How to Look Good After a Long Haul Flight

It is proven that flying has a drying effect on your skin so it is important to make sure you keep your face hydrated

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A long flight takes a toll not only on the body but also on the face, but one can look glamorous even after long extended travelling by following a few tips.

When the Duchess of Cambridge arrived in New Zealand on Prince George’s first royal tour after almost a 24-hour flight, she looked even more fabulous than usual.

It can be achieved with a bit of pre-planning. Follow a few simple steps suggested by online hair and beauty expert to look as good as a princess however far you’re travelling.

* Prepare your skin

– Prepare your skin for your up and coming flight by swapping your daily facial cleanser to a gentle exfoliating scrub.

– It is important to keep your skin hydrated and so exfoliating before your flight will get rid of the top layer of dead skin that prevents any moisturiser from absorbing into the skin.

Moisturize your skin well. Pixabay

* Prevent flight hair syndrome

– One of the telltale signs that you’ve been on a long flight is the deflated area in the back of your hair from leaning on a headrest.

– Make sure you keep that section looking full throughout the flight by using an inflatable neck travel pillow.

– Also, focus on getting more volume into your hair when blow drying before you leave. Spritz a volumiser at the roots then, when your hair is fully dry, work some dry shampoo into them for extra body.

* Spritz before moisturising

– It is proven that flying has a drying effect on your skin so it is important to make sure you keep your face hydrated.

– Moisturising lotion is more absorbent and retains better when your skin is wet. Pat a cool wet cloth across your face or spritz with water before applying your moisturiser.

– Make sure you also apply some vaseline to your lips and drink plenty of water throughout the flight.

* Go Nuts

– Eating nuts will not only keep you feeling full so you don’t reach for those processed goodies, but the Omega-3 acids in them will give you a glowing complexion.

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* Avoid bloodshot eyes

– A long haul flight can leave your eyes feeling tired and looking bloodshot.

– Line the inner rim of your eyes with a peach eyeliner pencil to make your eyes look bright and combat tiredness.

– Then load up with mascara, but make sure you skip the bottom lashes altogether. The mascara could run leaving dark circles and making you look tired rather than fresh.

* Prepare for touch up

– Prepare for a make up touch-up once you land by carrying your essentials in your hand luggage.

– Dab highlighter on your cheekbones and under your eyes for a quick brighten and carry powder to minimise shine.

You must be prepared for a touch-up once you land. Pixabay

– Also brush your teeth before you land. You’ll be surprised how much more refreshed you’ll feel with clean teeth and fresh smelling breath.

* Circulate

– Sitting down for hours on end never did anyone any good. Get up and walk around for a while when the ‘fasten your seatbelt’ sign is off.

– Blood circulation does wonders for reducing bloating and helping keep your skin rosy and awake.

– Circulation is also important in making sure your eyes aren’t puffy and tired. Ask for an ice cube and a napkin to hold up to your eye for a minute or so and the swelling will go down. (Bollywood Country)


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