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How to Convert m4v to mp4 Online

The MP4 file is an evolution of the mp3 format

Convert, m4v, mp4
The MP4 file is the file format that is the most used application. Pixabay

The m4v document format was invented by apple from the mp4 format, and m4v is similar to mp4. To avoid the rapport problems, you need to convert your m4v files to mp4 device. 

What is M4V?

M4v format is similar to mp4.and developed by Apple. M4v document extension is a MPEG-4 video (M4V), also known as iTunes video documents. The main reason for developing this file format was putting a level of security that helps anyone to view, and copy these files. M4v helps to store videos that you download from the Apple iTunes store. It can be music, videos, episodes, and movies. M4V is the copy-protected file that needs to purchase from iTunes.   

What is MP4? 

Convert, m4v, mp4
M4v format is similar to mp4.and developed by Apple. Pixabay

The MP4 file is the file format that is the most used application. The MP4 file is an evolution of the mp3 format. MP4 document file used to store digital media on computers, hard drives, and mobile devices. MP4 FairPlay technology shows that Apple used FairPlay encryption on songs and videos. In MP4 high degree of compression is used, which allows the document to be in a smaller size. 

Need to convert M4V to MP4?

Download and install the Wondershare UniConvertor to convert m4v to mp4. It’s the most suggested m4v to mp4 convertor for both Mac users and window users. By converting m4v to mp4, you can convert 1000+ videos with video editing features, for example, editing, cropping, trimming, subtitles, and so on.  

There are different steps to convert m4v to mp4:

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  1. Launch Wondershare UniConvertor on your PC/ Mac, and then choose the file from your data you want to translate, or you can drag the m4v documents directly to the window. You can add multiple files here. 
  2. Convert all tasks by clicking the drop-down icon at the top right corner of the interface to open the product format list. After this, you need to choose the mp4 from the video. Wondershare provides you with the feature to create custom, which helps you to set the parameters for video and audio to make your experience more enjoyable. 
  3. Wondershare UniConvertor provides you with a natural editing feature that allows you to touch up your productivity video instantly. You need to select the icon under the video thumbnail image so you can crop, cut, and trim files. You are allowed to add effects, subtitles, and watermarks, as well. This step is optional, so you can skip this one if you don’t want any changes to your videos. 
  4. If you have done with the settings, you need to hit the convert all button to convert m4v to mp4. This program is quite useful. If you want a more accessible and effective method to convert your files, you can launch Wondershare Uniconverter to convert m4v to mp4. You can find your converted video in a converted tab.

And that’s all you need to do if you want to enjoy your converted files. After doing these steps, you can easily enjoy your saved data at anytime and anywhere.

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How to Convert HEIC Into Your Favorite Format JPG?

What is HEIC?

How to Convert HEIC Into Your Favorite Format JPG?
How to Convert HEIC Into Your Favorite Format JPG?

JPG is a common computer file type for photos or images. It is widely used in every circumstance. The best part is that you can view it ideally on several gadgets, like a smart phone, tablet, and computer. Therefore, JPG is our favorite format to send or share images among others. If the picture was in HEIC, then you have to change your HEIC file into JPG, or it is impossible to view on a Mac or Computer.

What is HEIC?

HEIC is a popular version of HEIF, which stands for the best quality picture format. It uses the least space to store your image with a top-notch picture. Now, it is a new format to replace the old ones like GIF, PNG, JPG. HEIC was developed by Apple and it is the standard file type for images being taken on latest iOS devices like, such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. When you connect these devices to your personal computer, you will view the images are ended up with HEIC.

Here are some methods I will share with you for how to convert HEIC into JPG:

First Method:

You will see here two options to change HEIC in JPG. One is using online services and the other is using the software on the desktop. I will present the first because it is free. However, if you would like to change 10+ images because there are restrictions on the number of files then you should use a paid edition of software fun on the computer.

Step number 1: Search the free tool online to search on your address bar and open freetoolonline.com/heic-to-jpg.html.

Step number 2: When the website is loaded, now upload the images to its server to click the shady area. You can also drag and drop option to upload the images from the computer.

Step number 3: you will see the siding bar with several options to customers for selection of the image. This is an easy option to save your images in a smaller and you can manage to save more space easily to your computer with this option.

Step number 4: After the conversion of images, you will see the option to download into JPG format and save it to your computer.

Second Method: How to Group Convert HEIC into JPG

One main issue with the use of the online tool is it does not provide the standard quality with JPG files. I tried in three different fee tolls and all provided me the very bad quality of JPG files. Most of the images were blurry and it is much worse than the original. Therefore, if you were concerned about the image quality, then you should use the professional software version such as iOS HEIC converter. This is the best software for you image conversion with the quality. One main feature of this software is that it can convert 100+ images in batch mode. Due to this features, you can save a lot of time.

Image Converting Apps
Image Converting Apps

You can use this converter on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Mac computer.

Step number 1: Download iOS HEIC Converter to your computer and install it:

You should download it from the official website and the set it up on your computer running with. Once this is done, now connect the devices such as iPhone that contain the HEIC images to the computer via USB cable.

Step number 2: Add HEIC Photos to the Software

You can view two options shown on the screen. They are designed for single or batch picture transformation. Please select the proper “Add File” key to start the procedure. At this stage, you can add files or add a directory. Just click one choice and find add chosen files or directory to the software.

Step number 3: Adjust Output Great high quality of HEIC Photo

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When the computer file selection is done, simply click “Convert” key and then a pop-up screen appears. You can change picture quality here. Simultaneously, select a destination directory to save the transformed JPG files.