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Aug 12, 2017: Charming a girl has never been easy and is only getting tougher with the passage of time. They say “love is just a game” but there is more to it which meets the eye. So to begin with let’s peep into the guide for men that will lead them straight to a woman’s heart. Many men failed because they had no idea how to win a girls heart.

Here are 15 laws from the guide that every man can follow:

LAW 1: “Confidence is the key”

You must be confident enough while approaching a girl. Summon up your nerves if you don’t have the courage to look into her eye. Girls like confidence men as much as they like the color red. Don’t be a spoilsport around a girl, be a stout-hearted man and win her heart.

Your confidence will count:

  • The way you walk
  • Talking style (generous)
  • Posture (upright)
  • Eye contacts
  • Always dress your best if you want a girl to notice you for days to come, girl do not like unpleasant men

Work on the aforementioned things to give a boost to your confidence.

LAW 2: “Compliment her whenever possible”

Always compliment a girl in a special way and don’t forget to use superlatives (the best, the most, so far, etc). They don’t want to know whether they are beautiful or not. All they want to know is that they stand best in the masses in your eyes.

How to compliment a girl?

  • Speak truth, a fake compliment does nothing but diminish your value
  • Don’t overdo it
  • Call her ‘beautiful’ instead of ‘hot’, use pleasant adjectives
  • Don’t be redundant and use same compliments again and again
  • Speak about her positive aura and how her presence brightens your day
  • Tell her that she resembles with your mother or sister
  • Don’t use compliment to escape a troublesome situation, she might not be able to trust you next time when you do that to her

LAW 3: “Timing is important”

You can’t approach a girl in the midway of the street as she might take gets offended. Look for the right time and right situation. An ideal situation would be when you see her happy and smiling. Everything should be timely placed and accorded.

LAW 4: “Do not haste”

You can’t get hold of a girl in the spur of a moment, for they require time and a level of understanding. Do not just go and explode in front of her with all the feeling you have. Start with friendship because it lasts longer.

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LAW 5: “Make her laugh”

Marilyn Monroe, a famous actress from 80s said “If you can make a girl laugh you can make her do anything” which is the absolute truth. Girls just love the company of a man who can make them laugh.

How to make a girl laugh?

  • Make great use of your body language
  • Tease her and be playful with her
  • Avoid sarcasm to the best, it’s a turn-off
  • Try for some fun activities together
  • Act stupidly cute sometimes
  • Send her funny pictures and text
  • Be natural, it goes a long way

LAW 6: “Listen to her”

Listen to her for long hours as it will help you in knowing her better and better. She would cry, howl, throw a wobbly, traumatize you but your patience should remain firm because all you need patience when it comes to a girl. Start practicing to be a good listener because girls love to talk as much as they want. You will learn about her troubles, worries, interest that will help you in knowing her better.

LAW 7: “Get to know her”

You should begin to know her, for she possesses deep secrets. They say there are 365 characters of a woman and for that reason, you can never understand her, but to enlighten you furthermore every trait tells a story and within every story lies a hidden past. Your role should begin from understanding her past to knowing her present life. When you will know her and accept her for all that she is; she will be ready to be please you, surrender herself to you and will be ready to accept you with all her heart.

LAW 8: “Dedication”

Girls love dedicated men!! You can’t win over her if she sees you loitering around and hitting on each and every girl you come across with. She will appreciate if she is the only one you look at and feel for. You can’t sail in two boats at the same time. She wants to know if you are really worth her time. So prove it to her.

How do you show your dedication and passion towards her?

  • Build long term plans together
  • Do not fear to make commitments
  • Do not menace to leave her
  • Be affectionate towards her
  • Do not hold your feelings and declare then when you feel the time is right

LAW 9: “Strive for perfection

Always do things with perfection, it can’t be asserted whether girls love perfection or not but for your own gratification you must be the best.

LAW 10: “Comfort her”

Your lover can only spread its wings if you give them the comfort they want. Always and always try to comfort your partner in whichever way possible.

LAW 11: “Keep luscious desires away”

Do not be a greedy luscious man when it comes to your partner. Men need to realize that she is a sensitive character and might not like your command. Just go with the flow.

LAW 12: “Respect wins her heart”

If you aren’t thankful for what you have then you don’t deserve it for the long run. Respect the lady you are with right now because respect given is respect taken. Remember if you can’t respect the woman next to you there is nothing you can achieve.

LAW 13: “Trust”

Trust is the foundation of any relation and relationship do not flourish if there is a lack of trust. Trust is hard earned and if you lose her trust chances are you might never get it back. If you trust her you give her the notion of a healthy relationship. Do good deeds and receive good deeds.

LAW 14: “No constraints”

Do not put any constraints on her because the more constraints you put the more dissatisfied she will be. If you keep the love free, it will never leave your space. Love doesn’t come with a rulebook that either of the two has to agree on. Voice over issues relevant issues rather than hovering on trivial ones.

LAW 15: “Protect her”

She needs protection from the evil minds that are keeping an eye on her; it is you who will be her support system in entire journey of relationship. And it should be your duty to see through her safety.

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