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How To Save My Money Paid for Bike Insurance?

These are some of the best ways in which you can save money paid for your bike insurance.

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It is you that has to explore different types of auto insurance companies. Pixabay

Many people are not aware of the different ways in which they can save money while buying bike insurance plans. The simple thing you need to do in this regard is to compare bike insurance plans from different service providers. As the competition in the market is very high, you can get a good deal from one of the companies. All you need is some patience and knowledge about choosing the best plans suited for your bike. In this article, you can find some interesting tips which will help you to reduce your bike insurance expenses in future.

Save money with third party insurance

  • Getting third party coverage can help you to save lots of money as this is very inexpensive when compared to all other plans. Even though the coverage offered in this plan is basic, it is more than enough for old vehicles.
Bike Insurance
Remember that the insurance policy can only compensate for the damages done and it cannot prevent the damage to your bike in any manner.
  • One significant thing you need to understand about bike insurance is that the maximum amount of coverage provided by the company depends on the market value of the bike.
  • The market value of the bike keeps depreciating every year and by the time you reach 7 or 8 years, it would have lost most of its value. In this situation, the maximum coverage offered by the insurance company for any damage will be very less.
  • At this point, it makes no sense to buy expensive comprehensive coverage and you can easily get away with a third party cover.
  • You can opt for third party mandatory cover in this case and get to save lots of money while buying bike insurance. If you have not made any claims in the previous years, you can get good discounts on the next renewal.
  • It is possible to get third party coverage on the next renewal even if you are currently having a comprehensive insurance plan. You can inform the service provider about this point and choose the inexpensive option at the time of insurance renewal.
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Many people are not aware of this option and they choose the conventional single year policy for bike insurance. Pixabay

Save money on expensive repairs with comprehensive insurance

  • While choosing third party coverage can be a cost effective option for old vehicles, you need to choose comprehensive cover for new and expensive vehicles. Even though this is slightly expensive, it will help you save lots of money spent on repairs of the bike.
  • The comprehensive plans allow you to get complete protection for your expensive bike and you can even add various covers along with the regular plan. This will further enhance the security and you can get the best coverage for your bike in future.
  • Many people choose the theft cover and zero depreciation cover along with the comprehensive insurance plan. In this way, you will be eligible for complete compensation when any damage happens to your bike due to fire accidents or other natural disasters or road accidents. You can even claim compensation for loss of bike due to theft and this will help you to avoid many problems in future.
  • As there are many options available in comprehensive insurance plans, it makes sense to compare bike insurance plans before buying them from the market. In this way, you can easily choose the best option without any problems.
  • The cost of repairing the bike in the case of an accident will be very high for expensive bikes and you can completely avoid this expense by choosing the comprehensive insurance plan.

Bike Insurance


    Getting third party coverage can help you to save lots of money.


Get quotes from different companies

  • You should always make it a point to get the quotes for different plans before buying the bike insurance policy. Most people who do not compare bike insurance end up paying a lot of money for the insurance plans.
  • It is very easy to get quotes from different service providers when you choose the services of online aggregators. They have online portals that can be easily accessed to get the quotes from multiple companies.
  • The good thing about using such services is that there is no additional cost involved in this process and you can get quotes for free from any company in the market.
  • All you need to do is to submit your requirements about the plan and the portal will show you the filtered options based on your criteria. After this, you can request the quotes from the chosen plans and it will be sent to your email address.
  • Yet another option to get quotes from any source is to call the customer support team of the insurance service provider. They will help you in this regard and even explain all the details about the insurance policy before providing the quote for the policy.
  • Once you have complete information about the cost of every insurance plan, you can choose the suitable option that matches with your budget and other requirements.
Bike Insurance
Road accidents in India. Pixabay

Compare the features of various plans

  • It is not just enough to compare the rates of various insurance plans. You should also compare the features of every plan so that you understand the pros and cons of each policy. In this way, you can choose the most suited insurance policy for your bike and enjoy the best features in the long run.
  • When you compare bike insurance from different sources, make sure to notice the difference between the features of the policy. Carefully read the inclusions and exclusions in this regard and clarify all the doubts with the insurance company executives before buying the plan.
  • You can even consult an insurance advisor when you have to buy insurance for expensive vehicles as they will help you to understand the features of the plan and explain everything in a detailed manner.
  • Remember that one feature may be very good for a particular bike and it may not be suitable for another bike. In this situation, you have to carefully analyze your requirements and then choose the suitable plan based on its features and price.
  • Comparing different plans is easy and you can get complete information from online portals that specialize in providing such information.
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Buy insurance online to save money

  • You can get good discount on the insurance policy when you buy them online. Even service providers encourage this practice as this reduces the requirement for manpower in their offices and saves them lots of money in the long run.
  • It is also convenient to buy insurance online as you can compare bike insurance and select the cheap and best option suited for your individual requirement.
  • You can even renew the plans in the same manner in future and avoid visiting the insurance office for all these simple tasks.
  • In this way, the paper work required is less and you will also be spending less money to buy insurance for your bike.

Choose multi-year plans for better discounts

  • Many people are not aware of this option and they choose the conventional single year policy for bike insurance. However, it is possible to buy the policy for multiple years at once and bike insurance companies will offer good discount in such cases.
  • In our country, the renewal rates for bike insurance is very less and many consumers do not renew the bike insurance plans on a regular basis. This means that the insurance companies have to spend large amount of money on advertising and spreading awareness about such policies.
Bike Insurance
If the added expense of a two-wheeler cover is worrying you, relax. Your bike insurance policy need not be expensive. pixabay
  • All these things can be reduced when the insurance companies are able to sell multi-year plans to the consumers. For this reason, they offer some discount for such policies.
  • Not only that, you can even get the premium locked for the entire duration of policy and this means that there will be no increase in premium even when you make claims in between the tenure.
  • All these results in lot of savings for the consumer in the long run and you can compare bike insurance plans that come with multi-year coverage.

Avoid claims for small repairs

You should not make the mistake of making claims for small damages as this can affect your track record in the long run. Remember that even when you make claims for a few hundred rupees, it will be considered as a claim and you will lose out on various benefits in future.

Note that when you do not have any claims for the entire tenure, you can get good discounts for the next renewal. This can carry forward for many years and you will be able to save lots of money on the premium of the insurance policy.

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Install safety gadgets to get discounts on premium

This is one aspect that you should focus and it is neglected by many consumers who buy bike insurance in the market. Remember that the insurance policy can only compensate for the damages done and it cannot prevent the damage to your bike in any manner. However, you can take proactive action and install safety gadgets like theft lock and GPS tracking devices in your bike. In this way, you will be able to protect your bike and also get some discounts on the premium from the insurance company.

These are some of the best ways in which you can save money paid for your bike insurance. Apart from these, you can get some more ideas when you discuss your requirements with insurance advisors. You can also keep track of new features of various plans to know about the updated insurance options available in the market for your bike.

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Stay Ahead of Medical Inflation With The Top Up Insurance Cover

Health insurance basically aims to protect you from emergency hospitalization expenses to the extent of the sum insured

Health Insurance
Top Up Health Insurance is an ideal instrument in your hand, by which you augment your sum insured, at a cost marginal to the base medical insurance plan. Pixabay

Health insurance is an intrinsic part of our life now. You necessarily allocate a portion of your income to secure protection for unforeseen medical emergencies requiring hospitalization through medical insurance plans. The quantum of the sum insured is solely dependent on your profile, which includes your profession, liabilities and your dependents. 

As a natural corollary, deciding upon the quantum of sum insured becomes crucial as modern health care is a costly affair with the profusion of super specialty hospitals that dish out the best that medical science can offer. Your normal health insurance cover can fall short of the requirements when it comes to the crux beyond the common medical expenses primarily and secondarily due to inflationary pressures.Top up health insurance is an ideal instrument in your hand, by which you augment your sum insured, at a cost marginal to the base medical insurance plan. 

Health Insurance and its necessity:

Health insurance basically aims to protect you from emergency hospitalization expenses to the extent of the sum insured. Hospitalization expenses can be prohibitive and lead to financial ruin, if not provided for by adequate health insurance cover. The primary advantages of health insurance are:

  • Providing financial stability: An adequate health insurance cover gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that you have a good financial back-up.
  • Riders and add-ons: You can enhance the ambit of your cover by means of riders and add-ons to satisfy your specific requirements. 
  • Flexibility: The insurance providers have to offer many innovative plans that allow cover for critical illness, daycare treatment, lifelong renewability and tweaking of the sum insured matching your requirements. On top of this, there are plans which cover for maternity, senior citizens and the best of all, top-up plans to increase your cover substantially, at a marginal cost as compared to the base policy.   
  • Tax benefits: There is generous provision for tax rebate under Section 80D of the IT Act, 1961 acting as an incentive. 
An adequate Health Insurance cover gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that you have a good financial back-up. Pixabay

Types of Health insurance:

Basically health insurance plans cover for hospitalization treatments. There is a wide canvas describing in details of the inclusions and the exclusions within the overall limit of sum insured. Most plans offer pre and post hospitalization expenses for specific periods, ambulance charges and existing illnesses after a defined waiting period. Technological advances have resulted in some treatments that do not require overnight stay in a hospital but it suffices in a daycare facility. Most plans cater for such treatments.  There are riders and add-ons or specific disease cover plans to cater to special situations. Keeping a wide canvas of cover on the horizon, there are two other types of plans which need special mention.

  • Family Floater Plan: Unlike an individual plan, this type of plan covers multiple heads which is ideally suited to a family. The sum insured extends to self, spouse and the children and in most cases it covers four persons. Singly or severally all the members covered can enjoy medical insurance benefits to the extent of the sum insured.
  • Top-up Plan: When you fear that your health insurance sum may not suffice your need, you may opt for a Top-up plan which indemnifies you for the additional sum insured. For example, if you have a base plan of Rs.4 lakhs and you buy a Top-up for Rs.5 lakhs, you are effectively covered for Rs.9 lakhs in total, subject to the rules inbuilt into your plan. 

Top-up Insurance Plans:

Top-up is designed to augment your health insurance cover when you project a higher protection amount for medical emergencies. The sum insured in the Top-up plan kicks into play when the defined threshold or deductible limit is crossed. Though it is incumbent upon you to choose the deductible and the threshold as it impacts the premium, it is best fixed in harmony with your base health insurance plan. 

To cite an example, if your base insurance provides a cover of Rs.4 lakhs and the Top-up is for Rs.5 lakhs, the best scenario for use of the entire cover of Rs.9 lakhs is to fix the threshold at Rs.4 lakhs. Only when the sum insured of Rs,4 lakhs gets exhausted, does your Top-up cover kick into play. 

Advantages of Top-up health insurance:

There are certain inherent advantages of buying a Top-up plan. Some of the key ones are tabulated below:

  • You are covered for a substantially higher sum at a marginal cost as compared to the cost you would have to bear for the total cover in a single health insurance.
  • You have the flexibility to enhance the features at the time of renewal. 
  • You can purchase a Top-up plan even if you do not have a base health insurance.
  • If you have a base health insurance, it is not necessary to purchase the Top-up plan from the same insurer.
  • However, it is prudent to have the same insurance provider and ensure that the features are in sync in both to obviate future hassles. 
Health Insurance
Health Insurance basically aims to protect you from emergency hospitalization expenses to the extent of the sum insured. Pixabay

An important point to be noted in Top-up Insurance plans:

Normally the plan caters to a single bill for the treatment and the total combined sum insured cannot be invoked for different illnesses. To illustrate the point further, suppose your base sum insured is Rs.4 lakhs and the Top-up is Rs,5 lakhs with threshol