How To Keep Yourself Fit And Healthy

Improve your health and fitness with just a few changes

health and fitness
A good health and fitness is key to long and happy life. Pixabay

By Tashfeen

If there is one thing that’s good about social media, it is how health and fitness are getting promoted. Every other post you come across as a girl with all the curves or a guy with soaring packs. However, research shows that this trend of extreme fitness drives many users to low self-esteem. Still, they can be incredible sources of inspiration to keep yourself fit and healthy.

What You Need To Do To Keep Yourself Fit And Healthy

Health and fitness hold different meanings for all of us. For some, it may be running a 100m sprint in under ten seconds. It may be just to make sure they don’t grow out of their clothes for others. So, you must figure out your goals when it comes to health and fitness.

Contrary to the common belief, fitness is not just about being active and working out. But it is about your diet, rest, and various other lifestyle habits. To make it even more convenient for you, here is how you can improve your health and fitness with just a few changes.

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Work On Long-Term Plans

A mistake that I observe people make quite often is setting short and unrealistic goals for their fitness. Although some serious fitness programs out there can promise a fat loss of nearly 30lbs a month, what happens when it’s over?

If you have to go back to the same old eating and fitness habit after a crash diet or group challenge, what’s the point in sweating yourself out in the first place?

health and fitness
Fitness is not just about being active and working out. Pixabay

To reap the maximum benefits from fitness and improve your health, you need to consider fitness as a lifestyle addition. Like brushing your teeth, you don’t have to like it or see frequent results. Eating healthy, exerting moderately, and getting enough rest is something that you should accept for the rest of your life.

Still, some people are more goal-oriented than others and need a deadline and a result. And for those of you, you can choose to set your fitness goals for at least a span of five years. Because if you give yourself much time and space, you won’t have to rush through the programs and scare yourself.

Exercise Frequently

The crucial thing about exercise is not the intensity but the frequency. You probably won’t see any difference at all if you run five miles once a month. On the contrary, walking for 30 minutes daily will show a vast difference in your health and fitness over time.

Ever wondered why the whole block appears at the gym on the first of January with hardly a few left by the end of the month? Most beginners make the mistake of “starting big” and then not being able to sustain the motivation.

The exercise and fitness goals you choose should be well within your comfort zone. The best way to start working out is to resume a step lower than when you left off. This allows your body to adapt to the new routine without stressing out.

health and fitness
The exercise and fitness goals you choose should be well within your comfort zone. Pixabay

If you’re having a hard time picking an exercise routine to kick off your fitness journey, choose light intensity bodyweight exercises. Walking, push-ups, swimming, dancing, pull-ups, and crunches are excellent examples of light intensity bodyweight exercise.

Because if you look into the lives of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, you will see that their fitness results from life long effort. Start with exercises that you can perform without putting in extra effort at all. And once you get the hang of it, moderately increase the intensity to keep them interesting.

Improve Your Eating Habits

You’re more than half-way across to your health and fitness goals just by watching your diet. A healthy diet improves every aspect of your life. It improves your ability to exercise, immunity, metabolism, sleep, mental health, and elevate your mood.

And yet it is a diet that most people struggle with. Either you cannot afford a diet you like or don’t like the diet plan you can afford, but there is always a catch that keeps you off healthy eating. But what if I tell you that you might have been looking at it the wrong way all along?

Diet, too, like exercise, needs to be a lifestyle habit that you grow into. And that doesn’t mean to throw all the fast, fried, and junk food in the trash right away. Although that’s where you need to get at, it’s no place to begin your diet improvement.

health and fitness
Improving eating habits improves every aspect of your life. Pixabay

Explore the variety of food available in your area and try picking out new healthy options, one at a time. This way, you’ll allow your taste buds and digestion to adjust easily to the new variety of food. And over a few months, you’ll be surprised to notice how most of your diet has changed to what you would’ve wanted it to be in the first place.

The key is in taking it slow and giving your body time to adjust.

Keep Your Mental Health In Check

Your mental health is as essential as physical fitness. Although people are much more open about mental health issues today because of the widespread awareness, many of us still suffer from chronic problems that interfere with everyday life, health, and fitness.

Although diet, exercise, and sleep play a vital role in improving your mental health. You can also make a few other habits to help you deal with any stress, depression, or anxiety.

Getting yourself a fidget spinner, listening to calming music, rediscovering a hobby, taking time-outs, going on a vacation, and socializing all improve your mental health.

But if you’re failing to cope with excessive stress and anxiety on your own, it is always safe to reach out to a therapist or try hemp products. CBD cigarettes pack is tobacco-free and rolled out of pure CBD nugs. Tons of recent researches show the effectiveness of hemp and CBD products for mental health issues.

When you make sure to keep your mental health in check, you will naturally improve physical health and fitness.

Give Yourself Time To Rest

The term that I feel is misused a lot is “workaholic.”

health and fitness
The recommended hours of sleep for an adult are a minimum of 7 hours. Pixabay

It has somehow become a quality that you might want to put on your resume. While there is no harm in working more than is required of you, it is a cause of concern if it is affecting your health. Staying late at the office and leaving early is not something you should rule out entirely. It only becomes a problem when it becomes more frequent.

Your mind and body both need to rest after a hard day’s work. And when you deprive your body of that rest, you lose your productivity as you are depleted of energy early in the morning. And then you rely on sodas, sugar, and coffee to keep you stimulated. But that too further deteriorates your health and fitness.

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The recommended hours of sleep for an adult are a minimum of 7 hours. And it’s best if you can manage to get those seven hours of sleep at a single stretch. You can also improve the quality of your sleep by limiting alcohol and coffee and avoiding naps in the afternoon.