5 mission, intended to bring back around 2 kg of lunar soil and rocks to the earth, touched down on the Moon on Tuesday. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated. Unlike the launch of the mission a week ago, the robotic mission’s landing was not covered live by Chinese TV channels and only after the touchdown, did they interrupt scheduled programming to flash the news, the BBC reported. The probe, which descended on the volcanic Mons Rumker area in the Oceanus Procellarum region, could spend the next two days examining its surroundings and gathering up the samples with the help of its camera, spectrometer, radar, scoop, and a drill. ALSO READ: A Plant-Based Diet Improves Cardiometabolic Risk Factors In Overweight Individuals The lander will convey the samples to an orbiting vehicle that can bring them back. According to the BBC, a similar feat was performed way back in 1976 by the Soviet Luna 24 mission, but it brought back just around 200 gm. (IANS)

America’s Favorite Snacks Invented By US Military

From instant coffee to Cheetos, packaged cookies, and energy bars, the U.S. military helped invent many of the snacks Americans love to eat. The effort accelerated during World War II when military scientists needed to develop compact yet nutritional ways to feed the troops. “There was a tremendous need for the military to develop modern rations, and it ended up not only inventing a bunch of new food processing techniques but putting in place a food science research system that exists to this day,” says food writer Anastacia Marx de Salcedo, author of “Combat-Ready Kitchen: How the U.S. Military Shapes the Way You Eat”. “Out of that came a lot of new techniques and food, and after the war, those were incorporated into snack and convenience foods.” Follow NewsGram on Twitter to stay updated about the World news. Those new techniques include high-pressure processing, which makes uncooked food safe to eat. The process is routinely used in packaged foods like guacamole, salsa, and hummus. Cheetos, one of America’s favorite cheesy, crunchy snacks, are made possible by the dehydration process the military worked on to remove the water from cheese. That gave cheese both longer shelf life and made it lighter to transport to troops overseas. Freeze dehydration, a process developed to preserve battlefield blood products so that medics could treat soldiers in the field, also made its way into the food chain. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated. “After the war ended, there was a little freeze-dehydration industry, but they no longer had a purpose and so the military took a look at that and decided to take the capability to develop food products,” Marx de Salcedo says. “So, of course, you have the beverages, you have freeze-dried coffee, tea, soups.”
Cheetos, one of America’s favorite cheesy, crunchy snacks, are made possible by the dehydration process. VOA
When NASA astronauts balked at the taste of freeze-dried foods — cubes that were the precursor to the modern energy bar — the military searched for a way to make rations more palatable. Want to read more in Hindi? Checkout: Military scientists discovered that pet food companies were working on a way to make the water level low enough to prevent bacteria and fungi from being produced, making the food safe. “Once they figured that out, they were able to keep foods moist and chewy at room temperature and with regular packaging,” Marx de Salcedo says. “And in fact, that tactic is not only used in energy bars, but it’s also used in the bakery aisle. If you go into a grocery store, and you see moist and chewy cookies, those are all that same technology that comes out of the military research.” The military also adopted a candy-coated chocolate snack found in Europe that service members could carry around in their pockets without the chocolate immediately melting. That’s how M&M candies were born. Today, some of the biggest military contractors continue to search for the perfect meatless chocolate that will be able to withstand extreme temperatures. The next known frontier in military food science has arrived in the form of mini-food that is shrunk to one-third of the normal size, resulting in foods that are small but still dense. ALSO READ: U.S President-Elect Joe Biden Names Top Economic Officials “They use microwave vacuum dehydration to reduce the water content of foods and what essentially that does is it miniaturizes the food so you get these little tiny carrots, but you can have a fresh carrot,” Marx de Salcedo says. “It still has the same amount of calories even though it’s small.” Whether American civilians will one day be packing miniature lunchboxes in order to lighten their load during their daily commute to work remains to be seen. (IANS)

COVID Pandemic Obstructed Global Fight Against AIDS

Tuesday is World AIDS Day, with organizations around the world highlighting the need to support those living with and affected by HIV, the virus that causes the disease, while also remembering those who have died. This year’s event comes amid the global coronavirus pandemic, which UNAIDS says has made it more difficult for those living with HIV to access health care and other services while also highlighting issues such as inequality and stigma. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated. The agency is calling on governments to boost investment and action on HIV and other pandemics.  It says if there were better health and social safety nets in place, the world would have been better able to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The United Nations said models show there could be an additional 123,000 to 293,000 new HIV infections and between 69,000 and 148,000 AIDS-related deaths by 2022 because of the coronavirus pandemic’s effects on HIV responses.
Laboratory technicians test a blood sample for HIV infection at the Reproductive Health and HIV Institute (RHI) in Johannesburg, Nov. 26, 2020. VOA
“The collective failure to invest sufficiently in comprehensive, rights-based, people-centered HIV responses has come at a terrible price,” UNAIDS Executive Director Winnie Byanyima said in a statement. “Implementing just the most politically palatable programs will not turn the tide against COVID-19 or end AIDS. To get the global response back on track will require putting people first and tackling the inequalities on which epidemics thrive.” Want to know more in Hindi? Checkout: World AIDS Day : 34 साल पहले मिला था भारत में पहला HIV वायरस The joint challenges of HIV/AIDS and the coronavirus are also the focus of a live-streamed event Tuesday by the National AIDS Memorial in the United States.  It includes discussions with Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. David Ho, who each have experience working on both pandemics, as well as with activists and the mayors of Atlanta, Chicago, and New York. ALSO READ: Indian Tunes At The Grammy Award Nominations This Year There are about 38 million people living with HIV, with 26 million accessing antiretroviral therapy.  In 2019, 690,000 died of AIDS-related illnesses. (IANS)

Focus on Having Healthy Heart To Face COVID

Amid the rising cases of Covid-19 in Delhi-NCR, health experts on Tuesday stressed that along with a focus on overall health, taking special care of your heart’s health is extremely important because the virus affects more people with heart and its related problems. The doctors said that the biggest risk factor for heart diseases is unhealthy cholesterol levels. So, it is important to keep a track of your lipid profile and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. As per a survey conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), 79 percent of Indians are suffering from dyslipidemia i.e. unhealthy cholesterol levels. Follow NewsGram on Twitter to stay updated about the World news. Experts suggest that managing cholesterols by taking natural antioxidants from a very young age can help keep your heart healthy by controlling high cholesterol levels along with other health benefits. The latest antioxidant which is gaining popularity in India is Gamma-Oryzanol, a natural antioxidant found in rice bran. Gamma-oryzanol is a mixture of ferulic acid esters and is an important bioactive component which is mainly found in the germinated brown rice and rice bran oil. “For good heart health keeping high cholesterol level in check is really important, Gamma oryzanol which is a natural antioxidant has properties that lowers bad cholesterol and increases the concentration of good cholesterol,” said Dr. Praveen Chandra, Head of Department, Interventional Cardiology, Medanta Hospital in Gurugram.
During COVID times, we need to be extra careful with our heart’s health and ensure healthy cholesterol levels. Pixabay
“It also helps in preventing heart attack by preventing platelet aggregation, a system where platelets blood gets stuck together and form clots that block arteries. So maintaining healthy cholesterol levels during Covid times is important,” Chandra added. Want to read more in Hindi? Checkout: सरकार का प्रत्येक व्यक्ति को कोविड-19 वैक्सीन देने का कोई इरादा नहीं As Gamma Oryzanol is found to be effective in controlling high cholesterol levels in the body, it is registered in Japan and the US as a natural medicine to treat hyperlipidemia/dyslipidemia (elevated cholesterol levels/unhealthy cholesterol levels). “Gamma Oryzanol helps lower cholesterol because It helps decrease cholesterol absorption and increase cholesterol elimination,” said Swapna Chaturvedi, Senior Dietician, Department of Dietetics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi. Recently, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recognized Gamma-Oryzanol as a nutraceutical and a natural antioxidant to reduce high blood cholesterol. ALSO READ: Post-Antibiotic Era Is A Threat To Global Health “During COVID times, we need to be extra careful with our heart’s health and ensure healthy cholesterol levels,” the experts noted. (IANS)

Enchanting Tale On Impact of Social Media

This is among the first books to explore the psychological impact of social media, especially Instagram. Garv Roy Gill and Yahvi Kothari meet by chance at an airport lounge. Six months later they find themselves consumed by the proverbial once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. Bored with their mundane daily routine, their adventurous streak makes them decide, one day, to escape the present and begin a new reality somewhere far, far away. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated. But, just that the day they are supposed to meet and escape, Yahvi doesn’t turn up. Then she doesn’t respond to Garv’s phone calls or messages. And mysteriously, Yahvi vanishes altogether. Days later, as a grieving Garv stumbles upon her Instagram profile, which he didn’t know existed, he is shocked to realize that every post of hers is probably a clue to the truth behind her disappearance. Except, the more he unearths the meandering truth, the more he learns about a certain side of Yahvi which changes the way he saw her. And the way he understood love.
Social Media
Starmark played the role of the host at the launch of bestselling author Novoneel Chakraborty’s new book ‘Black Suits You’. Pinterest
“Cross Your Heart, Take My Name” (Penguin) is a beguiling tale about urban loneliness, fickle relationships, and our need for companionship as depicted by the twisted journey of two individuals, caught up in their own emotional plight, blurring the lines between crime and sin. Want to read more in Hindi? Checkout: ओटीटी पर डॉक्यूमेंट्री-ड्रामा को मिल रहा अच्छा रिस्पांस Novoneel Chakraborty is the bestselling author of 14 bestselling thrillers and one short story collection titled “Cheaters”. His novel, “Forget Me Not, Stranger”, debuted as the No. 1 bestseller across India. While “All Yours, Stranger” ranked in the top five thriller novels on Amazon, India – the only one to feature amid other international bestsellers, his novel “Black Suits You” was in the top five thrillers category on Amazon for 15 weeks. His immensely popular thriller series, The Stranger Trilogy, has been translated into six Indian languages and has been adapted into a popular web series, titled “Hello Mini”, on MX Player produced by Applause Entertainment and Rose Movies. ALSO READ: Revamp Your Workspace By These Seven Simple Step His erotic thriller “Black Suits You”, has been adapted into the blockbuster hit “Bekaaboo”, while his digital novella, “Red Suits You”, is also being adapted into a web series by Alt Balaji. (IANS)

Book on Range of Issues in India By Ram Madhav

For the last few decades, Ram Madhav, formerly the national General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has been observing and participating in Indian politics. He has now penned a series of essays that discuss a range of issues that are at the heart of contemporary debates in India: democracy as the responsibility of the head of state, rule of law, peace and public order, Mahatma Gandhi and Gandhi-ism, Ambedkar’s ideals, empowerment of women, Indian judiciary, the Ram Janmabhoomi case, abrogation of Article 370, the legacies of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Arun Jaitley, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s learnings in governance. Follow NewsGram on Twitter to stay updated about the World news. “Because India Comes First” (Westland) also delves into the decisions made by the BJP-led government over the last few years, diplomatic relationships with India’s neighbors, and the confrontations with China.
Ram Madhav
Ram Madhav explains why protests should be rooted in Martin Luther King Jr.’s non-violent approach and not anarchy. Pinterest
Madhav enquires into Indian policymaking and asserts that going ahead, it must put India first. Want to read more in Hindi? Checkout: भारत ने संयुक्त राष्ट्र से पाक ‘डोजियर’ को कहा ‘झूठों का पुलिंदा’ He calls out liberal fascism, deconstructs our understanding of terrorism in India, argues that opposition to the Citizenship (Amendment) Act is intellectually dishonest, explores how learnings from Black Lives Matter can be applied in the Indian sphere, and explains why protests should be rooted in Martin Luther King Jr.’s non-violent approach and not anarchy. ALSO READ: India’s Manufacturing Sector Lost Growth Momentum In November The essays in this volume weave a broad tapestry of India’s growth into a soft power and predict how it will shape up over the next few decades. A must-read for those who believe in the new idea of India, and for those who accept that there are two sides to every debate. (IANS)

Short Film Based On Digital Detox Streaming On OTT

Signal, a short film that highlights how digital detox is the need of the hour, has now dropped on OTT. The 32-minute film revolves around the life of a young hotelier who gets trapped in a forest in Uttarakhand due to a landslide and ends up on an estate, owned by former fighter pilot Steve Lall. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated. Raghav Marwah, who plays the lead role in the film, is also serving as its creative producer. “I strongly believe that each of us needs to build a connection with ourselves first, in this digitally connected world. We feel lucky to have launched this project at a time where the pandemic has changed the future of content consumption and digital platforms,” said Raghav. ALSO READ: Top Games To Play on Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox “Though we have done quite a lot of short films in the past, this one is close to my heart as it addresses the current issue of digital addiction and highlights how a digital detox is the need of the hour. The music and background score is by Dhruv Dhalla, it is written by Niraj Sharma, and directed by Debangshu Chaudhry,” said Akshay Marwah, CEO of Marwah Studios, who have produced the film with Marwah Film Company. (IANS)

LVB Write-off To Hurt Investor Sentiments of Smaller Banks

The write-off of Lakshmi Vilas Bank’s (LVB) debt is likely to hurt investor sentiment toward lower-rated and smaller Indian banks, which would push up their financing costs. Sok Yin Yong, Fixed Income Analyst Asia, Julius Baer said: “We expect to see a growing divergence in funding access between the top-rated Indian banks and the riskier segment of the financial sector. Meanwhile, above-target inflation is likely to keep RBI on hold as it meets this week.” Follow NewsGram on Twitter to stay updated about the World news. The write-off of LVB’s debt is likely to hurt investor sentiment toward lower-rated and smaller Indian banks, which would push up their financing costs, as wary investors reassess their investments in Tier-2 notes following this event and demand higher yields, Julius Baer said.
Debt moratorium granted by the RBI will end at some point in time. Pinterest
Last Thursday, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced that Rs 3.18 billion ($43 million) of Lakshmi Vilas Bank’s (LVB) Tier-2 bonds will be fully written down. This took markets by surprise, as it came on the heels of the RBI-driven acquisition of the LVB by Singapore’s DBS Group Holdings (DBS) announced on Tuesday, with the RBI-appointed administrator earlier stating that DBS would take over all of LVB’s obligations, including bonds. Want to read more in Hindi? Checkout: माराडोना की जर्सी बेचने वाली खबर पर स्टीव हॉज ने दिया जवाब “This incident has once again highlighted the risks in India’s credit market and could lead to higher funding costs for smaller Indian banks, as investors become increasingly wary and demand higher compensation. This would add pressure to their already-challenged access to funding, at a time when non-performing loans (NPL) are expected to climb amid the Covid-19 fallout and as banks still need to raise capital to strengthen their buffer,” Sok said. ALSO READ: A Tribute To India’s Textile Heritage- Showcasing India’s Textile Arts Digital Museum The debt moratorium granted by the RBI will end at some point in time. At the same time, the bailout of LVB by a foreign lender for the first time demonstrates the RBI’s willingness to explore various means in working towards the resolution of weak banks, given the limited availability of lenders with strong capitalization in India to support bailouts, the analyst said. (IANS)

Spending Long Time On Phone Is Not Related To Poor Mental Health

If your kids are spending hours on smartphones, don’t panic. In a new study, researchers have found that time spent on the smartphone was not related to poor mental health. According to the findings, published in the journal ‘Technology, Mind, and Behavior’, general smartphone usage is a poor predictor of anxiety, depression, or stress when it comes to digital detoxes. “A person’s daily smartphone pickups or screen time did not predict anxiety, depression, or stress symptoms,” said study lead author Heather Shaw from the Lancaster University in the UK. In the study, the research team measured the time spent on smartphones by 199 iPhone users and 46 Android users for one week.

Follow NewsGram on Instagram to keep yourself updated. Participants were also asked about their mental and physical health, completing clinical scales that measure anxiety and depression symptoms. They also completed a scale that measured how problematic they perceived their smartphone usage to be. Surprisingly, the amount of time spent on the smartphone was not related to poor mental health. Additionally, those who exceeded clinical ‘cut off points’ for both general anxiety and major depressive disorder did not use their phone more than those who scored below this threshold.
poor mental health
Smartphones and their usage are not linked to mental illness. Pixabay
Instead, the study found that mental health was associated with concerns and worries felt by participants about their own smartphone usage. Previous studies have focussed on the potentially detrimental impact of ‘screen time’, but the study shows that people’s attitudes or worries are likely to drive these findings. ALSO READ: Predicting Breast Cancer By Deep Learning Model According to the researchers, mobile technologies have become even more essential for work and day-to-day life during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Our results add to a growing body of research that suggests reducing general screen time will not make people happier,” said study author said David Ellis from the University of Bath. “Instead of pushing the benefits of digital detox, our research suggests people would benefit from measures to address the worries and fears that have grown up around time spent using phones,” Ellis added. (IANS)