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Semi-precious stone bracelets are versatile accessories and they can be mixed and matched even to office outfits.

Are you looking for new ways to spice up your look without having to change your whole wardrobe? Do you want to revive an old outfit in an effortless way?

Well, then it seems you need men semi-precious stone bracelets. This is the new trend that takes men`s fashion by storm. But how can you incorporate in your outfit such a bracelet without it looking tacky?

Here to help us are the experts from This very popular brand not only sells semi-precious stone bracelets, but also produces their own accessories. Also, the Balisarda jewelers only use 100% natural gemstones imported from Asia and Africa and every single semi-precious stone bracelet is handcrafted. If you take a look on the site, you`ll understand immediately why these accessories are so popular among men. These are not your typical beaded bracelets, the final touch being given by the finest precious stones and metals, including silver and gold.

Let`s see how you can mix and match men semi-precious stone bracelets, depending on the outfit you`re wearing:

1. Office outfits
Semi-precious stone bracelets are versatile accessories and they can be mixed and matched even to office outfits. Therefore, if you want to spice up your look and make it more interesting, then here are our recommendations:

A. Black suits
If you`re wearing a black suit or a black tuxedo and you want to achieve an interesting, but classy look, then you should wear “Signature Matte Onyx” or “Signature Triple Matte Onyx”. The difference between these two bracelets is the number of silver beads you want:
– If you`re going for a more discreet silver addition to your outfit, then “Signature Matte Onyx” is the way to go.
– If you want more than a touch of silver, then “Signature Triple Matte Onyx” is ideal for you.

Also, if you`re feeling bold enough to make a fashion statement in an effortless way, then “The Guardians Grey Tiger Eye” is the perfect choice for you. This semi-precious stone bracelet handcrafted from grey tiger eye gemstones and sterling silver will make you feel more confident and will help you show off your edgy side, without crossing any dress code rules.

B. Navy suits
Nowadays, navy suits are more popular than ever, so if you want a trendy look, then you must accessorize your outfit with a “Signature Lava” or “Signature Triple Lava” semi-precious beaded bracelet. This classic design with a contemporary twist will give your outfit the “X-factor” you were looking for and surely, you will not go unnoticed.

Life is too short to wear boring accessories, so a touch of gold is all you need to reinvent your style.

Also, if silver isn`t your first choice and you`re more a fan of gold accents, then “Lapis Lazuli Single Touch Of Gold” and “Chrysocolla Single Touch Of Gold” are ideal for you. This way, you`ll be able to reflect your personal style, without the risk of looking tacky or too flashy.

C. White, cream or brown suits
Life is too short to wear boring accessories, so a touch of gold is all you need to reinvent your style. An universal design that compliments all colors, including white, cream and brown is “Picture Jasper Single Touch Of Gold”. This handcrafted semi-precious stone bracelet with gold accents gives a fresh vibe to your classic look.

If you`re not a fan of gold, then we have a silver alternative for you: “Signature Triple Matte Tiger Eye”. The earthy tones of the matte tiger eye gemstones and the sterling silver beads will help you achieve a timeless look with a trendy twist.

  1. Other colors

Burgundy, burnt sienna, grey, eggplant and even green suits are becoming more and more popular this year, so if you choose to wear one of these colors, then you need a semi-precious stone bracelet to enhance your outfit. “Signature Triple Moss Agate” and “Signature Triple Terahertz” are the ideal addition to any colored suit and will give you an unique look. This way, your personal style will shine through and you`ll feel more confident.

2. Casual outfits
A. A tunic shirt combined with different types of pants (cargo shorts, jeans, chinos, etc)
If you want to achieve a more relaxed look, but also keeping it in the “smart casual” area, then you should opt for men semi-precious stone bracelets in earth tones, such as “Signature Single Ocean Jasper” or “Signature Triple Ocean Jasper”. The earthy shades and the silver touch will give you a classy, but at the same time relaxed look.

Also, if you`re going to a pool-party of if you want to add a summery flavor to your outfit, then “Signature Single Aquamarine” and “Signature Single Apatite” are perfect for you. You can wear them separately or together, depending on what effect you want to achieve.

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B. A t-shirt combined with different types of pants (cargo shorts, jeans, chinos, etc)
You`ll be amazed by how easy can a semi-precious stone bracelet revive a classic outfit. So, if you want to add an urban and edgy twist to a basic outfit such as jeans and a t-shirt, then “Skull Obsession Black Onyx & Infinite Silver” is, without a doubt, the perfect choice for you. The black onyx gemstones and the sterling silver skull will give you that contemporary feel you were looking for in such an effortless way.



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