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Here’s How to Make Equipment-Free Workout Effective

Factors which play a major role while working-out without equipment

If you think going to a gym and using equipment is the only way to an effective workout, think again! “Your body” is the greatest equipment you need for a workout and most of the time it is the only equipment you need.

However, many factors come into play while exercising without equipment. Swapneel Hazare, Founder Shield Fitness spills the beans on making “equipment-free” workouts very effective.

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Goal setting, Planning, and Programming:

Align your fitness program with your fitness goals to get visible results. Ensure there is enough variation in the training program. It is advisable to train under the supervision/guidance of a fitness expert who has customized the training program to meet your goals.

FIIT Principle includes Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type of activity:


Do about 3- 5 workout sessions at home during a week. Frequent training under supervision will help your body adapt, avoid injury, and get results.

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You need to work out at a particular level of minimum intensity for your body to respond positively and show results. Increasing intensity will help you get stronger, witness weight drop, the fat percentage drop, and enhance cardiovascular fitness. Intensity during a workout is measured by Heart rate or Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). The intensity of exercise can be classified as Low, Moderate, or High. It is important to gauge your fitness levels. Working out in a moderate to high intensity for about 30 � 50 mins during each training session is recommended for the best results.

Equipment-Free Workout
A training buddy can give you cues about your form and push you through those final few reps. A partner could add new ideas and dimensions to the workouts. Unsplash


It is a myth that only “long” training sessions are beneficial. An effective workout routine lasts for 30 – 60 mins depending upon the activities/exercises planned for the session.


Different types of training like Bodyweight Training, Cardio Training, HIIT, Tabata, HIIRT are available to choose from. Select your blend of programs making them specific to your training goals.

Time Under Tension:

Since your workout is sans equipment, there will be no added external load, so use the time under tension (TUT) principle to make the workout challenging and increase the intensity of the exercise.

For example in push-ups, if you use a simple tempo of 3-2-3 which means u take 3 seconds for the eccentric phase of lowering your body to the ground and 2-second hold at the bottom, and 3 seconds in the concentric phase of pushing up, it will increase the intensity of the whole exercise making it more effective.

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The Volume of Exercising:

  • Volume is the amount of work done/performed by you in one set/exercise/session.
  • The simplest way to calculate volume is Sets x Reps.
  • Volume Load = Sets x Reps x Load (weight).
  • Your goals can be achieved by gradually increasing your workout volume for each session.

Partner Workouts:

Make your workout fun and challenging by working out with a friend, partner, family member, or office colleague. Training in the company of others is always beneficial as it helps you push your limits, stay motivated, and enjoy the training. A training buddy can give you cues about your form and push you through those final few reps. A partner could add new ideas and dimensions to the workouts.

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Remember the most reliable equipment is your mind and body and they will lead you to success. (IANS)



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