How did CJI H.L. Dattu build Rs.500,000,000 house, questions Markandey Katju


By NewsGram Staff Writer

Despite serious allegations levied against Chief Justice of India, H.L. Dattu by Justice Markandey Katju, no probe or investigation has been initiated regarding the same.

On his personal blog, Markandey Katju had written that he had documents claiming H.L. Dattu’s misuse of his judicial position. The documents, he claimed, contained how Dattu had amassed large amount of property near Bangalore under his wife’s name.

“There are a large number of plots in or near Bangalore purchased in the name of Justice Dattu’s wife Gayathri. Photocopies of the sale deeds by which they were purchased are in the dossier. These sale deeds mention the name of Justice Dattu’s wife Gayathri, but interestingly enough describe her as daughter of Guravayoor ( probably her father’s name ), and not wife of Justice Dattu. This is strange, since the plots were purchased long after her marriage. Was this done to conceal these transactions?” he wrote on Satyam Bruyat.

Markandey Katju claimed that the land was bought by H.L. Dattu in violation of property law that disqualifies a person with family income of over Rs. 2 lacs per year, from buying land in the rural areas of Karnataka.

He also wrote that Dattu had been allotted a plot of land in Bangalore, however “under the relevant scheme such plots could only be allotted to an employee of the Karnataka High Court. A High Court Judge is not an employee ( he holds a Constitutional post, and is no one’s employee).”

“One plot of land in Bangalore was allotted to Justice Dattu under a scheme which had a term that a person already having a plot of land in Bangalore could not be allotted a plot. Justice Dattu already had plots in Bamgalore(sic), either in his own name or in his wife or children’s name at that time. He has also built a palatial house in Bangalore, allegedly on 1200 sq.m. land.  Possibly that house itself would be worth Rs 50 crore or more.” Katju further added.

Markendey Katju made the allegations based on a dossier that he received containing proof of property amassed by H.L. Dattu before he was appointed the Chief Justice of India.