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How media planted the “21 AAP MLAs chargesheet” story to shift focus from Modi Gate



By Rukma Singh

“Whenever there’s a big story in the media, try to look for the story they’re trying to distract you from.”

With the mediascape flooded with reports of chargesheets being filed on criminal grounds against 21 AAP MLAs including Kejriwal, we at NewsGram set out to delve deeper into the layers of this news : its ‘sources’, origins, and above all, its credibility.

Nameless sources?
The story was circulated by several topnotch media houses, but not even one of them named the ‘sources’ that their story was taken from.


The story was also put up on Times Of India, but was later found to be deleted. It can be seen here.

Police Commissioner BS Bassi’s denial of the report

Bassi said, "If any such cases are pending, our objective is to conclude investigations as soon as possible. I do not know from where you receive such information."

“If any such cases are pending, our objective is to conclude investigations as soon as possible. I do not know from where you receive such information. I do not keep track of the number,” said Bassi in a statement given to the Economic Times.

Delhi PRO’s response

NewsGram decided to conduct further investigation into the issue. In a conversation with the Public Relations Officer of the Delhi Police, the news was completely denied. The PRO said that no such chargesheet has been filed till now and all reports are baseless.

The strategical use of media

Amidst the Sushma Swaraj-Lalit Modi ties dominating the space, a sudden entry of such a story might actually be suggestive of a strategic use of the power of media to remove concentration from one sphere to another. This could also be an evidence of usage of authority to create pressure over the media, and inducing them to indulge in a sort of agenda-setting.

AAP Spokesperson, Ashutosh also tweeted about the issue.


At such a point of time, one is reminded of the huge Clinton-Lewinsky affair that was allegedly connected to the Kosovo war, as a supposed attempt to divert public attention. The only difference, however, is the fact that in the case of ‘MonicaGate’, one did not have sources to confirm the alleged ties. But in the case of chargesheets filed against AAP, the supreme source, i.e, the Delhi police have denied any such activity, thus weakening the aforementioned supposed ‘strategy’.

What remains to be seen now is just whether the misinformed media houses will come up and reveal their ‘sources’, or whether they’ll simply resort to the easier option: hitting the delete button.


  • JalTarang

    Excellent report….we need to understand how the media works nowadays.

  • Dobhal Subhash

    Totally agree with you.

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