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How Timothy Sykes Made Millions Trading Penny Stocks

Even a pro in this business needs the right information and guidance in this ever-changing mode of trading

Was it just lady luck on my side or just my gut but I joined the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge. Your first instinct in this regard will have you wondering “who the heck is Tim Sykes?”. It is only natural to inquire about everything about this individual. He is the man who turned his Bar Mitzvah money ($12,415.00) into a 3.5 million dollar industry in a considerably short time playing penny stocks for the most part.

My Success Story

I have been happily married for years needless to mention, and I am a proud father of 2 beautifully, amazing children and also happen to be a man, who happens to run a part-time photography business. While running my business I continued trading in the stock market for over two decades with some successes and failures. Recovering from the 2008’s near financial collapse, I somehow managed to find the courage to enter the stock market again. 

Even a pro in this business needs the right information and guidance in this ever-changing mode of trading. This was, fortunately, the time I ran into a CNN reported article on Tim Grittani which you can find here.

That wasn’t just an article, it somehow managed to change my life and continues to do so to this day. I wondered if my success during this period was just simply coincidental only because the stock market was taking off again in 2013 after quite some time. I must admit I employed every tip given in this short video that helped me be where I am today.

A Quick History of the Timothy Skyes Saga

Timothy Skyes is no stranger when it comes to the trading education space. At this point skepticism for you must well abound and, rightly so. With the internet adding fuel to the fire of internet scams, one is bound to question anything that offers a quick solution to your financial woes. I decided to put all my eggs in one basket and resorted to giving Timothy Skyes an honest shot and signed up for a few of his services. I spent about $2000.00 for his services and information which helped me form an independently, informed review of his products. This review should help you in gaining clarity over his products on offer and their performance. 

Timothy Sykes, Millions, Trading
I have been happily married for years needless to mention, and I am a proud father of 2 beautifully, amazing children and also happen to be a man. Pixabay

About Timothy Sykes:

Before putting even a penny down you must imperatively know who Timothy Sykes really is. He is most noted for being a university student who turned his Bar Mitzvah money($12,415.00) into a multi-million dollar empire ($4,500,000.00 and counting) by simply day trading penny stocks. His trading career began two decades ago in 1999 when the “internet bubble” was about to burst. He chose to move away from new IPOs and instead became a full-time day trader and came out on top in a collapsing market. Below is an illustration demonstrating his steady progress over 

He found his range in the trading market with a hedge fund and operated it smoothly until he hit a large speed bump resulting in substantial losses. Not losing his mental stability due to the loss he went about writing an autobiography in his most altruistic nature “An American Hedge Fund”. He gave up on the hedge fund industry from here on and geared himself up to educate others on the hedge fund and stock trading market.  His loss in the market doesn’t personify actually losing money in the market but, not making as much as originally intended. His book elaborates on that subject in great depth. 

This book also got him enough notoriety to earn a spot as Tim from the TV series, “Wallstreet Warriors”, which in turn resulted in a series of websites for Tim and other educational material like, DVDs, audiobooks and such like. Tim to this day remains occupied teaching others the success he managed for himself for others new to the field.  He shared his expertise in trading with others for a number of years with recognizable success. He has co-written many tales of success for many over the years but his student Tim Grittani stands out at the very top. The following is a chart of his road to success in trading.

In this world of rampant deception, the only solace you have with his programs is knowing the fact that Tim Sykes is running these programs for educational purposes primarily, not just for making a profit off of his knowledge base. 100% of all his profits are given to his affiliated charity programs, particularly his most preferred program known as ‘Pencils of Promise’, a program that intends to establish much-needed schools (more than a thousand) in less privileged countries. 

Transparency being the Key:

What Tim offers is the unbeatable knowledge of real-time updates. His online tracking system never lets you miss a beat with what is really going on with your investment. His informed algorithms are designed to clearly implicate your bets against hedges. This is where you accomplish success with his programs.  

This approach to service and quality is what sets Tim’s programs apart from its competitors. Honest and altruistic in nature, these programs serve his purpose enough to remain profitable and successful in delivering the best in trading knowledge and awareness in the stock trading world.

Timothy Sykes, Millions, Trading
While running my business I continued trading in the stock market for over two decades with some successes and failures. Pixabay

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Is Timothy Sykes a Scam?

Do people often wonder if Tim is a fraud? Are his trading profits fake? Does he only make money selling products?

Timothy Sykes isn’t a scam or con artist but in fact, a disciplined investor who has taken the time to study trading patterns and gain business insights that make his knowledge and success completely justifiable. He was able to make money trading stocks that many before him had tried and failed. Learning about the man and taking one of his courses can help you as a trader improve and make better calls for the benefit of your investors.



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