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Laws of Attraction: A Man’s Guide to a Woman’s Heart

Here are 15 laws from the guide that every man should follow

how to win a girls heart
A standing in sunset. Pixabay

Aug 12, 2017: Charming a girl has never been easy and is only getting tougher with the passage of time. They say “love is just a game” but there is more to it which meets the eye. So to begin with let’s peep into the guide for men that will lead them straight to a woman’s heart. Many men failed because they had no idea how to win a girls heart.

Here are 15 laws from the guide that every man can follow:

LAW 1: “Confidence is the key”

You must be confident enough while approaching a girl. Summon up your nerves if you don’t have the courage to look into her eye. Girls like confidence men as much as they like the color red. Don’t be a spoilsport around a girl, be a stout-hearted man and win her heart.

Your confidence will count:

  • The way you walk
  • Talking style (generous)
  • Posture (upright)
  • Eye contacts
  • Always dress your best if you want a girl to notice you for days to come, girl do not like unpleasant men

Work on the aforementioned things to give a boost to your confidence.

LAW 2: “Compliment her whenever possible”

Always compliment a girl in a special way and don’t forget to use superlatives (the best, the most, so far, etc). They don’t want to know whether they are beautiful or not. All they want to know is that they stand best in the masses in your eyes.

How to compliment a girl?

  • Speak truth, a fake compliment does nothing but diminish your value
  • Don’t overdo it
  • Call her ‘beautiful’ instead of ‘hot’, use pleasant adjectives
  • Don’t be redundant and use same compliments again and again
  • Speak about her positive aura and how her presence brightens your day
  • Tell her that she resembles with your mother or sister
  • Don’t use compliment to escape a troublesome situation, she might not be able to trust you next time when you do that to her

LAW 3: “Timing is important”

You can’t approach a girl in the midway of the street as she might take gets offended. Look for the right time and right situation. An ideal situation would be when you see her happy and smiling. Everything should be timely placed and accorded.

LAW 4: “Do not haste”

You can’t get hold of a girl in the spur of a moment, for they require time and a level of understanding. Do not just go and explode in front of her with all the feeling you have. Start with friendship because it lasts longer.

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LAW 5: “Make her laugh”

Marilyn Monroe, a famous actress from 80s said “If you can make a girl laugh you can make her do anything” which is the absolute truth. Girls just love the company of a man who can make them laugh.

How to make a girl laugh?

  • Make great use of your body language
  • Tease her and be playful with her
  • Avoid sarcasm to the best, it’s a turn-off
  • Try for some fun activities together
  • Act stupidly cute sometimes
  • Send her funny pictures and text
  • Be natural, it goes a long way

LAW 6: “Listen to her”

Listen to her for long hours as it will help you in knowing her better and better. She would cry, howl, throw a wobbly, traumatize you but your patience should remain firm because all you need patience when it comes to a girl. Start practicing to be a good listener because girls love to talk as much as they want. You will learn about her troubles, worries, interest that will help you in knowing her better.

LAW 7: “Get to know her”

You should begin to know her, for she possesses deep secrets.  They say there are 365 characters of a woman and for that reason, you can never understand her, but to enlighten you furthermore every trait tells a story and within every story lies a hidden past. Your role should begin from understanding her past to knowing her present life. When you will know her and accept her for all that she is; she will be ready to be please you, surrender herself to you and will be ready to accept you with all her heart.


LAW 8: “Dedication”

Girls love dedicated men!! You can’t win over her if she sees you loitering around and hitting on each and every girl you come across with. She will appreciate if she is the only one you look at and feel for. You can’t sail in two boats at the same time.  She wants to know if you are really worth her time. So prove it to her.

How do you show your dedication and passion towards her?

  • Build long term plans together
  • Do not fear to make commitments
  • Do not menace to leave her
  • Be affectionate towards her
  • Do not hold your feelings and declare then when you feel the time is right

LAW 9: “Strive for perfection

Always do things with perfection, it can’t be asserted whether girls love perfection or not but for your own gratification you must be the best.

LAW 10: “Comfort her”

Your lover can only spread its wings if you give them the comfort they want. Always and always try to comfort your partner in whichever way possible.

LAW 11: “Keep luscious desires away”

Do not be a greedy luscious man when it comes to your partner. Men need to realize that she is a sensitive character and might not like your command. Just go with the flow.

LAW 12: “Respect wins her heart”

If you aren’t thankful for what you have then you don’t deserve it for the long run. Respect the lady you are with right now because respect given is respect taken. Remember if you can’t respect the woman next to you there is nothing you can achieve.

LAW 13: “Trust”

Trust is the foundation of any relation and relationship do not flourish if there is a lack of trust. Trust is hard earned and if you lose her trust chances are you might never get it back. If you trust her you give her the notion of a healthy relationship. Do good deeds and receive good deeds.

LAW 14: “No constraints”

Do not put any constraints on her because the more constraints you put the more dissatisfied she will be. If you keep the love free, it will never leave your space.  Love doesn’t come with a rulebook that either of the two has to agree on. Voice over issues relevant issues rather than hovering on trivial ones.

LAW 15: “Protect her”

She needs protection from the evil minds that are keeping an eye on her; it is you who will be her support system in entire journey of relationship. And it should be your duty to see through her safety.

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Ten Tips On How To Boost Self-Confidence | Life Skills

how to boost self-confidence
How to boost your self confidence. Pixabay

One of the major things which pull back a person before he/she thinks of doing something big is low self-confidence. Despite having the skills and talent in them to achieve heights, they are unsuccessful due to their confidence issues. The fear of becoming a joke in front of 20 people stops us from doing a lot of things in life, and this fear leads to the lack in self-confidence. For a person to grow in life, one needs to win the battle with “self”. We need to have belief in us, which we can achieve a certain thing. But as we say, easier said than done. People around you may advise on how to boost self-confidence but for the person who has experienced knows the best.

However, there is always a scope of improvement in life. One should try their best in boosting their confidence level. Let’s talk about some tips on “how to boost self-confidence”.

10 tips on how to boost self-confidence:

1. Grooming

This is one of the best tips to give someone on being asked the question- how to boost self-confidence. Being presentable and courteous in front of someone makes a great impression. If our impression is good, then we are not scared of being judged by people. And hence, we confidently conduct ourselves and our actions.

2. Always think positive

Success never comes on a plate. While working on something, a lot of negative thoughts may clutter your brain and restrict you from going further. Therefore, the biggest things which can be done to boost self-confidence is not to let failure affect your mind. If you have a positive approach to life and do not fear much about outcomes, your self-confidence will automatically be boosted.

3. Get to know more of you

When you are stepping out to fight your enemy, you need to know every thing about your enemy. In this case, your thoughts are your enemy. Your low self-confidence is your enemy. So, to win the battle, start listening to your thoughts. Introspect your mind. A clear mind has more room for positive thoughts.

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4. Be generous

Being nice to others not just helps in improving your self-image in a big way.

5. Change bad habits

Habits which are unhealthy and negative should not be existing in your lifestyle and should be changed. For example- quitting smoking. Sometimes we don’t realize that how the presence of some habits in our life, act negatively for us. This destroys our self-image and reduces our self-confidence.

6. Smile

A small smile on the face makes you happy and the people surrounding you happier. A little thing can have a chain reaction. Besides, you don’t have to spend money for smiling. So why shy away from being happy. Also, happiness brings positive thoughts which leads to a boost in your self-confidence.

7. Follow your principles

Standing for righteousness and sticking by your principles always makes you a better person in life. This way, you already have a clear goal in life. You already know what should be done and what should not be done. This clears your mind’s clutter and allows you in being confident in whatever you do.

8. Always be prepared

It’s difficult to be confident about something for which you have not prepared yourself. For example, think about an exam. If you haven’t studied well, you won’t have the confidence of doing well in it. Therefore, it is important to be well prepared. This is the most followed tip in learning how to boost self-confidence.

9. Speak slowly

A person some power or authority always speaks slowly and clearly. This shows the mark of being self-confident. A person who just hurries with talks appears to be someone who wants to avoid things or just get away with them. Practicing your talk helps increase your confidence.

10. Be more competitive

If you are more competitive in life, you work harder to achieve certain goals. This competition automatically boosts your self-confidence and leads to a brighter life.

-by Megha Acharya of NewsGram. Megha can be reached at @ImMeghaacharya.

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From Me to Myself : How Working On These 7 Concepts Can Build Self-Esteem

Successful people radiate self-esteem. But what to do to build confidence in your own self? Read on to know how the author worked on her own beliefs to establish faith in herself

self esteem
An increasing number of people believe they are 'not good enough' and fail to realize their true potential because of low self-esteem. Pixabay

– by Soha Kala 

August 21, 2017 : When I was growing up, my parents always told me that I am the ‘smartest kid’ they had ever met. My friends thought I had an appealing face and for my grandparents and their friends, I had the prettiest heart.

I was curious and had questions about the world I was growing in. I had ideas that could have solved problems I encountered in my life. I could hold interesting conversations, and charm people with my compassion.

But I did not live up to my potential. There was always something holding me back.

For the longest period that I can remember, I did not believe that I could do most of the things I wanted to do.

I wanted to learn the ballet but I felt I would not be able to perform with my extra kilos and would be reduced to a laughing stock.

I wanted to be a writer but I felt my expression was too weak and my thoughts far too amateur to share with another person.

I wanted to be in a relationship but I felt I was not good enough to have somebody interested in me.

At one point or the other, we all question ourselves, which is usually followed by self-doubt.

Am I doing enough?

Am I making enough money?

Am I successful?

Am I good looking?

A major part of my job today is spent fiddling with an application called Google Adwords. So, this morning, as I sat with my mind clouded with questions and a new story to write, I decided to begin with a search in the application. I quickly punched in the words self esteem and happy.

I discovered that about 1-10 million people search for the word ‘happy’ every month whereas just over 100K search for the word self-esteem in a month

(Alternatively, I also searched for ‘Beatles band’ and found only over 1,000 people search for them every month)

Everybody has a loving family, a few friends who care, somebody to talk to; we all have classes to attend, and work to do in our respective lives; TV shows to watch and places to go to. Why then are 10 million people still searching for ‘happiness’ on the internet?

The problem in not with us, but inside us. It lies in our belief in our own self.

Low self esteem restricts you from recognizing your potential and living your life to the fullest. Irrespective of how hard you work or how far you push yourself, your efforts fail to be fruitful.

As a teenager, I used to think I was not pretty enough. Not thin enough. Not smart enough. Not fair enough. I used to believe that I was just that; NOT ENOUGH.

Self esteem
An increasing number of people suffer from a feeling of worthlessness. We need to understand that this is not normal. Pixabay

All of this because I struggled to accept myself; I failed to forgive myself whenever I did something wrong, not realizing how hard I was being on myself. I worked harder and harder but was always one-mistake away from success – the fault was never in my efforts, but in my attitude. Changing my attitude about life and about me played a key role in developing my confidence that was no longer dependent on any worldly sign of success.

In the process of owning up to be the person that I am today, I discovered 7 concepts that I was struggling with. Over the years, I tried to re-examine and re-discover my own self-limiting beliefs and alter the way I interpreted these concepts. Working upon them helped me instill faith in my own self and boost my confidence,


Do you ever get distracted while doing some work by that little voice inside your head telling you you are not good enough? Do you fear beginning something new because you are uncertain of yourself? Do you choose to give up on some activities because you fear you might not do them correctly?

Because I have done that, too.

I have been so unsure of myself in the past, wanting to be so much but terrified to start because I feared making mistakes. It was because of this fear that instead of talking to people and working on myself, I chose to shut myself down completely. I was so afraid of being rejected that I decided to reject opportunities and people first.  That is how I let go of tremendous opportunities to learn new things and meet unique people.

I have now grown to believe that man makes mistakes, and those mistakes in turn make man.

It is a continuous cycle. One can only learn when he knows what he is doing wrong. You can either choose to traumatize yourself over failure, or allow yourself to make mistakes and instead of looking at them as disappointments, embrace them as opportunities to grow.


As a kid, I remember falling off a bicycle because I told me friends that I knew how to ride a bike when I obviously didn’t. I was an anxious kid who worried that people would judge me if I told them that I didn’t know something.

You can only fool some people some time, not all people all the time. Above that, you cannot fool yourself. When people find out that you had been pretending all along, that can possibly shatter your confidence and relationships like nothing else.

In order to have a healthier self-esteem, you must first accept that nobody knows everything, and not everybody is good at everything. You might be a good writer, but that doesn’t mean you will necessarily be a good orator. Stop being pretentious in an attempt to please others.

It may be one of the hardest things to do; you may feel exposed and vulnerable to let go of your inhibitions and show your authentic self to the world, you may even feel feeble for some time, but it will be your first step on the path to resumption and growth.


As a teenager, I lived in a perpetual state of fear and self-doubt; I doubted myself to the extent that I was always doing things that others wanted me to do, rather than taking decisions for my own self.

It has been rightly said that you live the life you create. Hence, you must also believe in your capacity to make changes.  Believing in your competence does not happen overnight, and it does not happen naturally. A good start would be to list down your strengths and weaknesses and then work on them.

self esteem and self belief
You are responsible for your happiness and success. In fact, you create it if you believe in yourself. Pixabay

If someone criticizes you, see it as a chance for you to improve. If someone does better than you, take it as an opportunity to learn from their action. Do not let these experiences shake your trust in your own self.


Take 100% responsibility for your actions. Do not let things happen to you, instead make things happen for you.

You are bound to make mistakes and let people down; do not fear that. Quit making excuses when that happens, and accept failures as an outcome of your own actions. Do not indulge in self-loathing and be open to accept responsibility when you are at fault. I have grown to maintain a ‘I am sorry, how can I fix this?’ attitude and that has been incredibly beneficial to my confidence.

It might seem hard initially, but confidence stems from an understanding that YOU are doing the right thing.


One mantra that I believe in with all my heart is – Either do something. Or completely quit thinking about it. Stop second-guessing and devoting extended amount of time to the ‘what-ifs’.

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If you want to paint, pick up a paper, some brushes, and a color palette and draw what your heart desires. If you want to learn a sport or a dance form, enroll yourself in a class and enjoy every session you attend. Don’t worry if it will turn out good. Don’t worry whether you have any previous knowledge about your new interest. Don’t worry about what people will think. Don’t worry if you will be better than your friends or your colleagues. Just immerse yourself in the moment, and move on.

Worrying about what others think of you or seeking confirmations for your actions will only keep you from doing something good for yourself.

Your self-esteem is a measure of what YOU think about yourself and how worthy YOU think you are. Do not look for external affirmations. Set expectations for yourself, fulfill them for YOURself, and be somebody you can be proud of.


I realized that I doubt myself the most when I compare my life with what other people are doing.

Believing yourself and building self esteem
If we continue to compare our life with others, it will only fetch us discontentment. One must make comparisons with self, it brings improvement. Pixabay

In order to have a healthier self-esteem, you have to understand what works for you and what makes you feel good even if it is different from what someone else desires. No two things can be similar, and that goes for life, as well.


I realized that I was continuously (and blindly) chasing targets- I wanted to score better than my friends in the exams, have a better job than they do, find a bigger house than theirs, have a smarter partner. In an attempt to come first in this rat-race, I forget how hard I was being on myself.

Practicing self-compassion is not as difficult as you may perceive. I can break it down to a two-way process,

  1. Care about yourself and be kind instead of being cruelly self-critical
  2. Do not exaggerate or ignore problems or your mistakes, and look at them with a clear mind.

An important step to develop confidence in yourself is to be kinder to your own self. Remind yourself that you’re doing your best, and even when that may not seem enough, tell yourself that you are willing to learn. Surround yourself with compassionate voices, and your own voice should be in that list – make sure that instead of being extremely critical and judgmental of your actions, you are highly receptive and appreciative of your efforts.

I know today that I am not perfect, and I do not even have to try to be that. Perfection to me is a myth. I am far from perfect but I am happy. You can be too.
Be human, and that should be enough.
And above all, hold on to the thought that you are capable.


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‘Hamara Swasthya, Hamari Awaz’ Campaign: Women Thrive for Respect, Dignity in Maternal Healthcare

The more women speak about their needs and priorities, the easier it will become for program implementers and policy makers to address their needs

Maternal Healthcare
Maternal Healthcare. Pixabay

July 27, 2017: White Ribbon Alliance India drove the nation-wide campaign ‘Hamara Swasthya, Hamari Awaz’ to understand the women’s want for improved maternal health in India. The idea of safe motherhood must be extended beyond to incorporate respect for women’s basic human rights including respect, dignity, choices, and preferences during maternity healthcare.

The survey was conducted across 24 states and Union Territories. Women have observed improvement in maternal health care with the passage of time and proposed a wish as to be treated in a respectful manner.

About 1,50,000 women were surveyed across the country and 23% women beseeched for dignity and respect in maternal healthcare.

Encouraging women to express their yearning towards a safe maternal healthcare, 32241 women i.e. 2 out of every 10 women desired for maternal health services assimilated with dignity and respect.

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18% out of the 23% women seeking dignity and respect requested for respectful behaviour from the healthcare provider and the remaining 11% looked for equality based on religion and caste.

11% asked privacy while 4% requested for confidentiality during check-up and treatment. 7% requested counselling and consent. 9% wished for timely admission and less waiting time for bed whereas 15% requested for one bed per woman in the ward.


7% also demanded provision for a birth attendant, whereas 5% asked for one stretcher per woman. 8% wished for fixed visiting hours and availability of visitor’s room to ensure privacy and the remaining 5% women emphasized no sexual harassment by doctor or staff.

Dr Aparajita Gogoi, National Coordinator, White Ribbon Alliance India said, “Our aim with Hamara Swashtya, Hamari Awaz was to amplify the voices of countless women to positively impact the quality of care.”

She further adds “We have been consistently undertaking programs to support the Government’s efforts to improve the quality of care and maternal healthcare. We have observed that attitudes and behaviour of maternal healthcare providers considerably influence service seeking behaviour of expecting mothers, which in turn impacts the maternal mortality.”

– Prepared by Naina Mishra of Newsgram. Twitter @Nainamishr94