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Finding the balance between study and playtime.

The pandemic has changed our way of life and expectations at and from our homes. It's not any different for kids either. When it comes to kids, there's an extra layer of care and stress for parents in terms of recrafting an environment at home for study and playtime. The need for a balanced or easily adaptable environment becomes paramount to enable a child to differentiate between study and playtime. This increases the need for storage, so kids can have their space. When you make an inventory to provide more storage, you wonder where to begin. Erik Jan Middlehoven, Home Furnishing & Retail Design Manager, India IKEA, said, "Planning is key", and shares some points as a blueprint to build your child's space station-cum-phrontistery.

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Build the right environment to keep them engaged

Your child's surroundings must be very comforting, safe, and he/she can use their surroundings to study and play. While we tend to let our children sit at the dining table for learning, it would be important to have furniture that is ergonomic and suits their size like PAHL. Don't forget that learning has gone digital, so there is more of a reason to stress proper seating that allows for better posture. You don't want too much distraction near the study area as the attention span is already shorter at a younger age. Make sure space is clutter-free and has enough room to let your child focus on one topic or activity.

Finding the balance between study and playtime

Small spaces are only as restrictive as you think of them to be. Try creating different spaces for different activities in that one place. The key is compartmentalization. Look for a way to create that balanced environment by opting for storage boxes to quickly put away study material and bring it back out when it is time to study again. This technique sensitizes the child to prepare themselves for when it is time to study and when it is playtime, get your child a few TROFAST boxes to make it seem like a fun activity. The sooner you begin, the quicker you teach your children from a young age to clean up and organize.

Children Build the right environment to keep them engaged. Photo by Unsplash

Desks that grow with your child

Sounds interesting? We're referring to long-term solutions like the PAHL desk where the table legs are extendable and adapt to your child as they grow. If your wallet is a little bit thinner, then consider working with a chair pad or two. Desks surfaces are, by definition, multifunctional. If you want to unleash your child's creativity, we suggest that no matter the quality and sturdiness of the desk you use a "placemat" or desk laminate that adds layers of protection to prolong the lifespan of the furniture and make your child play carefree. FLAT is another type of extendable desk that adds a bit of elegance to the study environment.

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Adjustable Wall/Table lamps

Last but not least, you want to ensure that your child has the proper lighting to set the tone of study time. A trick to get optimal usage of light is to set the lamp at a height of 80cms from the table, without having it scatter off the required area. Desk lamps like KRUX are what you should opt for; lamps that are aesthetically pleasing to the child while also serving the purpose of optimal lighting on the desk.

Storage for kids isn't child's play for any parent. It is the smart and clever solutions that work and grows with your children. The above suggestions are sure to make it easier while you build your inventory. (IANS/AD)


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