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Here’s How Denims Have Evolved

The evolution of denims in the fashion industry


From its humble origin as a sturdy work pants, denim has today reached the pinnacle of modern fashion. It has successfully evolved from a mere necessity to a desire.

Aamir Akhtar, CEO, Lifestyle Fabrics – Denims, Arvind Limited, in a conversation with IANSlife speaks about the evolution of denim, shares few unusual denim looks for you to try and sheds light on the fabrics manufacturer’s latest collection.


Denim is a never-ending trend. How have you seen denims evolving?

Demands on aesthetics, performance and functionality of denims and apparel are expanding very quickly. Pixabay

Akhtar: Denim has stood the test of time and is poised to stay. As mankind pursues its future, with ever increasing needs and wants, denim is preparing itself to evolve for the exciting times ahead. Demands on aesthetics, performance and functionality of denim fabric and apparel are expanding very quickly.

A close look at the word cloud of consumer needs and wants reveals themes such as “comfort”, “body shaping”, “soft”, “stretch”, “travel”, “experiential lifestyle”, “active wear / athleisure”, “minimalism”, “wearable technology / smart garments” and “sustainability”.

For the success of its business, the denim industry and its supply chain are looking for themes such as “speed”, “agility”, “last mile differentiation”, “near shore manufacturing”, “mass customization” “enhanced performance” and of course “sustainability”. New age textiles and denim in particular must respond to these trends.

How sustainable can denims get?

Akhtar: Caring for the environment, economic and social impact are a way of life at Arvind and it is a pioneer in making denims increasingly sustainable and eco-friendly. We strive to provide a comprehensive, “end-to-end” sustainability promise from fibre to finished garments. Multiple, simultaneous initiatives, ranging from Sustainable Fibres (OCA Organic Cotton, Kapok, Hemp, Linen, Tencel, Wool etc), to low impact dyeing and fabric finishing techniques, such as Quantum (foam dyed) denim, coupled with water stewardship and renewable energy initiatives, define our efforts. Primary focus is on quantifiable and traceable efforts that deliver the necessary impact.

Tell us about the latest collection.

Akhtar: “United by Indigo” is our latest offering for the forthcoming Festive Season in India, which corresponds the Fall Winter 2020 retail period. Every year we make a special endeavour to infuse some fresh, fashion trends and innovation concepts in the Indian denim market, to generate excitement and support our trade partners.

Arvind Denims debuted the INFIKNITY range, representing infinite possibilities in indigo-inspired activewear lifestyle, using a range of technology adaptations in knitting. Also, the range of MUTANTS that blend the ruggedness and durability of traditional jeanswear with comfort and supple softness of real knits. At the core of the collection is the central theme of “sensation”, with surfaces and hand feel that tease our senses and make us feel plush, warm and cared for.

Today, denims have found acceptance as lifestyle apparel and people from all walks of life, gender and age groups wear jeans as a 24X7 product. Pixabay

What is it inspired from?

Akhtar: Today, denims have found acceptance as lifestyle apparel and people from all walks of life, gender and age groups wear jeans as a 24X7 product. Be it for work, party or play, denim is in demand! Jeans have made inroads into corporate wear.

Women’s changing lifestyle and preferences are favouring jeanswear. Youngsters transition seamlessly from their work routines into the party and outdoor mode, in the same pair of jeans. Demands on aesthetics, performance and functionality of denim fabric and apparel are expanding very quickly.

United by Indigo, thoughtfully balances the legacy of authentic denim with future possibilities to capture the essence of the present-day global trends. The collection celebrates the potential of collaborations and technology lead innovation. We are constantly inspired by the consumer’s free spirited pursuit of an experiential lifestyle. Our shared passion & love for Indigo unites and binds use Thus the name “United by Indigo”.

Arvind Limited actively collaborates with its channel partners to study and respond to emerging consumer trends across all segments of the denim market.

Please suggest three unusual looks one can opt for?

Akhtar: Indigo Corduroys: A younger, sporty and happy interpretation of corduroys, that are dyed with indigo or other bright julphur colours and can be industrially washed down like a typical pair of Jeans. The blend of indigo sensibilities in a traditional substrate form the Modern Vintage line of Indigo Corduroys.

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InfiKnity: A step forward in indigo inspired knits and a giant leap for athleisure, InfiKnity becomes a part of consumer’s active lifestyle. Offering incredibly high stretches and comfort, along with breathability and extreme motion capabilities, coupled with denim-like wash downs.

Azurite: The richest, most saturated indigo blue, for the denim lovers delight. A proprietary technology combining indigo dyed warp and weft yarns, that delivery premium hues and shades. (IANS)



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