HRD ministry rejects Sanskrit commission’s report

New Delhi: The HRD ministry refused to accept the recommendations of the Sanskrit commission set up by the UPA government on the grounds that the report was submitted much after the panel’s term expired.

Since the report was not accepted, the government is not bound to table it in parliament which was intended earlier.

The 13 member commission, headed by Satya Vrat Shastri had submitted its  450 plus page report in August last year after its request for one year extension was denied by the NDA government.

At the time of submissions of the report, the HRD ministry had said it will study before giving any comments. But last November, it constituted its own 13-member committee headed by former Chief Election commissioner N Gopalaswami to suggest how best interest in Sanskrit can be rekindled among students and ordinary citizens. The committee was given three months time and will submit its report in next few months.

The second Sanskrit commission recommended a four-language formula and making Sanskrit a compulsory subject till class X. The commission also said the language should be the vehicle of communication about ancient Indian knowledge system.

A member of the second Sanskrit commission said, “The present government does not want to be seen endorsing the report by a commission set up by the previous government. The commission worked very hard and prepared a comprehensive report. It is pure politics.”

Another suggestion was to introduce the ancient language in institutes of higher learning in science as well introduce the study of old texts Arthasastra, Rasasarasmuccaya, Krsiparasara and others. Sanskrit teachers, it had said, should be compulsorily hired by institutes of technology and science.The commission also said Sanskrit teachers should be part of faculty exchange programs.(Inputs from agencies)


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