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Getting Hot Water is Expensive

Hot water partially symbolizes a comfort lifestyle if it comes to uses like bathing, steaming or washing clothes etc

Sometime we have to be selective between need and desire. But what if have to choose both need and desire at a time?

Water is one of the most vital substance for a living being. One would die if not get water. It is used in several ways and in various forms like drinking, bathing, washing, cleaning, cooking etc. If we talk about Hot Water, it is a need of household which has to be fulfilled, whether it is for cooking or drinking. Hot water partially symbolizes a comfort lifestyle if it comes to uses like bathing, steaming or washing clothes etc.

Not only households, hot water is used for commercial purpose as well. Places like Restaurants, Hotels, Shops, Malls, Mills and many more places. There are few places where Hot Water is the base of activities.

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People uses different options for getting hot water depending upon their requirements and priorities. Getting hot water is leads to consumption of electricity or gas. So, choosing the means of getting hot water is little challenging because hot water is getting expensive day by day.

Getting Hot Water is Expensive
Choosing the means of getting hot water is little challenging because hot water is getting expensive day by day. Unsplash

Electric Storage System – Water is get heated by electric machine and storage in a tank and being used as and when required. It consists of a cylindrical vessel or container that keeps water continuously hot and ready to use. Typical sizes for household use range from 75–400 L. Electronic Storage System can be centralized or Point of Use (POU). In Centralized system flow of hot water is all around within a building or Office, on the other hand, POU refers to only single point of getting hot water. Centralized water heaters are more traditional, and are still a good choice for small buildings. For larger buildings with intermittent or occasional hot water use, multiple POU water heaters may be a better choice, since they can reduce long waits for hot water to arrive from a remote heater. The average pricing of electric storage system is $450 for 25L & $1800 for 400L.

Electric Continuous Flow – The major difference between storage water system and continuous flow is, in storage hot water system, water get heated and get stored in a tank and in continuous hot water system there is a burner through which water is getting hotter on continue basis without any storage. It is also centralised and POU. The average pricing is $660 to $1300.

Solar Water Heater – In SWH, water get heated through the energy getting from sunlight using a solar thermal collection. A variety of configurations is available at varying cost to provide solutions in different climates and latitudes. It is widely used for residential and some industrial applications. The Average pricing for Solar Water Heater is $3600 to $4400 (for Roof Mounted), $3900 to $5000 (for Split Syatem), $4000 to $5500 (for Evacuated Tube).

Gas Water Heater – Gas water heater heats water through burning of gases like – natural gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Propane or Butane. Just like Electric Hot water system, it is also comes in both storage and tankless system. Water is heated through a burner. Average pricing for Gas Water Heater is $850 to $1500 (for Storage type), $750 to $1600 (for Instant type).

Heat Pump – They are similar to solar units with the difference being that water is heated by using air conditioning technology. Heat is extracted from the ambient air and used to heat the water. These are mostly installed outdoors and need a warmer climate. Average pricing for Heat Pump is $3300 to $4000 for 160L and 315L respectively.

Factors to be Consider while choosing Hot Water System –

Looking into the facts that the Hot Water is getting expensive and not available free of costs, we consider few important factors before deciding which one to buy

Selecting Brand and Model – In today’s competitive market where more than hundred brands are available for a single product, choosing the right brand and right model is the biggest challenge. Water Heater is also available under various brands and each brand having multiple models.

Running CostOne of the most important factors while deciding the hot water system is its cost per unit. Over usage can leads to higher electricity bill.

Getting Hot Water is Expensive
Changing the position or relocation of water heater may also cause heavy investments. Pinterest

Access/ Usage – Access the hot water system is importing. In large commercial places tanks may need cranes or heavy lifting equipments.

Installation CostInstalling a water heater leads to expense in terms of labour costs. The heavy machines in commercial places or in big buildings costs much more than a house hold small installation. If you are changing your source from gas to electric or vice versa, the length of time will increase because additional works will be needed. It may also need upgrading plumbing or electrical systems during the installation process. Changing the position or relocation of water heater may also cause heavy investments.

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Government RebateGovernment in countries like Australia provide incentives on the purchase of water heater. Solar units, in particular, have significant incentives that can lower the pricing of purchasing and installation

Some other factors also affect while purchasing a new water heater like Delivery Charges, disposal or size of hot water needed.

Before purchasing a water heater, one has to decide considering all these factors which is not an easy task we may say. Getting hot water is not cheaper by any means. You have to pay to some or the other way before getting it. And hot water is getting expensive day by day in result of increase in charge per units.

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