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Our society has created a negative image of the 'nice guy.' We give you reasons why you should date one, instead! Pixabay
  • Swipebuster allows one to know when their partner (or friend, colleague, or parent) last used Tinder
  • App exposes how social sites like Tinder reveal your personal information on the internet

London, August 22, 2017: Since the beginning of times, all of man’s attempts have focused on making life easier- be it the discovery of fire, creation of a wheel, a vehicle, and in the present-day dating apps. Finding love today is just a mobile application away. All you have to do is download a dating aid like Tinder and search until a person finally catches your eye. A swipe in the ‘right’ direction, numbers are soon exchanged, a few texts follow, and cut to your first date. Finding love was never that easy. But what happens when a person already in a relationship, continues to swipe through potential matches? How do I make sure my partner isn’t active on Tinder despite our relationship? Infidel partners are warned, for Swipebuster can reveal your secrets!

For just $6.99 (£5.43), Swipebuster allows users three searches to look for people registered on Tinder and check the last time they swiped to a potential match.

The mobile app has a trouble-free work mechanism- the user has to simply punch in the name, age and the likely location of the person they want to stalk get information about. While there have been reports of users claiming that the application has flaws and allows slip-ups, Swipebuster maintains that the more specific location is entered as a search query, better are the chances of the suspect turning up in the results.

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The application, previously called Tinder Buster and was later changed to SwipeBuster, was first released in April 2016.

The application, upon release, sparked privacy concerns among Tinder-users. The Telegraph quoted a spokesperson from Tinder as saying, “Searchable information on Swipebuster is public information that Tinder users have on their profiles. No private user information is being made public.”

It is no magic how Swipebuster works. It accesses Tinder’s user database using the app’s official API (application programming interface), a common element that is made public for third-party applications (like Tinderly) to plug in with products.

As much as you may not want to believe it, the primary aim of Swipebuster is not to bust cheating partners. Instead, it was designed to alert people about how much information about them is available and easily accessible on the internet. A spokesperson from SwipeBuster told The Telegraph, “We decided to show people an example of how much data is available about them, by answering one of the bigger questions in relationships, is he or she cheating on me?”

While the application can potentially help suspicious minds sleep easier knowing their partners are not cheating, we also predict a whole trail of arguments.

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