Horgos 1 border crossing between Hungary, Serbia reopened

Photo Credit: http://hamodia.com

By NewsGram Staff-Writer

Belgrade: Border crossing Horgos 1 that exists between Hungary and Serbia has been re-opened for regular traffic. The border crossing was closed last Monday after the influx of the refugees had increased.

Photo Credit: www.cnn.com
Photo Credit: www.cnn.com

Horgos 1 border crossing as well as the highway which connects Serbia and Hungary were opened on Sunday with the presence of Serbian and Hungarian interior ministers Nebojsa Stefanovic and Sandor Pinter, Xinhua news agency reported.

Stefanovic said the two sides acknowledged the importance of the transport of people and goods across this border, and they solved the problem “as good neighbors”.

“We have shown determination and ability to run our countries in a responsible way in crisis situations,” he said, thanking the Hungarian side for their will and fast reaction.

Stefanovic said “we all depend on economy”, so the opening of the border crossing was a priority.

The complete registration of refugees is organized by Serbia at the border crossing Horgos 2 that is located nearby, he added.

Pinter said the pressure of the emergency situation was equal on both countries, and “this pressure made us find the fastest joint solution”.

Hungary previously announced that the border crossings between the two countries will remain closed for 30 days, but in the meantime a large number of refugees started moving towards Croatian border in their attempt to enter EU, so the pressure on the Horgos border crossing decreased.

(With inputs from IANS)


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