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iPhone 7

By Jade

Most people have smartphones in their hands which are being used all over the world, and some people change their smartphone every two years so that they might have difficulty transferring data from one smartphones to another. For example, people do not know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, how to transfer data from Android to Android, or iPhone to iPhone.

If the transferring work is done manually, it will take a lot of time, and if it is done with the help of a software or online cloud, it will take less time and the task of data transfer will be completed quickly. This article will give you complete information about these two methods and will guide you in a good way.

The following are some of the simplest and quickest ways to transfer contact and some other personal date from one device to another device with in a matter of minutes.

Transfer contacts from iOS to Android using Google Drive

Now you may be wondering how you can easily transfer data with the help of software or any kind of online cloud. As far as the online cloud is concerned, Google provides you with an excellent online cloud that gives you full support with unlimited storage. And as far as software is concerned, there are many software's available in the market that can do this job easily. I will tell you to transfer your phone contacts from iOS to Android via Google Drive. You can easily achieve this goal by following this procedure.

Step. 01: First, download the Google Drive software from your Apple store.

Step. 02: After downloading, log in with your Google Account.

Step. 03: Now open the Backup Wizard by tapping on the hamburger menu, and heading to Settings.

Step. 04: Now when you click on the backup button you will see a list of contacts, calendars, photos, and calendars.

Step. 05: Now here you have to think that if you want to back up only contacts then just click on the contact option but if you want to back up all kinds of data in your mobile then you can Right click on the backup button and it will start backing up your mobile to Google Drive.

Step. 06: Once the backup process is complete, a backup of all your contacts has been uploaded to Google Drive.

Step. 07: In the next step, you can download and install Google Drive on your Android phone.

Step. 08: After installing this software, log in from your same Gmail account and click on the Restore button to download the contacts saved from your iPhone to the Android device.

Step. 09: Now your iPhone contacts will start showing in Android contacts.

Transfer data from iOS to Android using Dr.Fone

This second method will tell you the convenient way to transfer contacts from your iPhone to Android phone or from one iPhone to another. With this method you can easily transfer not only your contacts but also other types of data from one mobile to another with just one click. The software that I would recommend to you is called Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer.

This tool can easily transfer all your contacts from one mobile to another with one click. This application supports all types of popular mobile phones i.e., both Android and iPhone. With the help of this tool, you can transfer your data from iPhone to iPhone and from Android phone to Android phone۔

If you want to transfer contacts from one phone to another, you can easily achieve this goal by following the procedure given below.

Step. 01: First, download the Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer software to your computer, Windows system or Mac system. Once the download process is complete, install and launch the software on your computer.

move contacts from iphone to android-visit the

Step.02: In the second step, to achieve this goal, you will first need two data cables to connect your two desired phones to the computer. Wait for a while after attaching both the mobiles. This tool will automatically connect both devices to the computer. Keep in mind that if you want to transfer contacts or any other type of iPhone data to an Android device, the iPhone must be the source and the Android must be the destination device.

move contacts from iphone to android-Start Transfer

Step.03: Now select your contacts data from the category list you want to transfer data from one phone to another. Once you have selected this data, click on the Start Transfer button, this tool will start transferring your iPhone contacts to Android or Android contacts to your iPhone device easily.

move contacts from iphone to android-import contacts from iPhone to Android

Step.04: At this stage, you wait for a while until this tool completes its task. But also make sure that both of your desired devices are attached to your computer.

move contacts from iphone to android-remove both the devices from your system

Step.05: After the transfer is complete, you will be shown the message at the end. After reading this message, you can check both your devices separately from the system. Now the data from one of your devices has been transferred to another device.

With the help of this tool, you are able to easily transfer all kinds of data of your mobile whether it be photos, videos, contacts or any other kind of valuable data. Dr.Fone application can help you not only transfer data but also take advantage of the features of Unlock Mobile, System Repair, Phone Backup, Data Repair etc.

Final Thoughts

Here are two ways to transfer your personal data or phone contacts from iPhone to Android. By following these two methods you can transfer your personal data to your desired device. I hope this article of mine has been useful for you and if you have any problem you can share your problem with me in the comments below, I will solve your problem by giving a better answer in time.


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