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How to get Revitalised and Youthful Skin

After the age of 25 collagen synthesis reduces at a rate of 1.5 percent a year and by the age of 45 collagen levels fallen by as much as 30 percent

How to get Revitalised and Youthful Skin
How to get Revitalised and Youthful Skin. Pixabay

Healthy hydrated cells are said to be the key to staying young, so get the flow on your face from inside. Glowing and youthful skin may not be far away.

Beauty expert Kathryn Danzey, favoured by celebrities for gaining that extra glow, gives advice to achieve that glow from the inside out in two weeks and says healthy hydrated cells are the key to staying young.

At the anti-ageing health and beauty show at London Olympia, Danzey said that it takes three-four weeks for the skin cells to be renewed and only five days for the stomach lining. So, one should use the food and drinks consumption to help promote our healthy skincare routine.

The beauty expert has a 3-dimensional approach to ageing:

* Hydrating and strengthening the cell wall is vital.

* Topical applications.

* Treatments to protect and reverse.

Cellular hydration diminishes with age and it’s impossible to hydrate cells that are weak. Danzey advised that drinking collagen – a big beauty trend at the moment, could help one look young for long.

Representational image. Pixabay

Collagen Shots have 10,000 mgs of marine extract collagen per serving. Collagen type I is a major protein found in connective tissues and skin, and plays an essential role in maintaining skin tone, suppleness and elasticity.

After the age of 25 collagen synthesis reduces at a rate of 1.5 percent a year and by the age of 45 collagen levels fallen by as much as 30 percent.

The visible effects of this process are the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dry skin. Collagen Shots will solve all of these problems, by consuming one shot per day.

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H3O hydration is a revolution that provides all the minerals and ions that are essential for hydration at a cellular level to create healthy hydrated cells.

* Hypotonic hydration with hyaluronic acid for cell hydration.

* Key minerals to transfer nutrients into cells and waste products out of cells.

* Turn on the switch to convert dormant energy to active energy to encourage weight loss.

* Helps regulate the level of oxygen in blood.  (Bollywood Country)

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Keep Your Skin Winter Ready

It is perfect for dry and dehydrated skin which is common during the winter season.

Skin care regime during winters for different skin types. Pixabay

If you don’t take proper care of your skin in winter, you will have to deal with chapping, peeling and cracking. But before splurging on products, there are things you can do to help you avoid suffering any side effects.

Neeleshwari Basak, owner of Worldwide Institute of Grooming and Pageants and Arpita Das, owner of Beauness By Arpita, list some tips to keep your skin winter ready.

* Avoid hot showers and steam: Hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin. Stick to warm water. Instead, aim to take shorter baths using warm water. Ensure you pat the towel and don’t rub your skin dry. Apply a body oil before the shower to keep the moisture and follow up with a body cream or a moisturiser after a shower while your skin is still damp to help the cream penetrate.

Drink lots of water. Pixabay

* Hydrate: Sugar, alcohol and coffee intake promote inflammation and dehydrate your skin by depleting your body of vital nutrients. So, avoid them. You can still look good by drinking adequate amount of water throughout the day. Keep a toner handy to balance the PH level of your skin. Some toner/spray you can even apply on top of your make-up. Staying hydrated promotes skin circulation, and helps to deal with its natural repairing process.

* Exfoliate: To maintain summer skin in the winter, it is important to follow regular exfoliation for both your face and body. You may exfoliate more than usual, but you should do it once or twice a week at the maximum. Exfoliation can be used after cleanser, but before moisturiser, as it helps to remove dead skin and build up for smoother skin and clearer pores.

Eat healthy meals with lots of fruits and vegetables to help prevent oxidative damage. Pixabay

* Add fruits in your diet: Best way to rejuvenate your skin is to consume fruits and apply a fruit mask. It is the best way to pamper your skin with pure stuff which is free of toxins or any chemicals. Eat a rainbow of colourful fruits like pomegranate, banana, watermelon, papaya, kiwi, oranges and apples for a good healthy glowing skin. Always remember, “You are what you eat”.

* Use aloe vera gel: Slice a piece of aloe vera, squeeze gel and apply it evenly on your face. Aloe vera contains Vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene, which does not only help in nourishing but also aids in anti-aging. It is perfect for dry and dehydrated skin which is common during the winter season. Aloe vera gel moisturises the skin without making it greasy, which is perfect for those with oily skin.

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* Yoga is the key: When we practice yoga, it enhances blood circulation. It means more oxygen goes inside our body which, in turn, improves the skin as it nourishes the cells with the required nutrients and flushes out toxins. Because of this, fresh blood gushes in the body, imparting a warm glow to the face. (IANS)