How to Compare Insurance Online?

Learn how to compare insurance online to ensure that you reap the maximum benefits from your plans at the best cost:

Life Insurance
Notable features of some plans include purchases which are hassle-free. Flickr

Many insurance providers in India have opted for an online way of communicating with their customers via online portals. These online portals allow the customers or policy seekers to compare and find suitable plans as per their needs.

Learn how to compare insurance online to ensure that you reap the maximum benefits from your plans at the best cost.

  1. Review the policy: While comparing insurance policies ensure that you review the plans well. Also, reviewing the plans at a regular interval helps you to keep updated with the plan, premium change, add-ons or other benefits.

2. Analyze the coverage: Before selecting the coverage, check for your budget and needs. Accordingly, compare different policies that offer you the required facilities and falls within your budget.

3. Compare quotes from various insurers: Make sure you compare the quotes of the different insurers before fixing onto a plan. This approach may help you save some extra penny in your pocket.

4. Read policy wordings properly: Before finalizing on any plan, ensure that you have read the policy wordings well. Make sure that you understand all the norms of the policy correctly to avoid claim rejections. This also helps you to know what is covered or not.

5. Don’t jump for riders unnecessarily: You don’t need to opt for riders even if you don’t need it. Avoid purchasing rider just for the sake of buying it. However, if you wish to increase the coverage, then you can opt for riders.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance also comes with several benefits such as death benefit, maturity benefit, the addition of loyalty. Flickr

Apart from the points mentioned above, some other factors are crucial while comparing an insurance policy online. Since different insurance companies offer different life insurance plans, selecting the right plan is quite a difficult task.

Ensure that you check the following factors while comparing an insurance plan online:

Check for the premium

When comparing insurance policies, one of the most important things you must see is that check that you are sufficiently insured. All you can do is add the list of policies which best suits your needs, and when you notice that there is a variety of insurance plans which offers the same benefits, compare the premium amount of those policies. This way, you can choose the option at low premiums. Remember, never choose lesser premium over other benefits as you may need to pay extra at a later stage.

Features of the insurance plan

Check all the features thoroughly and compare the insurance plans. Consider customizable policy tenure, bonuses, accidental death benefits, sum assured, premium paying tenure, and other aspects. Also, compare the available riders so that you gain much stability.

Look for the riders

Riders are an optional component which is added on top of the base amount. Our premium increases by a small amount when one opts for riders. So if you are not satisfied with the coverage, then you can increase it by giving a certain amount. Different companies offer a variety of riders. So choose one which will fulfil all your requirements. Purchase riders only if you need it.

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Claim Settlement Ratio

The claim settlement ratio denotes the ratio of total claims settled to the total number of claims filed. If the claim settlement ratio is higher, then it is beneficial because it indicates the claims settled as to claims filed. The chances of getting claims to settle are more if the company’s claim settlement ratio is higher. However, the claim settlement ratio for each life insurance companies changes every year.

The bottom line is comparing insurance online is advantageous. Also note, while comparing insurance policies, check all the pros and cons to scrutinize the plan to ensure seamless online insurance buying experience.

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