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How E-Learning Works as a Key Ingredient in the Professional Growth of Students?

It helps students become industry-ready by teaching job-specific skills which is not much evident in traditional learning

The medium to impart quality education has gradually shifted from the traditional chalk-board methods to highly accessible technological forms. As per the IBEF report, India has become the second-largest market for e-learning after the US. As a positive aspect of the education system, e-learning understands and enforces the importance of skills over degrees. It helps students become industry-ready by teaching job-specific skills which is not much evident in traditional learning.

Before we go further, let’s read through the story of Shivam Arora who initially experienced failure but successfully landed 6 internships after pursuing a few online trainings.

Shivam was a student of Allenhouse Business School, UP, who had a bitter-sweet experience in an internship fair at DTU, Delhi, during his 2nd-year of BBA studies. After facing negative responses there, he decided to apply for internships on an online training and internship platform. Multiple rejections due to lack of skills left him disappointed; however, he didn’t lose faith and decided to update his skill-set and enrolled in online trainings including advanced excel, business communication skills, and digital marketing.

While the advanced excel training made him an expert in mathematical, statistical, financial functions, and other concepts, the business communications skills training helped him to understand the significance of efficient communication in the corporate world. Through digital marketing training, he learned how SEO, Google Adwords, paid marketing, mobile marketing, and other online marketing concepts function. After completing these trainings, Shivam updated his resume with his newly learned skills, and witnessed his internship application status changing from  ‘Not selected’ to ‘Hired’. Soon, he landed internships with platforms like Mere Exams, Earn with Brains, Creation Cradle, SportsCafe, and Code Ground, and handled multiple organisational responsibilities right from ideating campaigns to executing and promoting them. 

E-Learning, Ingredient, Professional
The medium to impart quality education has gradually shifted from the traditional chalk-board methods to highly accessible technological forms.

Could you think of what helped him in his journey? Apart from his constant will to work hard despite failures, Shivam’s dedication to upgrade his skills and acquire new ones through online trainings made him achieve his goals. 

To help those students who face similar difficulties, here are a few ways in which e-learning could prove beneficial.

  1. Develops your domain and soft skills 

Just like Shivam, who acquired business communication skills and technical skills essential for various job profiles, any potential employee can learn multiple skills at once through online trainings. Essential skills required by every employer can be categorised as domain and soft skills.

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  • Domain skills or hard skills – Specific to the job profile, these are gained through proper technical education and training. Online trainings such as web development, core Java, internet of things (IoT), Angular, digital marketing, etc., teach you the required domain skills. For someone who dreams to be a successful web developer, knowledge of skills like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQLi, and so on is really important. Domain skills differ as per your interests, job profile and employer’s needs.
  • Soft skills – These include non-technical skills that support your hard skills and assist you in building positive relationships within an organisation. Your soft skills are tested right from the time of your interview. Employers are in constant search for those scholars who carry impeccable soft skills like integrity, effective communication, creativity, adaptability, empathy, willingness to learn, management, teamwork, and a lot more. Online trainings such as business communication skills, enhance your soft skills like communication and management skills and make you industry-ready. 

E-learning platforms specifically focus on domain and soft skill development so that even if your resume does not carry any kind of work experience, your up-to-date skills will help you find the perfect position in your dream organisations. 

  1. Teaches you to take ownership

E-Learning, Ingredient, Professional
As per the IBEF report, India has become the second-largest market for e-learning after the US. Pixabay

E-learning does not involve a fixed schedule of learning restricted inside the four walls, but it teaches you the art of managing your time and staying consistent with your lessons on your own. Unlike schools where teachers constantly push you to pass through the years, online learning focuses on developing your ownership skills. It gives you a specific timeline (say 4-6 weeks) to complete your training and earn the training completion certificate. Students who value their investments, take the deadlines seriously and build a habit of spending at least 2 hours each day on their training (Internshala). 

Students who enrol in online trainings adapt the ability to manage their time, multitask, stay motivated, consistent, punctual, and dedicated. Anyone can learn the technical skills over time, but those who develop the quality of taking ownership, always stay in the good books of their employers. 

  1. Allows you to implement theoretical knowledge

Most of the online trainings nowadays feature assignments, assessment tests, code challenges, quizzes, and exercises that keep on testing your learning at every step. Practical understanding of every concept is extremely important as you have to implement those during your job. To sharpen this practical knowledge, online trainings include industrial projects at the end of the training based on what you have learnt. 

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For instance, an Android app development training requires you to design and develop an innovative app using Kotlin and XML, and a training in data science motivates you to design an end-to-end predictive model. Online trainings ensure that you not only go through the theoretical audio-visual lectures but also implement your learning to analyse your capabilities. The industrial project sharpens your practical skills, adds value to your resume, and prepares you to work professionally within any industry. 


With its never-ending benefits, e-learning is not only encouraging the scholars, but it has become a major part of various employed individual’s lives. Getting enrolled in one such training will positively help in your professional growth, impact your personality traits, and polish your soft and technical skills through which you can land a perfect job even as a fresher. 

Courtesy: Internshala Trainings ( – an online training platform




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