Maharashtra govt plans ‘housing for all’

By NewsGram staff writer

Mumbai: Maharashtra government is set to introduce ‘Housing for All’ policy aiming at people living in urban areas to fulfill the growing need for housing in the state.

Centre’s ‘Housing for All by 2020’ policy would be improvised and a better version of it will come out as a part of the policy.

An official said that Maharashtra was nearly 50 per cent urbanized and the State’s urban needs were different as compared to that of the rest of the country. He added that proposal would be brought before the cabinet soon for approval.

A self-certification clause will be added in the policy stating that the beneficiary does not own a house anywhere in the country. And if the statement by him turns out to be ‘false’, then policy will also have a provision for punishment.

The amount which the beneficiary has to pay to get a house under the scheme would be lower than the amount in Centre’s policy.

Government would also provide subsidy on the home loan interest, an official said.


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