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How the Australian NBN Works

According to NBN, “The nbn™ network is an upgrade to Australia’s existing phone and internet infrastructure and will affect the vast majority

You may or may not have heard of the National Broadband Network (NBN) in Australia.

You might be wondering what it is and how it works.

Whether you’re planning to move to Australia in the future or just want to learn more about the Australian NBN, this article will map out everything you need to know.

According to NBN, “The nbn™ network is an upgrade to Australia’s existing phone and internet infrastructure and will affect the vast majority of people across Australia as it impacts our landline phone and internet services.”

Australian, NBN, National Broadband Network
You may or may not have heard of the National Broadband Network (NBN) in Australia. LifetimeStock

The NBN, however, doesn’t sell directly to the public, and you will need to contact a provider to receive services. These services are being rolled out across Australia and are expected to connect 8 million homes and businesses by 2020.

So why roll out the NBN now?

The current system (copper network) is said to be outdated technology and can’t keep pace with today’s technological landscape.

Having faster internet and better technology can play a key role in many different areas. It’s not only convenient for surfing the internet or streaming music/entertainment, but it can provide “opportunities in education, business, entertainment, health care and sociability, giving everyone the potential to be more productive, more creative, more efficient and more connected for decades to come.”

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That’s reason enough to support the NBN.

This all sounds like a technological dream come true, but how does the NBN work? The network uses broadband technologies that includes new fibre-optic cable (among previous technologies, such as copper lines and fixed wireless and satellite) and this delivers fast and reliable internet to the people living in Australia.

As stated earlier, NBN will be available to 8 million homes and businesses by 2020, but some people already have access to it.

People aren’t automatically switched over to NBN, and each individual must switch over to the new services if they don’t want to lose service to their landlines and internet.

Australian, NBN, National Broadband Network
You might be wondering what it is and how it works. LifetimeStock

So how can you find the best NBN provider? You can visit iSelect to compare your options. The website will give you in-depth information on providers and also what each NBN package features. The site lists Basic, Standard, Standard plus, and Premium speed tiers, as well as who each plan is best suited for and the speeds for the plans.

We encourage people to act as soon as they can so they don’t lose service and so they can also bask in the benefits of better quality landlines and internet.

The internet plays a key role in our daily lives. We connect with friends and family on social media networks (according to Statista, “Social media presence plays an important role in Australia, with more than 90 percent of Australians between the ages of 12 to 55 years old claiming to have an account on a social networking site”). 

We look up answers to all of our questions on search engines. We keep updated and get our news on the internet. We store all of our files on platforms such as Google, as well as incorporate digital marketing services for work purposes. We find joy and entertainment online, and we’re only just scratching the surface. The internet is possibly the most valuable technology we have today, making fast and reliable service a must-have.

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The hope is that the Australian NBN is as great as it promises to be. However, like all new technological devices and inventions, it’s important to be patient because errors can arise and fixes will need to be made if so. In time, the NBN will take over landline and internet connections in Australia, and what will follow is better landlines and internet for all.




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