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PC and printer major HP Inc. on Monday introduced new "Pavilion x360" notebook with 10th Gen Intel Core processor. (IANS)

HP could be targeting the $12 trillion business in manufacturing as it pushes, fine tunes and works furiously on its 3D printing technology — what it terms Industry 4.0, said Dion Weisler, President and CEO of HP.

“We had plastic to start with and now metals. So from zero dollars, the goal here is to transform industry and for that you have to deeply understand the industry you need to transform,” he said in the course of HPReinvent 2019, the company’s largest global partner event.

Essentially that means moving from building prototypes to actual manufacturing.

One of those areas is automotives. “We are at an inflection point in automotive engines because industry is moving from combustible engine to electric vehicle and 3D printing lends itself to that production,” said Weisler.

At the base is evolution of customers.

The way HP looks at change is: rapid urbanisation and their demands; millennials are taking over and entering the workforce; 95 per cent of these millennials are living in emerging economies.

This is where China and India become significant for HP, both being significant markets for it, said Christoph Schell, President 3D printing and digital manufacturing said.

“China is the largest market for digital market. India is a super interesting country — because they can bring manufacturing back to their country,” Schell said.

HP unveils 65-inch gaming display with soundbar at CES 2019. Flickr

Pressure applies on the need for innovation as digitisation and hyper globalisation happen at great speed alongside urbanisation. That’s because customers require transformation faster. Meanwhile, market growth also requires mergers and acquisition.

While there exists an opportunity to leverage transformation, the M&A market also provides new opportunity as the acquisition of Samsung’s print business did.

“M&A will be used at the right time,” Weisler said.

HP, as indeed anybody in the same business would be looking at the following ground reality referred to by HP officials:

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Economic impact — By 2025, there will be 850 million households who will need technology. They will also need higher wages. This will be accompanied with 16 per cent shortage in high skilled labour. Now nearly half of 850 million households will be in India and China.

Energy sustainability — In the case of India, the fastest growing economy in the world, by 2035 there will need to double power output.

Changes in compute model — Even Cloud systems would need a limit, by 2023, it would occupy 164 zettabytes of space which would be impossible to do. This will require a radical shift in data.

Digital manufacturing — which will offer one of the biggest opportunities. (IANS)


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Bhārata bhumi is conducive for the practice of one or all the paths enjoined by the Vedas

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Derived from the Sanskrit word muc ("to free"), the term moksha literally means freedom from samsara, release from the cycle of rebirth impelled by the law of karma. The transcendent state attained as a result of being released from the cycle of rebirth.

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The five rockets are in the project report stage and would come into operation in the future, said N Sudheer Kumar, Director, Capacity Building Programme Office (CBPO), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

The Indian space agency is working on a fleet of medium to heavy lift rockets with a carrying capacity ranging from 4.9 ton to 16.3 ton, said a senior official. The five rockets are in the project report stage and would come into operation in the future, said N Sudheer Kumar, Director, Capacity Building Programme Office (CBPO), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). He was speaking at the International Space Conference and Exhibition, organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in virtual mode recently. When that happens ISRO can not only launch its own communication satellites but also enter the global communication satellite launch market.

Kumar also said ISRO is working on upgrading Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mk III (GSLV-Mk III) which can carry up to four ton to Geo Transfer Orbit (GTO). Normally rockets eject the communication satellites into GTO. From GTO the satellites will be taken to geostationary orbit by firing their engines. India uses Ariancespace's Ariane rocket to orbit its communication satellites weighing over four ton. According to Kumar, ISRO is also working on upgrading the lifting capacity of GSLV-Mk III to six ton and 7.5 to GTO.

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Kalamkari painting on a cotton cloth

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As the name suggests, 'kalamkari' means 'craft from a pen'. Artisans draw on cloth with a pen, and colour it in with paints. This art form originated from the Mughal era and many of the scenes that artists choose to draw are scenes from Mughal gardens or palaces.

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