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HONOR Unveils MagicWatch 2, will hit Indian Market in December: Report

The latest HONOR smartwatch also provides 4GB internal storage of which 2GB can be used for music storage, allowing up to 500 songs


The HONOR MagicWatch 2 introduced here on Tuesday will be available in India starting December 12, the company said.

The device has up to 14 days battery life enabled by the Kirin A1 chipset, according to HONOR.

“HONOR MagicWatch 2 marks HONOR’s another big step in the brand’s own ecosystem integration of connected smart products as well as the global wearable market,” George Zhao, President of HONOR, told reporters.

“The HONOR MagicWatch 2 cements our forward-thinking in smartwatch design and development of wearable products. Whether you are out for fitness training or work, HONOR MagicWatch 2 will keep you at your optimal performance inside and out,” he said.

The HONOR MagicWatch 2 comes in two sizes, 46mm and 42mm, which will start from 1,099 Yuan and 1,199 Yuan respectively.

In terms of specifications, HONOR MagicWatch 2 features a 1.39-inch full-colour AMOLED touch screen.

The smartwatch supports 15 goal-based fitness modes including eight outdoor and seven indoor sports, from outdoor modes like running, hiking, cycling and triathlons to indoor pool swimming, free training and rowing machine, etc.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer HONOR also unveiled the HONOR View 30 series, the first dual-mode 5G smartphone lineup from the company. Wikimedia Commons

On top of 15 fitness modes, the latest device is also supported by 13 professional indoor and
outdoor running courses from beginner to advanced levels.

Additionally, it also comes packed with a virtual pace-setter with real-time actionable advice to help enhance workout efforts at one’s own pace.

The HONOR MagicWatch 2 allows users to make or receive Bluetooth calls on the go either through headphones or with the built-in speaker and mic.

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It also supports notifications push from SMS messages, emails, calendar and all contents will be displayed on the screen when the smartwatch is connected to the phone.

Built-in apps including Weather, Alarm, Timer, Find My Phone and more are also available for easy access.

The latest HONOR smartwatch also provides 4GB internal storage of which 2GB can be used for music storage, allowing up to 500 songs. (IANS)



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