How To Contribute To Yad Eliezer With Hargrave Ministries

Right now, the organization’s 20+ aid programs impact tens of thousands of individuals on a regular basis

Yad Eliezer
Yad Eliezer helps bridge Israel’s poverty gap. Pinterest

By Jamie Cartwright

Since the 1980s, Yad Eliezer has worked relentlessly to help bridge Israel’s poverty gap by providing struggling families with the food, resources, and tools they need to survive with dignity. What started as a single-family initiative operating out of the Wiesel family’s kitchen has expanded over the decades to become one of Israel’s leading and largest support initiatives. Right now, the organization’s 20+ aid programs impact tens of thousands of individuals on a regular basis.

Yad Eliezer’s impressive scope of impact is made possible through its many volunteers and overseas contributors, such as Hargrave Ministries, who is currently facilitating a support campaign to raise money to further Yad Eliezer programs. As highlighted by Hargrave Ministries founder Gary Hargrave, the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted the globally impoverished—Israel’s struggling families are unfortunately no exception.

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Over the last several months, Yad Eliezer has struggled to meet community needs. In a bid to minimize the nation’s growing poverty gap and help Yad Eliezer support impoverished families through these difficult times, Hargrave Ministries will be accepting donations through the month of December. If you’re curious about contributing, here’s what you’ll want to know beforehand.

How Yad Eliezer Supports Change

Each monetary donation received by Yad Eliezer (whether contributed through an outreach organization like Hargrave Ministries or an individual) goes directly towards providing real and tangible relief to impoverished Jewish families. Without these contributions, Yad Eliezer would be left unable to care for struggling families, leaving many of the country’s most vulnerable residents without help or support.

When you donate to Yad Eliezer either directly or through Hargrave Ministries, you’re directly funding programs that deliver food boxes, baby formula, essential household items, hot meals, and more to the country’s needy. Most importantly, Yad Eliezer’s programs go beyond providing immediate relief and seek to sustainably bridge the wealth inequality gap by helping struggling Israelis climb out of poverty. Rather than seeking temporary solutions to a widespread systemic problem, Yad Eliezer is dedicated to ending the poverty cycle entirely.

Yad Eliezer
Yad Eliezer has struggled to meet community needs. Pinterest

Yad Eliezer’s Leading Aid Programs

Currently, Yad Eliezer operates around 20 relief programs with the help of more than 10,000 volunteers annually. A few of the most prominent include the association’s Food Box Program, their new Corona Relief Campaign, the Feed a Baby Program, Meals on Wheels, and the Bread and Milk Program. In its own way, each seeks to deliver aid to Israel’s most needy.

While Yad Eliezer does also provide career and education enrichment programs as well as mentoring initiatives, most of their programs are food-based. Given that around one million children go to bed hungry in Israel each day, it’s apparent that the nation’s poverty crisis manifests particularly in the realm of nutrition and diet. In providing struggling individuals with the food they need to survive, Yad Eliezer also provides security and peace of mind.

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Any Amount Helps

When it comes to enacting real change, Hargrave Ministries founder Gary Hargrave reminds contributors that any amount helps. Unlike many charity organizations, Yad Eliezer has worked diligently to keep overhead costs phenomenally low. According to the association’s website, 96% of each dollar donated goes towards supporting the nation’s thousands of suffering families. This means your donations are not squandered on bloated operating methods or administration fees—they go directly towards enacting real change.

To contextualize the claim, it takes just $1 per day to feed a baby through Yad Eliezer’s Feed a Baby program. For just $7 per week, a mother in Israel will rest assured knowing that her infant will receive the nutrition he or she needs to support healthy physical and mental growth during crucial developmental periods.

For a similarly accessible donation amount, Yad Eliezer’s Food Box Program can feed an entire family. Choose between a one-time donation or a regular monthly contribution. Either way, an entire impoverished family in Israel can be fed for just $54 per month through the Food Box program, which ensures that struggling households have the fresh produce and household essentials they need to feed themselves and their children. Best of all, each box is delivered in discreet packaging, which reflects Yad Eliezer’s firm belief that every Jewish family has a right to their dignity and self-sufficiency.

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How to Donate

Right now, one of the best ways for overseas donors to contribute to Yad Eliezer’s mission and help end poverty in Israel is to contribute with monetary support. One of the organization’s most prominent help initiatives is its many food programs, which deliver baby food, holiday meals, and boxes of essentials to struggling families. Of the food donated by Eliezer each year, 50% is reportedly sourced through wholesale routes using funds provided by committed overseas donors such as Hargrave Ministries.

If you’re moved to help end Israel’s poverty cycle and provide support to the nation’s many vulnerable families, you can donate to Yad Eliezer either directly through the organization’s website or through the Hargrave Ministries support campaign, which will be accepting contributions through the month of December. Visit the Hargrave Ministries website to discover more about how Yad Eliezer’s poverty relief initiatives and how your contributions will impact the nation’s many impoverished families. 100% of your donation through Hargrave Ministries goes directly to support their programs.

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